Free to Play Fable, Arkham Knight Mature, We’re Amateurs, & More! – Twinfinite Discusses

Mature Amateur

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  1. First time watching an episode of Twinfinite discusses. I like the pace.  It's like a Rooster Teeth Podcast but sped up by like 10x XD  Just need to keep working, get that patreon growing, and buy some better cameras

  2. I'm with Ed on the FF matter. I never liked the series, I don't know why. And I'm a JRPG guy. Can't sell my ps2 due to not having enough JRPG turn based games on newer consoles and especially on PC to play with. The JRPG games are just vanishing from the market. I wish we could have more of it.

  3. Ah… No bloopers? :/ Yami froze Sharon because of the earlier comment about her height last week. Confess, Yami: you turned Sharon into a spinning circle. >.< (yami, I was just joking about your height because you resembles my sister and I do the same with her just for fun. Don't hate me, ok? Nice glasses you have there ([  ]-[  ]/) And great and fun video as always 😀 )

  4. A sore winner? I remember somebody on Twinfinite writing about how that was one of the 6 ways to be a jerk while playing video games. Oh wait (Kappa).

  5. Yami, Ishmael, Sharon, and Ed you can play Fable Legends on PC against PC players or Xbox One players… Love these videos.. great banter… more please!

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