FUCK Being FAT. DO THIS & Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days

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  1. This looks like hell lol but imma start doing this everyone! I'll keep updated every day yeah??? Anyone want me to stick around just comment:)

    Starting Weight: 144
    Day one:144

  2. Day 2 of me doing this .. I'm dead lol.. But seriously I'm taking your advice on intermittent fasting as well and staying under 800 cal and cutting carbs. I'm 5'1 121 lbs right now im hoping to reach 100 over this next month. I'm positive this will get me there. Thank you for your encouragement throughout the video as well, it helps. God bless you.

  3. I have a question Adrian if I do your workouts like I am doing the 50 pound in 5 months workout but…..I have lost 6 pounds thank you…. and also Ive been counting calories 1,600 calories anything I want and I drink like 3 liters a day of water but….I know I'm loosing weight one question is will it come back?

  4. Day 4, love, the motivational talk behind the workout, each line delivers the push to go ahead a bit more. i might not meet the 30 pounds mark in 30 days but i surely know i will meet it in due consistency! wrapping 4up week 3!

  5. Day2 – all I can say at this stage is it’s now free-flowing with workout. I will give a weight reading at the end of this week 3. QUESTION: losing weight and gaining muscle, what’s the co-relation? When you burn fat yet you gain muscle, don’t the weight on the scale remain the same?

  6. Week 3- Day1, I am completely blown away after a couple days of rest, i got back in the Gym today to a scale reading of 101.7kg. 2.3kg (5pounds) lost it feels good. QUESTION: How important is rest in a week activities?

  7. You are a great motivator. I have been working out but it stopped at 5 pounds. Imma so try this along with my squat workout.
    -just did the first set! I feel good and I sweat a lot. Thank you.

  8. Day4 – 102.5kg, I am simply enjoying this workout! It was tough at first but now I am totally enjoying. It a lot tougher on an empty stomach!

    It’s the best HIIT I have ever done, looking forward to more of the same

  9. Day3 – 102.2kg sweet sweet session I did. I did it on an empty stomach. Was very hard at first but I did it anyway. QUESTION: Does loosing weight differ with age groups. (I am 40)

  10. I've lost about 20 pounds on my own but now I've gained about two more pounds and ot won't change.
    I'm 4'10 so 130 pounds is too much for my small frame.
    My major goal is 115.
    I will try updating and might even make a video if I reach my goal~

  11. Day2 – 102.4kg had to modify the workout today to 2 exercises. First 2 sets were fine but Squats and Burpees became hard to do so I did high knee raises and jumping jacks for 4 remaining sets. I hope it’s acceptable. Started intermittent eating also today. It’s doable

    QUESTION: How many days per week is advised to do this intermittent diet?

  12. WEEK 2 – Day1 – 102.70kg today i did the 1hour version, i find it easier than the 30mins one. no cabs. Question: is it ok to combine this workout with keto diet or Intermittent fasting?

  13. Day4 – 103. back where started. Today i was so sore from the squats and kicks but i pulled through. I like encouragement from Adrian he give a promise in each round that keeps you going. 4 times this week i am done until next week. one thing i note from the instruction is that i am not on his diet plan that could be my set back (i will buy in the next wee) but i am up to the workout. QUESTION – Why does weight stop going down at a certain point for a while. then dramatically fall afterwards.

  14. Soooo I'm not really seeing any good reviews posted under this video. I'm currently on day 2. I'm not on too much of a "diet" but I do not eat fast food or consume meat excluding fish. I'm gonna really see if i can lose30lbs in 30days. Tbh if I lose 15 I'll be happy or even 10. Either way my review will be truthful

  15. Day3 -104kg, Was so energized today, I killed it, I killed the workout. when I stepped up on that scale and it told me 104, I still felt like big results are coming, QUESTION – Are we talking 30 straight days? I feel they will be need for some rest at some point!

  16. Day2 – 104kg, I don't know what went on, but the reading on my scale gave me a kilo from yesterday. Today my body was just too stiff so I ended up doing the beginner version for 30 minutes then I did boxing for the rest of the hour. QUESTION – is it possible to gain weight during this 30 day program. ON diet I am on Keto diet for the last 6 months.

  17. When he says this video is not a movie it's a workout video lol but I'm here watching it like it's a movie lol I am starting this workout tomorrow. I really need to loose weight.

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