Gaming on the iMac Pro – How bad can it be?

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  1. I worked in a mac only creative office serving the entertainment industry. My boss insisted that I get the new imac pro when it came out despite my arguments that the graphic card couldn't run the screen. 6 months later that POS locked up more than a career convict. 4k rendering is a joke- anybody in the modern day who tries to do entertainment standard content creation on a apple machine is a fool. I've been using apple computers since the day of the g4, sadly their professional audience died out with the old macpro ideology.

  2. You don't buy a Mac for gaming. They're made for developers and creatives. The only game I literally play on my MacBook Pro is Football Manager, everything else I play is on Xbox.

  3. Let's not forget you'd be stuck with a 60hz monitor for the lifetime of the computer. You know, considering we're talking about gaming, and the PC config tested here would be capable of delivering 144fps in most games.

  4. If you buy an iMac Pro you're either
    A – buying it to help you MAKE money, or
    B – wasting money
    "Pro" in the name is your clue here.
    Expecting it to out-compete a bespoke gaming rig is silly and pointless.

  5. I think all these people on YouTube with these Google Pixels are sponsored by Google, I have not ever seen somebody holding a Google Pixel that is just walking down the street, they are holding an iPhone or rarely a Galaxy.

  6. This video had nothing to do with gaming on a iMac Pro. You didn’t do any gaming at all. What a waste of time. First time I’ve been disappointed with one of your videos. At least show us gaming performance on the iMac Pro with a variety of different games. Compare it to a regular iMac, and, maybe a comparable prebuilt computer made by Dell or HP. That would have been a good video. I would have appreciated that. All you did in this video, had nothing to do with your title. This video was a FAIL. First thumbs down I ever gave.

  7. It’s not "Windows is better for gaming." It’s that we can intelligently design the build for gaming, while, like Linus said, "Gaming was an afterthought" in the iMac Pro. A Linux distro would 100% run faster than Windows, gaming or otherwise.
    I’m not a hater, I’m really a big fan of your content.

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