Gloria Glory

He was gone almost 3 weeks. Three long, long weeks, she said as she opened the door and looked out on their land. The wind came up it blows.

It was a warm breeze and the sun was now high in the sky, shining on his glorious face. But on each morning they had to go and see along their plantations in the tall grass, and even Gloria smiled, open to know that a man could feel it in this way, the man who came and took her past.

At one point, there is no time, Gloria was known to many as a prostitute. But she never wanted that life. Now it was thanks to him yet.

He was a wonderful man. It was always his intention to him all the time to prove Jacob when he returned from his travels. Now virtually everyone was a time, she remembered.

The day came and went. She opened the door. Where she is, she wondered. He is late. Ohhhhhh, I miss him so she thought.

I lack Jarrod she thought, her arms stretched out his hand and closed her eyes as she felt met the warm breeze on your face. Mmmmmm, if only he were here. If only it was, she thought, I undress, and we would love as if it was the first time.


She opened her eyes to know how beautiful her body would feel against his. His flesh, his flesh well, and both naked and roll, passionate about what was possible. closed again Gloria her eyes and felt the warm morning breeze, as it blows around the large log house in Kansas.

She breathed in the air, filled with the desire and to know soon, yes fast enough, he would be at home.

Later that day, he rose. She had heard, and dressed and walked to the front door. Smiling, she opened and saw his big blondish brown frame that immediately smiled when he saw his glorious beauty before him.

"Gloria, my dear," he cried, and immediately jumped the horse.

They ran out and the two immediately took another hug long and hard, and finally embrace, as if they had discovered the art of such a passionate art. Tongues prevailed in this romantic battle of love that kissed both prisoners and and showed great affection that had been missing for so many days and finally it stopped.

"Let me put the horse," he said.

She had no time waist. She followed quietly her lover and her husband in the barn, watch the saddle of the horse to remove, and the bedding down for the day.

When she saw the dress is undone. When she saw, she let the dress slip on the shoulders. He does not see it all. When she saw, she moved all the underwear.

He saw none of his actions at all. When he finished his horse with duvets, he turned around.

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"Holy," and he stopped talking. He saw a vision of him before he was a magnificent naked body viewed. "Ohhhhhhh my Lord in heaven," he continued, as his eyes to sit open while his mouth was so wide open.

She smiled as she stood before him, naked as the day she was born, and he continued, adding: "Gloria, if it really is a God in heaven, there is evidence here today ‘hui, the off me so stand. "

But he acted as if stunned. His eyes were wide, and he was a little excited when his mouth was open.

She had a smile all in his long but silky light brown hair hung beautifully on her shoulders and behind her. "If there is a God in heaven, then why do not you show me how beautiful I you my love from?" She asked.

"Uhhh uhhh because I want to just uh" and his eyes closed and opened quickly and he shook his head, but eventually finally smiled saying: ". I want to enjoy watching your infinite beauty, as you are right now"

No matter, she just smiled. She walked toward him. "I love you You know I, I, if you my dear missed .." She went on to say, adding: "I love you so much really.

You know that you do not? "He nodded as she came closer and closer and added," take me then, touch me, touch my body and love my breasts, they take feeling and made me feel as if .. I am beautiful again. Show me that you love me all over my body, my love everywhere.

And I mean felt everywhere. Touch Me is felt in areas of the body of a woman. Ohhhhhh favorite, I have to be felt everywhere.

Take me and touch me and keep me and the baby, I need you. I need you soooo all on me, baby. I do.

I really, really do, because I will want for you that way. I really have. My body hurts all over for you. "

He could not believe how passion had built in her by her words. He caught her hands. He held and lovingly and when he did, he kissed her hard on the lips.

She had died of his deepest desires and his lust filled exploded passion that the two of them soon fell to the floor of the barn and mounted him.

His hand broke under her. His hand in her were lower back. He pulled her to him as he held close and kissed her lips.

It has become difficult. She felt his hardness digging into her abdomen and pelvis, love all the way. It reached a lower level when he and soon kissed enough, he felt her soft buttocks in his hands.

Glorious how he felt, all she wanted was to do his penis, his hard penis in her, and things a man and a woman should do in the privacy of their farm.

She felt it. The erection skim along its excited vaginal swelling. It felt wonderfully for them. She wanted to go for her inside.

Simply skim and ran up and down, but not in it. She pushed, as if ready and hardness want to attend.

Finally Gloria reached between them. She seized. "Ohhhhhhh" he cried. They did the same thing. Feel his manhood in his hand, felt incredibly wonderful for him. "Oh my Lord, yes," he cried.

She hugged and relief in her vagina. "Oh my God," he cried. "Gloria, you feel so damn good. Ohhh Lord," he moaned.

She smiled when he went to her. His hands still on her buttocks, pulled hard on her as his penis, his record has sparked member went further and deeper into the canal swollen with pleasure. "Oh eeeeehh Ahhhh," she cooed and moaned. "Jacob, you’re so wonderful," she said, as he pushed and pulled out wild and out of her.

They rolled and fell and made love as relatively newlyweds should make love. Entwined, lips on lips apart, and his cock in her pussy as he fucked with love and passion, it would not go out of her warm, soft flesh leave. He could feel the softness, he felt love, and he felt the passion.

His wishes were clear and showed the woman his wife how much he yearned to her.

She had orgasmed and smiled. He also came in. Yes, she felt it, and so it could easily do again and again.

They laid there to rest and relax while he stood by his soft, warm body.

"I love you so Jacob," she said, kissing him on the cheek.

"I love you too Gloria and I thank you a million times," he told her, and she kissed him again, but his lips. "Another go to, perhaps?"

"Even once?" She said smiling.

"Ahhhhh maybe after I eat a little bit. I’m hungry, you know."

They entered and she fixed him one of his favorite dishes. That made for him. It was all over.

He quickly took out the dress. Her breasts as bold and beautiful as she was his focus. He relaxed in them.

She smiled. His mouth was smooth on one side, then the other. He kissed, licked each and finally sucked wild.

She could not believe how incredibly wonderful place all seemed.

He is excited. She told him she wanted his penis in her again. He asked if she had ever sucked on a man’s penis. She said no.

He asked her to try it. So she did. She took the erection in his hand, but licked first finally sucked, but slowly.

She loved to do it. She liked to feel his erect penis on the tongue and inside of his mouth. There was nothing as exciting or distance, so they wanted to believe that other penis man excited so excited in a woman’s swollen vagina.

Down on the floor, she sucked and swallowed and kept his true manhood in her mouth, suck and swallow everything. She even licked his balls, something that has never heard or thought of doing.

He came into his mouth.

"Oh wow, Jarrod, wow," she said, "What is it that you had?"

He smiled and pulled her to him. "Yes, dear. It was. It is still can happen to you. A woman does too, although it has gone a little differently."

"Show me. Please show me," she said excitedly.

He smiled. Reaching out, he took them off. They quickly grew more excited as the seconds to the clock ticked. She wondered and could not wait to see and feel the mouth and the tongue of a man in her vagina.

What sounds like, she wondered. How do I feel when something is done for me, she wondered?


This was the dress and the bottom layer of clothing from her body. Her nipples because his body already excited, were hard as a rock. They could hardly wait. He lifted his wife and took her to her bed, he lay down and looked deep into her eyes and smiled.

She smiled anxiously. She closed her eyes, she waited, then she felt his hands on her legs and soon after his thigh.

She cooed softly. "Ooooooohh" she repeated his hand crawling heat surrounding her vagina. He stroked the hair around it as it came closer and closer to her pussy. He looked into the eyes of his wife and smiled and said that she is to love without end.

She grew intensely more excited than ever.

And then she felt it. His tongue. He rubbed against the lips of her vagina. "Ohhhhhhh, ohhh wow, oh my God Jarrod" she screamed as her body to strapped feel his tongue on her labia immediately. "Lord Almighty ohhhhhh wow oh yes yes yes Jarrod ohhhhhh sir," she cried.

His tongue went, and she cried, as if a foreign species of wild birds had never heard. They grabbed him. She grabbed his shoulders. It seemed ornate and ass up and down and from side to side.

She screamed and grabbed the bed wooden railing as he licked her deeply and turned and twisted his tongue into her swollen, hot pussy.

She was beside herself. She came and she came hard. Cum like never before, and splashed out of her pussy in his face suggested, as he did. She could not bear it.

Gloria screamed and screamed as if ever never have an orgasm in her life. It was fabulous to say the least. His body was everywhere at the break.

She was stopped on "next" as orgasms. It exploded and came in her mouth and face. She loved it.

He was a man of magic.

"Oh my Lord Jarrod, not oh God no, please", and so he stopped.

He came and crawled next to her, to take possession of her beautiful body and to tell her he loved her dearly. She smiled into his eyes and asked where he had learned such a technique. He told her he was a technique he had heard foreigners.

She wanted more, much more, in fact.

"No, you do not want it. Tell Seeking a woman I heard for a long time knew," he said. "I love you and only you. I’ll make love to you and you alone.

You and I have sex and I do that for you, "he said as he nodded and smiled in her eyes.

"We go down to the pond tonight? We get naked out there and play some more? We have all the bad things tonight down at the pond?" She said and leaned to caress down his penis. "I play with it and you do well, you know what I’ll do," and so, she leaned forward and kissed her lips hard.

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