Great Self Filmed Bow Hunt – Mature IL Buck In Rut

Mature Amateur

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  1. I learned a long time ago sometimes you've got to move them out of their beds to get them bleeding. and a lot of time after you jump them it gets the blood flowing again and the next time they lay down will be the last time. nice buck

  2. Todd: Congratulations my friend. You recognized a mistake and admitted to it and backed out. Good job! That made your recovery much easier. Glad to see ya got him.
    Tyler sounds just a tad jealous.

  3. Very cool looking rack. I'd be sick if I jumped him too…. my very first archery buck was a mature 1-horn, wide massive 3 pt that probably would have been a stud 6 pt if the right antler hadn't been broken off just above the base. I shot him at 7 yards just a little far back, because he was moving. I did not wait long enough to track, I bumped him and lost the blood trail and spent  the next 7 hours looking through a grown up CRP field. Finally the next morning a friend found him down by the creek just by luck. I will never forget it.

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