Hannah Hot Tub – Part 2

It was Friday night, a few weeks after I had my fingers Comprehensive stepdaughter, Hannah, that extraordinary evening in the hot tub. I had early unexpectedly came home from work; my meeting in London AFTER Earlier ended as usual, and I had to catch been years reliably earlier train.

Haunted by guilt and the fear of exposure, I had Beens Avoid Both my stepdaughter and the pan since that night. Enervating, HAD Beens Hannah as behave if nothing had happened – even though it is obvious that she believed now, we had shared a secret – and I began to feel just to be sure.

I had to use objective Ought to the pan not with her mother Hannah Either Gold, my wife, Debbie.

The house was empty; Debbie was the meeting with colleagues after work and Hannah was a potential time to go a movie, so I could do what I wanted without interference.

What I wanted was to do first, go through the ancient forests on a run that our house backed on – the warm late August sun was so bright it was just too perfect to miss an opportunity – so after quick in my vest and to change shorts, I walked away.

An hour later, hot and sweaty Purpose happy and very accessible, I jogged in the garden, panting, trying to draw my breath while cursing me for not. Under trained harder in the last few months The run HAD Beens everything I wanted; warm paths, cool shade, the smell of the trees; perfect! Opening the back door I quickly grabbed a cold drink from the fridge before going out back to cool and rehydrate.

My eyes were inevitably drawn into the hot tub, which was bubbling away quietly, almost in the corner of the terrace and the idea, washed away the sweat and dust on my body and my tired muscles gently massaged by the water Grew more by the minute in response.

I went back into the house and took a towel from the laundry room then slid my running shoes, socks and vest only in my running shorts dressed in the pan returns. I knew I have shoulds had a shower before getting in the water purpose so inviting Sah, I felt hot and sweaty And There Was no one to see me. I could not resist, then stepped guiltily into the water, a little at ict temperature panting me in ict hot depths are reduced to my neck.

It just felt wonderful as my body adjusted to the heat; the calming, soothing liquid envelops my tired muscles, icts Almost heat hurt makes me dizzy with the sensations. I sat on the submerged bank, leaned against the smooth side, spread my arms around ict edge and tilted my face reviews in the clear blue sky.

washed over me relax. had single-house, out of earshot of the phone, invisible to the neighbors and feel satisfied was with me for the exercise out of the way of the day, I washed the salt out of my face and pressed the button under my fingers.

The bubbles started. I could see the powerful water jets Feel my legs pummeling, lower back and shoulders, the burden had induced loosening run my forest. I sipped my Diet Coke, wish it had beens a cold beer INSTEAD, closed my eyes and let myself drift into a doze.

The weekend was coming; Anne and Ted’s Barbecue on Saturday; cottages on Sunday walk …

"Zmmm!" The sound of a beverage can ouvert Being snapped me back with a jolt from my reverie.

"Hello!" Hannah’s voice was coming behind me soft and friendly. "Fancy a beer?"

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I jumped with surprise and turned first in a futile attempt, then right my head to the left to see where the voice was coming from. My clumsiness made her giggle as she. Around the tub and into my field of vision Walked

My tall, thin stepdaughter in the smallest bikini I changed had ever seen – only scraps of dark blue cloth held together with dark blue bow and strings. There was no way her mother-Would it ever bought for them. Luckily her breasts were so small, even these inadequate garment I Could em target contenir still felt uncomfortable.

"As my new bikini?" She asked, amused. "Better not tell Mom, okay?" She Inserted in a conspiratorial whisper, as she with a can of cold beer my warm apartment Coke REPLACES and settled gently into the water towards me.

"I thought you had a date," I said, slightly annoyed at the disturbance and feel quite nervous.

"I have just canceled," she said as she sank under the water and looked directly into my eyes.

She leaned back until only the tips of her barely covered nipples were visible above the foam. To my horror I could see they were upright.

"You have avoided me," she said she had accusingly ounce sat on the low bench.

The bubbling water covered only her bikini top qui saved me a little of my embarrassment.

"What do you think that?" I asked, spinelessly a question with a question to answer.

She gave an exasperated look.

"I am a child no longer. I thought we had … something special between us."

Meanwhile, rock my cock hard and painful in my running shorts is tangled. I squirmed under the bubbles to free ict constricted end try try, ignoring my complaints attention to my stepdaughter the drawing.

"Hannah, that was a mistake," I replied, trying to try, like a relative to sound and not like the felt rather frightened, turned-on teen that I like. "I do not shoulds …" I ran out of words.

"Should not have-what?" She asked aggressively. "Should not have-fingered your stepdaughter?"


"Well, that is what has happened, is not it?"

"I did not realize what I was doing," I protested. She laughed.

"From here it felt like exactly what you knew you were doing!"

Her green eyes sparkled mischievously and something entre Moved my thighs. Quick, I tried my knees goal was to close late; Hanna had contre my crotch, her toes firmly against the erection welded Pressing her leg stretched out to her right foot, now that I do not hope to hide.

"That’s better," she said, wiggling her toes contre my shaft. "I thought you could hide something from me. Now we do not have-to do so. "

"Hannah, I …"

"Do not worry!" Interrupted it. "If I told you everything was fine, I mean it was all right, okay?"

Your toes wiggled again contre qui My cock was now painfully bent in my shorts.

"Except it’s not okay is more because you do not want to be with me."

The toes were working under my tight scrotum.

"Why are you doing this, Hannah?" I asked, for some reason quite simply could not know what to do and with the foot push from my bar away.

"Do not you like it?" She asked archly Asked. "It feels as if you like it."

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She wiggled her toes contre my erection again.

"Hannah, you …" I started goal there was no conviction in his voice.

"It’s only fair," she continued, her foot fall away from my groin.

She slid forward into the water up to their knees She was there before me, the bubbles reach their small breasts, their hands to replace her toes on my erection.

"After all, if it’s okay for you to touch me, then shoulds It’s okay for me to touch you, shoulds not it?"

"Hannah I …"

"Or do you not think Mama would agree with that?"

The implicit threat was obvious target belied by her eyes sparkled mischievously qui. I felt her fingertips slide under the elastic waistband of my shorts, pull them a few inches down, so that the head of my fully erect cock stuck almost from the top.

"Stop!" I croaked surprised.

Flog my hands in an attempt to muzzle my my purpose to cover she was determined, and a moment later I felt her slender fingers around the upper half of my shaft exposed to close. A surprised uncertain expression crossed her face purpose what to thoughts they caused, they ’em to fight off the rail and I felt her grip tighten on my shaft.

"Fair trade fair, Daddy," she said softly, in a voice quite unlike her normal tones. "It’s my turn now – I’m pissed Mama would agree."

"Hannah I have not …"

"Oh, yes you are, Daddy you DID definitely And now my turn -. Want to ask unless you first Mama."

She pushed my hands away and helpless Began her fingers up and down my inexpertly build faucet running. She was clumsy and uncertain with a slightly puzzled expression her face, as if to touch for the first time. Although this idea did not come to much later not to me.

Whether their skills could-have-been, my body did not complain and within seconds my cock fully erect War, clumsily tangled in my shorts. Hannah finger dipped deeper entre my thighs, as if the body of a man was to explore a new and exciting adventure. She frowned, frustrated as my shorts their progress.

I felt her fingers leave my cock and panties under my elastic waistband. Was there a short sharp jolt reviews other then Then she looked me straight in the eye.

"Lift up!" She grinned.

"Hannah, please!" I began. "We do not shoulds …"

"Shh!" She interrupted. "We have already, remember DID?"

She pulled back on my collar. Like an automaton I Lifted my butt off the bench and felt my shorts my thighs is pulled down and over the knee and downwards until it tangled around my ankles under the bubbling water.

"There! That’s better!"

I felt very naked and exposed; my 18 year old step-daughter had just undressed! Freed from ict constraints, my dick broke at ict base from the tangle of pubic hair and Angle put upward very hard indeed.

Both Hannah looked puzzled and amused Then I felt her small hands on my thighs move her fingers brushed my contre shaft and took them back to their own.

Then, to my surprise, my 18 year old step-daughter began to me to masturbate under the water, her slender fingers slide awkwardly up and down my shaft so hard. In retrospect, it was clear that they had little idea what to do; they made no attempt to my nice smooth, swollen tight end or the sack entre my thighs to play goal, it did not matter; the sensations were wonderful, if confusing. In fact, I devenu est so excited so quickly that when any had more, so I would probably have come at once.

"Do you like that?" She asked softly.

"God yes," replied breathlessly I.

A great glow of satisfaction crossed her pretty young face as she came closer, his hands still on my cock then slowly to his feet in front of me got up, only releasing my erection when they wash their upright bubbling with water Stood barely covered snout.

Their smooth, thin belly was dropped only a few inches from my face, with hot water; her pale skin slightly tinted pink qui was as close as she ever got a suntan. She put her hands on my shoulders and stood still, expectant, her legs spread open my.

"Take my panties, Daddy!" She hissed in my ear. "I want your fingers to feel again."

Stunned compliant and thumping with my heart, I raised my right hand on her left hip and gently pulled the tail of the arc on the spot holding her tiny bikini. It resisted and she giggled. I pulled harder and undone with a slight squeak, the bow cam and the side of her bikini fell off the top corner provocatively revealing her tightly curled fiery triangle of pubic hair.

"Now the other side. Please!"

I could feel Hannah trembled slightly as I raised my left hand and released the second sheet. The tiny piece of cloth fell away completely reputation, float on the surface of the bubbling of the water and to leave her vulva naked and shining in the foam. My heart is still in my chest hit, like I atteint with both hands on her waist, then ran my fingers over her sides, over her thin tight buttocks and to her fiery red triangle where I my fingertips in the narrow teenage curls confused.

"Are you sure you want that?" I whispered. My beautiful stepdaughter nodded slowly.

"I’m sure Daddy."

I slid my hand entre les on top of her pale, lean thighs, to feel the warmth of her wet flesh contre my skin. She was smooth and incredibly hot and exciting as they parted her legs me free access to re-enter.

I took the middle finger gently and slowly along the length of its slot, the heat feel from her body and hid the soft folds of flesh vulnerable entre her swollen, outer Almost hairless labia.


She moaned softly and I repeated the action toying with her labia minora and finishing with the fingertips on both sides of the hard nub of her clitoris. I gently squeezed.


Her hands Tightened her grip on my shoulders and the sound of joy and surprise escaped her lips, which made my erection pushing even further up to top. Then again on her thighs I dip Could my fingertip into her vagina Encouraged, I started with her little clit toys, my fingers along icts bottom entre runs.

"Yes Yes please …"

Unlike most girls I had fingered in my life, rail Hannah to get more pleasure out of her vagina as her clit as I plunged my fingers into her deeper and began to work back and forth, as I had done the first amazing evening, in the same whirlpool.

She was tight; incredibly tight and I had to press hard, her body to my destination until I insisted penetration Entire War middle finger into her, my hand her fire red triangle cupping. I my fingers around Worked there looking for her G-spot Curling, amazed still to how extremely closely my young stepdaughter vagina really was back towards her pubis.

Finally my fingertips found the little rough patch hidden in her and I began to stroke, slowly at first then with small, quick movements.

"Oh my God!"

Hannah already trembling body began to shake as my fingers their hidden job. Were her hands on my shoulders; I felt her fingernails digging into my flesh. The muscles bunched on my forearm and my fingertip moved faster and faster over her G-spot, her vagina grip me still as strong as I had ever been taken.

"Oh Daddy … Daddy …" she moaned.

A tremor shook her body as a small orgasm through her passed. I fingered her a little more, and followed a larger quake Swiftly. I looked into her pretty face; Were her eyes tightly shut and bit her lower lip, as a third and much larger varicose teenage body shaken.

The aim of this time I knew it was not enough – for both of us.

Before she could get too sore, I Slowed by a stop my fingering, tiny aftershocks feeling through her thin body. Her eyes ouvert and I looked anxiously into her dreamy students.

"Do you want to … do it?" I asked quietly.

My half-finished Answered was nodding slowly questions with a clear, unambiguous.

"I want to … do it!"

Sliding out of her vagina and welded Taking it my stepdaughter have my fingers gently laid around the waist, I turned back to done Towards me that I had with her mother as often. Naked from the waist down, Hannah half hidden blade and buttocks were firm.

I led her up to her floor about my lap was and slowly lowered their aim firmly on my waiting erection welded. I felt the warmth of her in the water, as her young vulva the sensitive tip of my cock qui touched her inner lips parted, as it penetrated her lithe teenage body slowly.

What-happened was that they gently down my rock hard cock she slid deep into her hot core force her soft buttocks wait until embedded contre my groin and my delicate lace Rested contre their adolescent cervix.

What had happened that, unsuspected by both of us, the water in the hot tub washed HAD away most of its natural lubrication and DESPITE her legs spread, her tight body painfully resisted penetration. After half a dozen attempts to reduce on my cock qui During her inner labia and clitoris were smashed, stretched, Finally she sat down hard in almost half and bent my erection back qui me scream in pain.

The voltage is now broken, and their excuses giggling, Hannah Puts in the water, turned to me and REPLACED her hands on my shoulders. A broad smile on her face, she lowered her lips to mine and we kissed. At first it was just a kiss, then a second, then a third Then we Dissolved wide open in a full scale make-out kiss, lips, tongues deep in each other’s mouth.

And when we kissed, I felt her knees on either side of me to move up in order to spread myself properly. Without the kiss interrupting and with judicious use of her supple, writhing giggling hips, my timid finger and more, we succeeded in their inner labia enough they could be to share my cock ease.

Our mouths parted and froze when, the head of my cock penetrated her body with difficulty.

The feeling of their incredibly tight, hot, dry vagina easily slipping over my painfully hard, semi-injured erection for the first time, I’ll never forget.

Biting her lip again lowered Hannah to me slowly, paused If the lubrication dried, then rocked back and forth, raising and lowering back to their wetness. Then she continued her descent slowly with their smooth, bony butt rested on my lap and my full length inside buried her was so deep that I could feel the head of my shaft is bent by the pressure of her cervix, is icts tip.

It was as if I in a dream. I was actually inside the body my stepdaughter.

She was really warm, tight and gripping my shaft from any direction. Your bikini clad breasts were right before my disbelieving eyes. I my head lifted to her and she kissed me deeply on the mouth, our tongues entwining as she writhed on my dick is somehow an extra half an inch deeper until I felt to sink administration, as my bruised penis hard against the entrance to her teenage uterus presses.

My hands took her buttocks and I began to kiss her small, firm breasts with their little blue bikini top. Her nipples were hard; I atteint to play behind their backs for my tongue for the bra-free fastening em.

Hannah’s hands me with disability. I saw her confused eyes. She smiled, nodded up at the bedroom window and shook his head before my hands, so to stand upright releasing and moving the bikini top up and over its tiny cone-shaped breasts in the cool air that em.

"It’s easier to put back when we-must …" she whispered in my ear.

I asked half as often as they used had a quick exit in an encounter my head was pulled quickly to the young slender body surrounds Mine How to make this goal Such back.

The cooling air and her excitement had turned her nipples into hard, tight knobs. Then I kissed for the first time the other, each in my mouth again drawing where I teased my forehead teeth in what I hoped mixed gentleness and passion together.

Hannah giggled and began to raise and lower, on my cock, her fingers on my shoulders for balance; It was an amazing imitation favorite lovemaking position her mother.

The thought of my wife Debbie shoulds-have me what stop made We were, to my shame time immediately do object I all could think Hannah was. God! She was closely –even spread her legs wide open – closer than I ever Each vagina Encountered-even had in my youth set-Spent.

My hands back on her buttocks, smooth and sporty. I could feel the muscles of her legs and snout tensing and relaxing as she gently rode me, her body quickly Both lube again to our delight and terrain. The angle of my penetration was still awkward and my erection Slightly bent purpose When her buttocks atteint my lap with each downward stroke was almost embedded my full length into her.

The narrowness of her young vagina incredibly waves of pleasure through my body feels. I shuddered and let out a low moan.

"Mmmm! I did this for was sooo long," closer leaning Hannah Whispered to me. "I thought you’d never get the message!"

She leaned back and grinned at me, my cock awkwardly bend in their body, their hands firmly welded on my shoulders, as they rose and fell, rose and fell, the bubbling water now splashing makes sounds I was pissed us to give objective qui Hannah away completely ignored call.

"Mmmm … I think … you have wished this on … for a long time," she whispered with the movement of her slender body in time.

"Oh God! Yes" I moaned as she finds teenage vagina pressed my aching shaft.

"Why … shoulds not we … enjoy … Ourselves?"

"Set up your Mum …"

"Shhh! … You will never know … be the … our little secret …"

"Oh, Hannah! That feels soooo good!"

"Mmmm … it’s good … for me …"

Their tiny breasts bobbed gently up and down with the movement of their legs and body. The water rippled gently bone around her waist, thighs and buttocks as she slowly impaled herself over and over again on my cock, her hands my shoulders and upper arms stroking as I stroked her face, sides and flat stomach.

"Mmmm … that’s so beautiful," she moaned, lowered his mouth to whisper in my ear again.

"Hannah …" I began, they could target a single finger on my lips.

"I think … it’s time … for you to fuck me really Papa!" She hissed.

"Where …?" I whispered back.

"Right here in the sun."

"Purpose anyone see you," I protested weakly, even though I had used great care to the tub to secure Overlooked Was not that any direction.

"You know that’s not true," she whispered, still rise and fall on my erect cock. "Do not you want to fuck me, Daddy?"

"Oh Hannah …"

I felt her arms close tightly around my neck and her thin legs wrap around my own hips and thighs. My erection, still scattered in her body twisted awkwardly Then from her vagina goal Slipped War I do not care. I leaned forward and began with her body to Koala Mine like standing around, surprised at how little it. Weighed and pleased that my gym sessions allowed me the strong man with my little lover to act

For a moment we stood in water up my shorts naked around my ankles leaving me invisible. Hannah, wrapped her long pale thin legs around me, down bundled from the waist with her bikini bra ludicrously was before her tiny breasts naked. Water from our bodies cascaded as I clumsily mixed forward to the edge of the tub and I lowered carefully her bony bottom on the broad platform.

never leave Hannah’s eyes mine, as she released my neck, then leaned back on the wooden deck, leaning on their slender arms. She spread her thin legs wide, exposing her puffy, swollen vulva in the evening sun. Your sparse pubic hair was dark with moisture, her bikini top is now even higher up to their flat chest.

I shuffled to my legs forward brings the edge of the submerged seat then carefully knelt to ensure my cock was level with their open and waited vulva. I took my shaft firmly in hand welded and shuffled forward to icts smooth, rounded head contre was pressed her swollen slit. I rubbed them up and down until I found the hot slippery core inside.

"Are you sure?" I asked when I entre pressed her inner lips my tip.

"It’s a bit late to change my mind, is not it?" She giggled. "Just fuck me, Daddy! Aaah!"

Before the words were out of her mouth, I had pushed me forward and into her body again. Hannah gasped when penetrated in spite of their lack of lubrication, half of my length it within a single batch.

"Oh God!" She croaked. "Oh my God!"

Her body tensed, closed her legs around my hips, as if to push away goal Then I got laid once.

"Does it hurt?" I asked anxiously.

She shook her head emphatically, and I withdrew until only the head of my cock was in her. I pressed forward again, this time at least two thirds of my shaft slid into her. She winced as their internal dryness my progress Brought to a standstill, the penetration in apparent shock panting.

I pulled back, then made little in-and-out movements close to her entrance and was very pleased to feel their lubrication, flow more freely.

"That is better?" I asked softly.

"Mmm …" she nodded, biting her lower lip.

Hannah stared entre open their half of my thigh shaft Where was clearly visible, both our pubic triangles connects, her eyes now soft and dreamy.

I pulled back once more then a long, slow, flowing movements, even thrust forward to each resistor pressed hard against the underside of the thighs and was almost to ignore my full length into her vagina up to my lower abdomen.

"Ouch!" She squealed Then rang out immediately hand over their mouth.

I felt her tighten around my hard shaft, then much more difficult to actually hurt to.

"Jesus!" I called my cock by the iron grip of her vagina was devastated, the ligature that half ict mouth was my bad erection throttling; perhaps, even try, try to drive out of her body.

I pushed into her hard, the spasm to fight, kept my cock as deep into her as I could.

"I&# 39; m sorry, I&# 39; m sorry …" she began.

"Are you okay?" I asked again, her whole body tense to feel me.

Again she nodded and her green eyes tightly fixed on me, welded an expression of pain and determination on her pretty, looking incredibly young face. I stared back, almost could not believe what I had done and amazed at their lean, youthful body.

Jesus, she was fast! I had nothing in the hot tub cam felt close to the feelings I felt now. Your teenage vagina gripped my shaft as close ict swelling head until almost thick icts base that I was real bread.

complete with some difficulty, I moved halfway back again, as if further Top Any withdrawal would let them drive me. Then I pushed myself forward until I was deep inside her again.

Hannah let out a short, strange grunting target to stop any attempt made me. I withdrew halfway again Began Then my power to and from its control in long, slow, powerful blows purpose.

After perhaps a dozen thrusts I felt her vagina further lubricate top and finally she began to loosen me. And how she solved, so that the look of fear on her face first relax Began to Then est devenu year maturity surprised pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhh!" She sighed softly, barely audible over her deep voice, the gentle water to my thighs noise as I moved back and forth.

"Not too painful now?" I asked under my breath.

She smiled and let his head fall back on their shoulders, thin blade Make her neck. She looked so young and for a moment I wondered how many ang had men or boys feel what I then felt right. It Beens had to block any hint of a hymen my way, all of their responses target they suggéré was very inexperienced.

Herrlich inexperienced.

Encouraged, I began quickly to thrust my thighs spilled ripples in the water make loud qui against the sides of the pan in time with the increasing volume of her moans. As my hips hit her harder, so that her legs ouvert ‘wider and I felt that extra half-inch slide into her body to have been pressed into our pubic triangles hard together.

When I atteint the extreme bottom of my drawer, Flew her eyes wide open surprised.


What could be only one orgasm gripped her body, and I felt her tighten around my shaft vagina until any burr and curl on my cock screamed at me. Half a dozen strokes later, I felt the unmistakable beginning of my own climax rushing on me; a sharp wet heart stir my thigh deep entre and quickly spread outward.

These evaluations was too early. I did not so fast you want to cum was so, so close and so, so sexy and …

Before I-even could try and control myself, the white hot cramp my orgasm Rushed from my loins to my lower back and my spine as I uncontrollably in. The thought of pulling out have incredible my stepdaughter of ejaculate Began to tight vagina not to contact the gateway me, even if it had, my highlight cam n quickly and so violently that I doubt I have Could-Withdrawn before the damage was done.

As it was, I just dug my fingers hard into the flesh of her waist and hips and pulled her on my body vigorously pulsating, splattering Hahn. I felt her hands on my upper arms Then the sharp pain of the nails piercing flesh. My spurts est devenu wild and uncontrolled as amid the noise of wild splashing, I struck me so deeply as I could go into thin Hannah’s young body one last time and her contre held me hard.

It was only once worked quietly HAD Originates and only the sound of our panting breath broke the silence that evening I realized just how loud been the two of us. Was my cock their goal in the sudden fear of discovery already softening it turned into a limp appendage immediately. I slipped messily from my stepdaughter red, swollen vagina and sat on my heels, the warm water of the tub washing feeling to see my surprising sore dick and the girl above, I shoulds-thought the daughter no lover.

She smiled at me, spreading her face flushed pink breast and in the dim light, her thighs still far. I could be a trickle of semen see Based on their inner labia arise and reviews over the edge of the tub down the basis of its slot.

"Wow!" She said, reflects the words running round my head.

"Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Do you … enjoy it?" I foolishly bumbled, my hands running on her pale skinny legs.

Hannah nodded, bowed her head, as if their goal shone embarrassed eyes and she made no attempt to hide her gaping vulva.

"Do we actually do it? Did we get it right?"

For a moment I felt confused and upset, as if my lovemaking was destination then that wasn Realized I criticized&# 39; t what it means at all.

"You did everything you wanted me? "She continued." We had just real, real sex all the way?"

I smiled and nodded, keeping her hands in reassurance.

"Yes Hannah. We had just real, real sex. All the way, if you want to know how to think, the mind."

to dawn A look of triumph, elation Fast cam on her pretty young face and it started me what we had just done – what I had just done, I corrected myself.

Purpose There was no regret or reproach in her voice, quite the opposite in fact.

"Oh my God! I did it! I really!"

I was now very confused. I had some expected postcoital speech, possibly even accusation but not this one.

"Is … is it always so? As beautiful as what I mean? "

Her voice was soft and almost childlike, remember only make me as much younger than I was, and the position of trust I had just abused so badly.

"I am glad you liked it. I thought I could-have hurt you," I said, try try to keep the tsunami of remorse off and guilt that the post-peak to engulf me in my state repentance was waiting.

The night air was cool rather than cold and I could goosebumps rising on her smooth skin feel, as no doubt they were mine.

"Into the water come back," I said softly and looked at the bedroom window guiltily. The light was still out, the window is closed.

"It is OK!" Hannah hissed when I helped back into the warmth of the water, "they will not be for a while at home, and we were still quiet."

On the bank settled under water beside me, her legs over my, how we had Beens when it started all weeks. I stroked her calves, knees and thighs and felt her fingers lovingly back on the forearms. The sun down over the forest.

"Did you enjoy it?" Finally she broke the silence, her voice still that of a child.

"It was nice," I replied honestly.

"You really mean it?"

"Trust me, one of the best ever!"

She leaned back, a satisfied smile on her face.

"I am delighted, Papa. Now you can divorce and marry me Mama INSTEAD!"

My blood ran cold as the words penetrated deep into my brain, robbing me of all coherent thought. My hand froze on her leg and my body was stiff.

"Ow! You’re hurting my leg!"

"Sorry, I …," I stammered, releasing them from my calf unintentionally hard grip. She frowned at me.

"You want to marry me, is not it? Now we have a made you baby have to marry me!"

I could taste the fear in my mouth – hard and metallic. What had I done? What kind of creature I had just made love?

What in God’s name, I could now do?

"Um … Hannah … um … I mean, I … we …"

"I always wanted a baby, and you’ll be a great dad."

Oh my God! I could feel the sweat on my forehead and make me prickled the back with fear.

Then it exploded into laughter.

"I’m sorry I could not resist! Shoulds you see the look on your face!" She exclaimed as her body shook with spasms of laughter.

"Hannah!" I gasped in disbelief.

"I’m sorry," she choked in gulps air: "I&# 39; m just so happy; n Relieved! And there is something about you that just makes me want to annoy you. "

My mind span with a mixture of pain, anger and raised – but mostly increased.

"Then you’re not …" I asked helplessly.

"Do not worry, I’m on the pill," she said, me stroking under the chin and grin. "You’re sure."

"On the Pill?" I stammered. "I thought you were … might still be …"

"A virgin?" She Finished my sentence for me. I nodded. "Do you want to me a has-been?" She added, provocative, yet just done clearly elated at what we had.

I expected this answer is not, and must have surprised Poked because they immediately Laughed time.

"Now, I&# 39; Certainly not a virgin am I?" She was still smiling the look of triumph on her face. "I have been for the year on the pill, stupid. Remember how I used bad time to get roles? They put me on it at that time."

I remembered it well; It was-was one of the worst behaved times of their lives, they continued goal.

"I&# 39; m sorry I teased you goal I&# 39; m just so happy and relieved. I love you so much!" She kissed me on the lips, her face warm and soft beside me. "they&# 39; ve just changed my life."

I hadn&# 39; t had many complaints about my technical objective of this sexual was an extreme compliment indeed.

"How did I do that?" I asked confused, but very glad I hadn&# 39; t does not cause immediate damage.

"You promised never to tell Mama?"

"How I could to-night?" I asked.

Hannah rail satisfied with this answer, because she leaned back and stroked my arm as my hand stroked her thigh again.

"They wanted to know if I was a virgin before you fucked me."

I winced at her use the &# 39; f&# 39; Word and my hand froze on her leg goal Hannah&# 39; s eyes lit up when she is as if said with pride.

"Well, strictly speaking, I was not a virgin destination I could-have-been ", she continued, took my hand and put it back on her smooth, bare thigh before her bikini top fidget back down over her small breasts ,

"What do you mean?" I asked. She paused before He sighed answered.

"I tried to do it three times before the gate, every time it was terrible. There is something wrong with me … That made it go wrong."

"What do you think," I surprised question. She took a deep breath.

"I freeze up really bad … … down there," She answered.

She had certainly very closely Indeed goal surprised beens me.

"The first boy I tried couldn&# 39; t get it at all in me. He tried to hurt us both then was too excited and just came all over me. Attempts second so hard he hurt me very Then just gave up and let me in my room."

"that&# 39; s terrible," I sympathized, it’s too important. After steeling losing her virginity to a has-been-indeed terrible happened, must see for their self-esteem.

"The last had managed to get inside, but me then it happened. And it hurt like hell and he immediately cam. "She shrugged," I suppose he My goal cherry Took it does not feel like it. It was not with you. "

I felt at words thesis ridiculously pleased then immediately time ashamed, a mature forty something year old married man who had Beens seduced by a skinny teenager near virgin, and one with a problem.

"Who were they all?" I asked, Hannah reminded that not sccm to have many friends.

"Oh, the people from the school," she admitted goal of her tone that she was obviously completely was not just to be with me.

"People?" I asked, still stroking her thigh, but my hand moves closer again naked toward her vulva.

There was a long pause.

"Promise that Mama does not say?"

After what she and I had just done, the problem I already ridiculous goal was promis.

"Cross my heart!"

She took a deep breath.

"They know that at school you-have the" cool girls "and the" other girls? "I nodded." Well, I&# 39; m not one of the cool girls. I am too thin; Also swotty also flat-chested and frigid. "

After what we had just done, It was hard to believe goal, I let them go.

"It is," she continued, taking me by the hand, "you know, it is normal for young girls to get crushed on TV stars, Golden Boy Bands?"

"Of course," I replied, my own sister bedroom in billboards and the constant drone of the same old records remember again and again covered.

"Now some girls get crushed at real people, like their teachers, friends, their gold, gold of their friends or brothers mothers or fathers, itself, is not it?"

I nodded; the song "Do not stand so close to me!" by the police jumped into my head. Of course I knew it all.

"Grow crushed from our, as we get older and get friends of our own end most of us."

"I think so," was all I could muster in response to stroke her wet shoulder with his fingertips. Destination was not ready.

"Two years ago I had imagined a mad crush on a young from the football team. He was older than I, and I was crazy about _him_. I followed _him_ order _him_ wrote secret letters that I never sent, as it is, feel married would _him_ and, well, all DID teenage girl stuff.

"He never noticed my goal a de son running DID friends. I was so flattered That’s cool older boy liked me, that I agreed to go on a date with _him_ without thinking. He took me in his car to a movie then the lake and began to grope me.

That’s when I really realized with what was a boy like – feel all clumsy hands and fingers, although in a way it is very grown up.

"Anyway, I was so young and inexperienced I didn&# 39; t know how to stop _him_. Before I knew it was my panties around my ankles and try it tries to stay in me was his tail. I panicked.

My body all strange Went my pussy just closed, and he could not get into it. He hurt me, try as much of then trying to come over my stomach and my clothes. It was really chaotic and horrible. "

"That’s awful, Hannah."

"Not really," she protested, "I wanted it _him_ I do just panicked when I felt my legs His cock entre Then he was terribly He put the word out that I did..&# 39; t at a pussy-all have; That I was so chilly, it had healed."

She looked down into the water, shame.

"The boys began to call me &# 39; Snap-Snatch&# 39;"

I was horrified.

"I&# 39; m so sorry, "I encouraged." This was a terrible experience. They did not have-to go there, if it bothers to tell me. "

She smiled again.

"It feels good to talk. Is this normal after that?"

"It is very common," I laughed. "It is" pillow talk "is called."

"Speak Pillow? I like it!" She said, "so bear is ‘Hot Tub Talk’?"

"I suppose that."

She smiled, as if truly satisfied.

". Well, guys who defer me long I do not think that I still have: won because I INSTEAD always crushes on adults started; my teachers and especially the men mostly," she shot me a look as if a reaction end, I expect my tenure as empty Kept as I could.

"Think about the school trip to last year mountains I was crazy about a student teacher;? He was about twenty-five, and a football player was on the to travel I have to be a bit of a pet peeve of mine honest goal, he. not to mind Has sccm and when he offert us to take you to see the sunset one evening, I was the only one who wanted to go.

"I held his hand on the way there. It was so romantic and partner, after the sun had gone over the mountains below, we kissed in the dark, and his hands all over me. It felt wonderful.

When we got back à son room we kissed some more and he touched all over me. It felt-even more amazing. I let myself strip _him_ And then he tried to do with me.

I wanted so badly to do it and wasn&# 39; t too scared, and it seemed for a time running to be so good. He succeeded his cock into me a little way want to be there are so seriously injured when he broke my hymen that again in my pussy spasm went. "

She looked pubic face.

"He shouted in me came immediately. When I was cleaned up the mess, I got dressed and went back to the dorm. I hid the whole of the rest of the trip by _him_."

There was a long silence.

"It is vaginismus selon called the Internet," she said.

"I’m sorry," I told her, squeezing her hand. "They were very, very tight, I have to agree the gate I thought both worked there for us tonight."

She squeezed my hand.

"It worked. I got it! I had really really right SEX with a man.

I&# 39; m not snap snatch more; I&# 39; m a normal girl with a normal pussy. I can&# 39; t tell you how good That makes me feel!"

"They were very nice, Hannah. Very narrow goal it was very nice."

"I hoped it would be. I have waited so long. "

"For the right man?"

"For you, stupid!"

I looked at her, confused.

"Can not you guess who my elders mean, very original Crush has-been?"

I stared at her, my eyebrows so high, I have to have like a clown looked. Hannah blushed bright pink then burst out laughing.

"Yes, silly! I mean you! Why do you think that I was you so terrible that all the time?

Mum was always enough of your care! It was time that you paid attention to me! Or so I thought. "

There was a long pause, we looked at each other, our eyes are locked together. Finally I stammered:

"You mean ..?"

She nodded.

"I’ve always had an eye on you; From the beginning, only I did not realize what it was then."

"But I am …"

"My stepfather, yes I know. Do not end my real father, my genetic father are you? It’s not like it’s incest, is it?"

I had to agree, it had not felt like incest. It was definitely cheating on Debbie goal then again, it really felt like cheating did not have either.

"I thought you hated me," I said confused.

"you wouldn&# 39; t take me gravement," she grimaced amused. "There you served right!"

I hugged her bony shoulders and kissed her on the head ginger.

"Have I today gravement enough evening?"

I felt her hand on my bare thighs then brushed his fingers against the establishment that had returned without my notice. They played with it as if it something new and puzzling and I realized how inexperienced she really was.

"If you were almost a virgin, how do you know straddles me, or I ride? It didn&# 39; t feel that I was a virgin; It felt more like I was from year expert Seduced."

Obviously Hannah took this as a compliment.

"I was worried if you knew that I wasn&# 39; made t experience that you wouldn&# 39; t go with it. I didn&# 39; t want that. I didn&# 39; t want to be a virgin at nineteen, and you were the only one I do it with Dared"

"How do you know what to do?"

They went all coy and childlike again.

"it&# 39; s embarrassing."

"You know you can tell me anything, especially now."

"Now, I&# 39; ve Beens reading porn stories online …"


"And I have also seen a couple of videos …"


"And … And I saw mom and you do it in the tub a few times. She looked so relaxed and happy that I thought it might work for me. "


"Please do not be angry! You can not imagine what it feels just like a girl to know you’re … different. It’s hard enough to know when to be touching a boy you ever afraid without you&# 39; ll terminals and it will all go wrong."

I stroked her thigh again.

"I’m not exceed," I reassured her, although the idea that I had Debbie and we Beens While our external lovemaking was spied grueling. I couldn&# 39; t ever let her know her daughter had that had not only seen goal made us mental note about Debbie&# 39; s great technical and tried to copy them.

And it is very successful.

"And it does not go wrong, "I told her frankly." You were good, you were really good. Very close indeed purpose that just made it more exciting for me."

"they&# 39; re not just saying that?"

"Honest. It was one of the most exciting times of my life."

These evaluations was, after all, only the truth. I could by the way her body confirmed under my hand to feel grow their confidence.

"Do you think we could … do it again? Maybe a few times? So I know I can do it without re-clamping up?"

"Hannah I&# 39; m not sure&# 39; s a good idea. I&# 39; m Her stepfather. We really shouldn&# 39; t-also-have done it, but it was very nice. I&# 39; m married to your mother; I mustn&# 39; t cheat on her with someone even bother me as much as I care about you."

"I’m hardly going to run away and tell her I am?" She said, her face a picture of sincerity. "Please Dad, you do not know how much it means clustering to me!"

Had her hand back to my bar, where my cock hardened and had loomed nonsensical.

"It does not look as if you are Disgusted by the idea."

Her hand was on my shaft again, it sweeps up and down and respond was good. She leaned forward and we kissed again, then I took her hand and we stood in the water, naked from the waist down Hannah, myself from the crotch that were tangled around my ankles. The water cascaded from our body then with a quick glance to the left and right to make sour, we could not see, I led up to the house and the stairs to her bedroom, wet our feet dark spots on the stairs carpet will leave.

We kissed again and I carefully opened her bikini top, throw it on the ground and releasing her tiny breasts. The coolness of the air, and her excitement obvious had transformed her nipples in odd long, hard tips. I took her globes, gently trapping my fingers nipple has entre as we kissed long and hard again when I up to the edge of the bed touched the back of her calf Walked backwards.

bent your knees, as her legs touched the white cotton cloth, and I lowered his thin, freckled body on the bed. Hannah’s legs parted willingly and immediately, the fiery red triangle entre displays her pale thighs. Her green eyes with huge black pupils were keen on me when I climbed on the bed and knelt entre open her thighs.

"Ready to try again?" I smiled. She grinned at me back.

"If it is as good as the last time," she teased.

"I can not promise," I bent low over her, taking my weight on my right arm and the line of the head of my cock Towards her slit with my left. "The goal I will definitely give my best."

She inhaled sharply and anxious, and I felt her body tense as the tip of my cock found her inner lips and parted em.

"Relax," I whispered. "You have done it once; you can do it again."

She nodded at me and I pushed myself forward. She was very close a few thrusts put back by goals my head in her body. Hannah gasped and I felt as if they try me, try to find out, squeeze back I kept goal firmly in her past to cramp welded.

"That’s great! We’ll do it!"

Once I felt the iron grip of her vagina grip solve ict on my wave, I pressed her in deeper, withdrew and came back. She loosened a little more and within seconds I had my full length in my lovely stepdaughter vagina Slipped again.

We stopped, looking into each other’s eyes as her body adjusted to icts first full, missionary penetration. She was still tight; Almost painfully so target the emotions through my body were incredibly vibrant.

"Are you okay?" I asked. She nodded.

"Does it hurt?" A shake of the head Told me everything was good.

"Then let’s enjoy Ourselves, shall we?"

The act of love was followed by, was perhaps the sweetest and most memorable I have ever enjoyed. twisted your lean, pale body and squirmed under me as I took her in long, slow thrusts minded purpose, her tight feeling gripping inexperienced vagina every inch of my shaft of ict smooth thickened head to icts thick, hairy base.

Slap. Slap. Slap.


Despite their previous study by her mother techniques HAD Hannah no idea how to respond my lovemaking goal that made only the experiential even more valuable and more emotional. The new sensations through her body over, as it gave my intrusion rail joy and mystery even their goal perhaps their answers I, since I was a teenager himself had had not occurred instinctively, natural and not rehearsed, scaring something.

Slap Dash. Slap Dash.

I increased my pace a little; her vagina around my hard shaft Tightened and PERSISTED goal I was rewarded with a two to solve their input and low moan of Hannah.

"Still ok?" I asked hoarsely between bouts.

"Mmmm," she moaned in agreement.

"It feels amazing … Hannah … so, so good!"

She gritted her teeth and smiled when I again increased the pace to fill the wet sounds of real sex for the first time their teenage bedrooms.

Slap Dash Knock Knock!

"Mmmm yessss!"



"Oh HannaaaHHHHH"

Inevitably, this joy could not last long, and before I knew it, I could feel the burning in my groin and inner thighs, who told me my orgasm was on me and que le first spurts of semen had left my body and were in their. There was no point in even trying to attempt to draw so I have any attempt to control and let you call me go completely, my toes curling, my back arching, my how gripped her tight, tight vagina throbbing cock, milking it icts Seemingly sticky load.



We rasped together as my orgasm shook the bed, lean frame helpless entre my spasming body and blades caught. For me, lost in joy This was to remember an orgasm purpose I mean sweet stepdaughter atteint little doubt as so intense climax has, if they ever a atteint. But their joy and emotion were obvious and I regained control of my body, I could see the flush freckle on her chest and small cracks running from the corner of each green eyes.

My highlight past, I held about them as my erection subsided. After all, they still squeezed tight vagina my limp dick messily from her body and we looked at each other faces panting.

"Was that … the whole thing?" She eventually whispered. "You have everything … right?"

I giggled and blushed.

"You have my best Hannah. That was making love as true as I can do it."

"And it was good?"

"Could not you say it was as good as I’ve ever had;? Cross my heart, it’s the truth you were amazing.."

A broad smile of triumph crossed her face, and I kissed her lips.

"I think we can say Snap-Snatch has well and truly gone and …"

And then, with perfect timing, the front door and we ouvert Debbie heard the hall entered, shout up the stairs.

"Hello? Hannah? Daniel?

Where are you? Can anyone help with the shopping me? "

They have never had to move two people in your life to see so fast!

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