History of the Computer Keyboard

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  1. I don’t get mechanical keyboards. All they are is loud. My roommates absolutely had to have them and paid $100+ for each of them and now all they do is complain about how they can’t be on the computer at night because the other one needs to go to sleep.

  2. How to game on Linux without much FPS Loss, given that I’m on a low end laptop.

    i5-4200u – 1.60Ghz 2.80 Ghz
    8GB RAM
    No Graphics Card

    I’m thinking of shifting to Linux from Windows 10 but game devs won’t listen

  3. I really wish this channel would either be higher quality and less bad-memey, or there were a better channel I could be introduced to. Because I do like the topics covered here, but if I have to keep listening to these abysmal jokes I’m gonna murder-suicide whoever is nearby, or more likely, just unsubscribe.

  4. @4:39 Better quality does not necessarily mean something special. Praising Cherry MX switches for longevity and consistence is like praising MC Donalds burgers for having consistent and adequate quality. Cherry MX switches are the Big Macs of keyboard switches. They are above average in all categories but excellent in none.

  5. Can you do the history of the cell phone? it seems like a good series to start. Almost as good as the factory tours in LTT. FYI mobile phones go back to when we cracked the human genome and boy bands roamed the earth alongside the majestic stone temple pilots.

  6. Next time you say "bitrate",have the editor show a photo of theon greyjoy..ahh sorry I meant reek and then you say not "betrayed" you castrated(cling) "bitrate" the rate of bits

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