History of the Mouse

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  1. I had an optical mouse for my Amiga 1200 back in early 1990s. It had a grey stripes grid mousepad, but still it was great to be finally rid of the ball. Back then most of my PC-friends didn't even have mice.

  2. I've got a "sniper" button on my mouse, but it's basically useless. What makes my mouse so useful in gaming is that it's got extra buttons on the side which allows me to talk, and give callouts/ orders while moving, and shooting.. Also because there are a few I can have one button for proximity voice chat. and another two mapped to squad comms, and command level comes if the game allows it. Super useful when clearing a building to be able to say which angle you are covering while on the move, as well as call out to your teammates if you make contact with out needing to stop shooting or walking.

  3. Serious question

    Can i contact you by email or twitter etc and send you a picture of my specs, with that picture can you figure out what upgrades i will need to run certain games..?

  4. Using a thought reading headset to control the mouse inst that far off actually. Here in Toronto, i managed to take part in a experiment through a coworker's connection and did just that. The helmet didn't always read where i wanted it to go but it was manageable for simple pong gaming.
    From what i got, the project was meant to make a headset for disabled people and stuff so they can use the computer to communicate, super neat idea.

  5. Hehe… Seeing the MX1000 on my screen sitting at basically the same angle as the MX1000 sitting on my desk. It may be ancient as far as computer peripherals go, but it still works great as a backup mouse.

  6. i always wondered whats the story behind the mouse that we use everyday, its great that someone actually explain this, i love your channel and keep up the good work ahahaha no, i dont like your channel!

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