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  1. Pretty but i just don't understand why almost all of them felt like they needed fake boobs ? Guess they are afriad of sagging and did not like their smaller breast. . I personally have no problem with women wanting surgery but i do wish more would realize that natural is nice too and saggy tits are normal, some men/women hate small and saggy breast but i refuse to be ashamed of my b cup saggy boobs..

  2. WTF @ 0:31, 0:38, 0:46, 1:15, 1:47 (has a hot body but not at all face), 2:43, and 2:50????? Why did you include some butt ugly older women with the obviously beautiful older women? It makes the whole video seem jarring at some points. I know beauty is subjective to some extent, but not completely, damn! It's almost embarrassing and an insult to the older women out there and in this video that are objectively attractive to most people. It just reinforces the stereotype that older = uglier in all cases, which is not true.

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