How DNS Leaks Reveal Your Browsing History

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  1. ok i may be late to the party and i didn't read all of the comments but no one mentioned another source for dns leaks?
    there is a ip setting called 'dual stack' that means your isp asigned you an ipv4 and ipv6 adress and both are used so if you just route all the ipv4 connections through the vpn there is a chance that some of the dns calls are send via ipv6 (pls don't ask me why and when this happens.) and these are sent outside the vpn. unless your vpn solution also includes ipv6 or you delt in another way with it

  2. It fails to talk about that DNS over TLS and DNSSEC are not just enabled by using a different DNS server that supports it. This packets are still not encrypted by default so your ISP could still just be looking at all DNS packets going through their nodes.

  3. The Narrator in the video.Speaks too fast and words are not clearly spoken.. he speaks in a way such there is no millisecond pause in between words. pronunciations of word's are very different from other narrators. This is my personal observation I don't know if other viewer's feel the same. I ask the narrator to forgive me if this comment hurts him. I felt like sharing this to Techquicke officials. If majority of the viewers feels the same about this narrator. Please give him a better job than this. i say this because i couldn't not catch up with some of the words he said i had to replay the video to understand it.

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  5. Not mentioned here is the issue that the global DNS system is now owned and regulated by the UN, the same institution that has communist spyonyourcitizens China and Saudi Arabia on its humans rights council. Obama gave this away some time in 2015-2016.

  6. pls help me lol i did something bad (i think) i actually removed the label on my hard drive so now when i try to boot my toshiba laptop im greeted with a infinite black screen after the toshiba logo (sry for bad grammar)

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