How Do Twitch Streamers Make Money?

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  1. How to get $$$$ in twitch streaming.

    1. Be a girl
    2. get yourself some tits (around C cup or B cup sizes)
    3. Play hearthstone
    4. Use your webcam and point it at your tits. Overlay it in a big screen with your game in the background.
    5. Get some viewbots (optional)
    6. Profit.


    people will PAY to watch other people play a game that they could’ve just paid for themselves ?😐There’s no hope for us millennials😭

  3. Yet another example of ya gotta have extra money to make even more money. There's no profit even in godly amounts of pure hard effort. Without a decent PC & Mic plus games that are interesting there's no point. Not to mention you'll need to pay for a good VPN if ya don't wanna be ddosed for more hours per day than spent streaming.

  4. You guys should add more series to this channel on top of "as fast as possible".

    Two series i would like to see

    "Flash news" (get the pun?) – this will cover breaking news (such as meltdown/spectre and the GPP situation for recent examples) as well as product recalls and etc. This can be a more formal, quicker one article form of the wan show


    "Computers for Laymen" which can cover product lines (GT vs GTX, i3 i5 i7 i9, etc.), compatibility (hardware, interfaces, power, lighting, etc.), Peripheral Customisation (switch types, "sniper" buttons, DPI, macros, etc.) Computer Architectures and refreshes, product cycles, Etc.

    I think these additional series would be a great way to diversify the channel and bring in more subs.

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