How to Add 1383 ADULT Channels & Hide them on KODI 17.3

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  1. I did everything this video said to do, and no channels showed up. And now when I go to TV, the add-on browser option no longer appears, so there appears to be no way to add any other browsers on. I don't get what the hell went wrong.

  2. I went through all of the directions and the TV Channels are completely empty. Nothing installed. What could I have done wrong? I am running Kodi 17.4. Is that ok?

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  4. Is there a printable version of how to get the Kodi 17.3, because the video is too fast and you need to write it down. My question: is there or can someone print out the correct way of installing.

  5. Ok man come clean is this a bait and switch I followed your video and using the Shepo build pvr client loaded all the channels but no channels show up to watch………what's up

  6. this doesnt work… I have titanium build and not an idiot…. i have installed over 20 firesticks with various build and addons for myself and friends… ive double and triple checked the url.. deleted profile recreated /tried without creating another profile // tried with no security… shit just doesnt work

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