Howard Marks: “The Most Important Thing – Origins and Inspirations” | Talks at Google

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  1. firstly..nothing happens in randomness…believing in randomness is just a point of human limited perception…everything is action and reaction..and ''you cant tell from the outcome whether a decision was bad or good'????and from what u can tell then whether a decision was bad or good???? if u know all the facts..all the catalysts and the influences that play a role and analyse it..then of course u know..''good decisions fail to work all the time''???''bad decisions work all the time???wtf??
    but of course…if someone is waiting for a company (or a country!!!) to bankrupt in order to buy its assets the cheapest it can get..then why wondering why everything (politics ecomony healthcare education etc..) is fucked up??? the workers didnt bankrupt it..the management failed on purpose or coz they didnt do their fucking job right..but the workers end up losing their jobs and their lifes…who gives a fuck..we r making money buying cheap assets..thats the most important thing right!! fuck other people…have no regrets..and dont lose money..hahaha thats why we r doomed!!!

  2. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, it is NOT about HOWARD MARKS the drug smuggler. Its about a clever shit telling you what happened in the past, for fucks sake.
    The weirdo big diamond wearing Pakistani is full of his own impotence!

  3. Fool by Randomness by Nasim Nicholas Taleb. Either Most important badly written book, worse written most important book. Agreed. It's a badly written book. 😉

  4. "In the end buyers took out the biggest mortgage possible given there incomes and prevailing interest rates, such mortgages would land then in the houses of there dreams and will leave them there as long as conditions did not deteriorate which they invariably do"

  5. If you are the kid who took the chocolate and didn't wait, this is not for you… (google Stanford Marshmallow Experiment) but… if you waited and got an extra two chocolates, watch this video.

  6. I've been watching all the videos on this playlist. Is anyone else wondering why these videos do not have millions and millions of views? I mean honestly, there is so much money to be made by these insightful security analyses that all branch off Buffet, Graham, and Dodd's investment philosophies. It's like the world is backwards, because we have these useless music videos that promote hyper consumption garnering millions of views daily, and then whenever gems like these videos are out for the the whole entire public to use, not even 100,000? Same thing goes with the Yale Courses, the MIT OPENCOURSWEARE, the Stanford Graduate School Business videos. I guess value investing applies to personal development as well!

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  8. I like how he mention 'Fooled by randomness' as the only book of Nassim Nicolas Taleb that deserves our time & attention…I totally agree.  'Antifragile' was a fiasco.

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