HUGE Taylor Swift News AND Reputation Tour Review!

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  1. Dude you need to fix that spit problem. You honestly sound like Meghan Markle's sister… it's really off putting. Ewwww Perez Hilton's wet mouth…BAAARRRFFFFFF

  2. Katy perry made me feel that way so much… I really hope taylor will give me same feelings… I'm so hyped for Foxborough show… Can't wait!! I really hope I'll meet her!!

  3. Love Taylor can’t believe she was so sweet after all the crap you said about her it shows how incredible she is. I still can’t believe she invited you, you call yourself a fan but yet you would say so many bad things about her and you spread rumors about her 🙄

  4. You know I feel really dumb. I always watch your videos and I just have always done the swipe up or gone over to Facebook. Didn’t realize you had a YouTube channel with all of them until you mentioned it in your video this time 😂😂😂

  5. So explain why you talked crap about her and leaked the tracklist for an album that was HER HARD WORK if she is that amazing and you like her music??? Please explain how that works. I know you are a business person but come on, either you are friends with the woman and respect her or you just act it and use her a source of info to make yourself more attention. I for one think it's the later. If you can prove me wrong please go ahead

  6. Oh im sooo jelly perez …lol i wish great tours wud come to N.C. it sucks no EIPICLY AWESOME concerts come to my part of the south !!NEWAYZ PEREZZZ Pleasseee give us a tell all video chit chat about Lady Gaga im dyyyiiing to hear all u know about her frm when uve hung out with her!!LOVE U SOOO MUCH FRM FORT BRAGG N.C.

  7. Taylor seems so warm as a person, when Spencer said her ora was off the wall, you saying how she spoke about anxiety to you… It's like she makes every interaction so personable. I hope one day I get the honor to meet her! I'm seeing her at the O2 in London in June and I'm so incredibly excited even more so after watching your review! Your son was SO adorable, I loved his reaction to LWYMMD. Keep being awesome Perez! I've been a loyal fan for years and I think having kids has changed you for the best version of yourself! 😊 Xo Insta: jennsayss

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