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  1. The 8TB external drives can be shucked for the internal drives, for half the price of a seagate 8TB internal drive, its become a very popular practice in the data hoarding and homelab communities

  2. This is why I do not use Amazon affiliate links to support youtubers. Not only can they see my purchase history, but they also tend to share that information. Even though I have not purchased anything particularly embarrassing, I consider my purchases personal information and I do what I can to keep personal information private. Only releasing aggregate information is not much better since data mining has become so sophisticated that personal information can often be inferred from aggregate data when matched with other data collection.

  3. I remember the day when a 16mb module was cheap at $500. A friend of mine had a Mac Quadra 950 back in the day with 120mbs of ram…the ram cost him $3000…I only had 24mbs on my PC at the time, which was considered good.

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