I Love You

I feel so bad that you are so tired and physically exhausted, come into my arms. Put your head against my chest, let me comfort you, you caress. Your sweet smile so sweet you ask here, the head goes up and down as I breathe. I gently caress the hair and look, you see that you are drifting off to sleep.

My hands gently caresses the side of the face and arms.

Shake and snuggle closer to me. Your breathing has changed much deeper than you finally get the sleep you need and deserve. Leaning forward, I your forehead then you slip gently kiss, put his head on a pillow.

You look so beautiful, so innocent, I put a blanket over you and then leave the room.

silent, I had a mental list for shopping. The races were simple.

Stop &# 39;&# 39; Shop for adult&# 39;&# 39; I choose a toy when we were separated. Then from the florist. Imagine, all these good choice, and I went with roses.

Back, I cooked the meal I had planned in my head and then illuminates the table and candles. After the wine was poured and selected soft music, I wake you. Kneeling beside the bed, I kiss you until you eyes.

Kiss I reached out and helped her to her feet.

I pulled your chair and you sit at the table. stands next to you, I poured a glass of wine and kissed her gently on the side of the head, as I passed to you.

The candle flames danced in your eyes that you have eaten. Occasionally our fingertips touched, we talked, we smiled, we laughed. After the main course you requested, &# 39;&# 39; And what for dessert?&# 39;&# 39;

Smiling, I replied, &# 39;&# 39; You, my lover.&# 39;&# 39;

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Pull the chair and take it to the hand, I’ll take you to bed We kissed like we stripped each other&off clothes; #. 39

Laying them on the bed, I noticed how beautiful you are and how much I want you. As we kissed attracted our hands today.

He was so good to be touched and to touch. Meet Our bodies towards&touch, trembling with excitement; # 39. Excitement none of us had felt for so long.

Drag I whispered in my ear, &# 39;&# 39; Ride Me love, make my cock fight, ride it until I believed.&# 39;&# 39;

Rolling on me She slipped from my tree in you so deeply. A deep single hard thrust as he went inside.

Sitting on me She leaned forward and we kissed.

Then you have given your nipple and pushed my lips. As I sucked you have taken your hand on the clitoris and began frantically rubbing. Suck I watched your precious face you masturbated buried with my cock deep inside you.

With sweat on your body reddened chest as orgasm after orgasm pounding on hard you took. It was amazing to see how to put on such a frenzy.

finished now, you lifted your body, so my shaft to move in and out of you. Hard, strong points that I slammed my cock deep inside you.

She looked at me.

We were locked in a passionate kiss, when I use the muscles in the vagina squeeze felt … treat my pockets every last drop of my seed.

He felt so spectacular that I shot he would secretly pray wave after my seed in you, an egg, find a last egg in your beautiful body.

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A beautiful woman sleeping in my arms

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