Iggy Azalea’s “Savior” – REACTING Live!

Mature Amateur

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  1. How does he have less than a quarter of a million subscribers? If anybody fell off it is you. Why do you not have more followers than like Wendy Williams and the dude that does Watch What Happens Live? I don't even think you have half of what they have. Not everybody could stand the test of time.

  2. THIS IS PEREZ HILTON LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…really listen to how effing stupid he is…really please think about his contradictions…his horrible attitude…I think he has fully found his inner douche. Gaaaawd he's aweful. Anyws…Saviors a BOP…BUY SAVIOR ON I TUNES!

  3. You’re literally talking about Iggy like she’s your enemy or like she did something bad to you smh where this hatred came from? She always minds her business. But anyways you’re a nobody. Irrelevant.

  4. You're such a fucking pathetic ass hater that's why you're washed up!!!! Nobody but miserable bothered messy assholes who are unhappy with their own life supports you . you don't sing nor dance your only claim to fame is being an off brand wanna Wendy Williams so please quit while you're ahead…..

  5. You're talking about Iggy still being around meanwhile you're sitting here doing a reaction to her which looks like you're in a closet while she's living lavish in her mansion. If anyone is a flop, it's you. Your career is OVER

  6. Yes she has fans,the only way your name stays flowing aswell as jlos fans sad you had to name 2 talented woman to get views.. She also has openminded people that wanna hear different points of views on her music, mainly positive , funny , enjoyable reaction videos of course. Your not one of them , I'm sorry to have given you a view I thought you where a cool dude but nevermind . ✌

  7. Lmao sis she had various hits not only 1 and a half. Fancy, black widow, problem, work etc. And with all the bad things you've said who are you to talk about other people's errors.

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