Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Meryl Streep : Best and Worst Dressed – Oscars 2018 | Pinkvilla

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  1. This was the worst dressed Oscars of all time. Bling, shine gaudy metallic garrish clothes are all that I cud see. Seems like these women were out of a circus show

  2. No guys, seriously, I mean, seriously. This is ridiculous. I know that some channels must follow their public relationships and diplomacy, but no… Emma Stone’s outfit was outrageous. It didn’t suit her, the material looked cheap, the color range was ugly and senseless ..I could keep going for a month.
    That wasn’t an avant- Garde, revolution just because she wore a pant suite instead of a formal gown.
    She’s a stunning young woman, a very popular highly demanded actress so I don’t even wanna think about all the beautiful, custom made options she could have chosen instead of that trash. No hate towards her or brand, just please Emma, face the truth and change stylist.

  3. I paused the video when you guys mentioned that emma stone didn't look good. It clearly shows that you people have no sense of fashion. She broke out of her comfort zone and had gone for a tuxedo that was out of the ordinary. Moreover, her hair and makeup were breathtaking.
    Ps: she wasn't nominated but was presenting. She defied the mainstream gowns that women normally wear.

  4. Emma stone looked stunning!!! Who cares if it doesn't work for you!!! Zendaya's look wasn't stunning. It looked like she was drowning in it when she walked. But her makeup nd hair was fierce!

  5. Where did she speak about worst and best. When ever it is Bollywood they become more judgment and comments on their dresses and when it's Hollywood they are just doting down who wore what. Double standards.

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