Kathy Dilemma

Kathleen Mary Thomson (Kathy to all who knew her), a trim 39-young mother of two girls and a manager at a financial services company, leaned against the door frame of the office tea room holding his thermos cup in his right hand while with the other to save his long, bright, flaming red hair behind her left ear. She could not help smiling at the furtive conversation between the three office juniors, all young women as they casually discussed the merits of the last adjustment of the company, while huddled around the coffee machine.

Kathy could only shake his head in disbelief, as each of them amused, Alice, Claire and Wendy, asked for sexual performance of new retailers, marital status and even that would be to kiss the first. Not once since she had entered the room, one of them asked if he would be an asset to the company, and that its sales record was. No, these thoughts were left for them, as a team leader and manager, thinking.

Kathy worked hard to achieve his position in the company. It was not easy, what had with the world of work, to take them to you and take care of her daughters, she had always made an extra effort to prove his worth, always aware that his good looks all went on strike because they so much responsibility were an advantage. In the world dominated by men, where conversations always up began with her eyes against male portion of the length of their long, slender legs traveling, on his big 36D to stop breasts before finally realize they had a number of eyes she had also create derivative pressure to resist sexual favors to gain promotion or accounts. Yet men inspired the usual rumors about his sexual orientation or debauchery forward swarming. None of them true.

In fact, Kathy his life was proud. Married 16 years, two beautiful daughters, a beautiful house, an adoring husband and a cat. Kathy was exactly where she wanted to be in life.

Daniel Ritter was the chef Kathy Bryan Osbourne set (nicknamed Bo B.O. or for more obvious reasons) without his input. The excuse was that Bryan was a coup to wrest the services of this kind, as soon as it was available and he had to act fast. "So," she thought, "if he shit is so hot, how come I now have never heard of him?"

Kathy was immediately placed on its branches and to check in a few favors named Daniel and unfortunately all they found was exactly as she had said. In fact, killed at least two former employer Daniel that Daniel informed that they would be more willing to hire him again if he wanted. Kathy began when asking another kind of unknown day in the game, here it was not aware of.

Or was it just being paranoid with his thoughts more and more common that it was "old"?

As if on cue, his reverie broken Kathy, Daniel went in the tea room.

Kathy tossed as she rose, straighter than usual, on his arrival. She looked at the girl and made a diligent search for the soft cough, which instantly caused girls to break their caucus and see Daniel. Wendy blushed a deep purple that all three burst into the room, cups in hand, causing Daniel to withdraw.

Always on the change in circumstances smiling, Kathy turned to Daniel and found himself, will you in the eye. Without being to power its 44 year, broad-shouldered, big frame 6 feet filled his vision as his bright gray-blue eyes echoed the slight smile on his lips. She found herself back his smile.

Then, as quietly as you want, he says disarmingly: "Wow, I never thought, What a beautiful emerald eyes that you have." He continued past Kathy and moves to a cup of tea.

Kathy swore later she could hear falling on the ground his chin literally. Stunned, she did not know what to say. It was totally unexpected and cooked.

Not knowing how best to manage the situation, she turned around and went to his office in an attempt to rationalize what had just happened. Is the new child only made a pass at her?


Later that evening, when she studied type of family car, to buy them in the new year, she found herself reflected on the incident in the tea room at work. Turning to look at her husband, Mark, who was a program on TV they repeated the "incident" with Daniel again in his head. If they talk to Daniel about it?

Was it bad? His eyes were still enough?

Almost absentmindedly she said, "Mark, do you think I beautiful eyes"?

Without taking his eyes from the screen to take, Mark replied: "Of course you can do, Hon."

Impressed by the response or reaction to her husband, she returned to her research.


In the coming weeks, Kathy a point the behavior of Daniel observed, as he was in office. She pointed out that mixed well, seemed to have been already accepted by the team and has quickly earned a reputation wins as someone who knew what he was doing and submit a first class job. Despite the ribs of their male colleagues, Daniel Kathy preserved in spite of a rather archaic compliance fashioned manners and etiquette, found attractive.

Unsurprisingly Kathy that simple acts of Daniel a door open or rises from his seat at his approach, which could have a profound effect on the mind modern career woman of the 21st century.

It was also clear that Daniel was an outrageous flirt, and made no attempt to hide his admiration for the women in the office who made to attract an additional expense. He surprised Kathy that these observations to stir feelings of jealousy in their attention every time Daniels they began to any other woman seemed to be concentrated. Kathy began other women in the office to be envied who were unencumbered with his rank and responsibilities.

not very take a part of her, the avaricious side also Daniels page for "unofficially" Misses his approach considered "politically correct" for women in the office, but it would be difficult to justify in the absence of any complaint.

distract On the plus side, Daniel proves a reliable support within the hierarchical structure of the office, and outside trivial requests the members of the team, had on more than one occasion, expressed support for initiatives that had sponsored staff meetings. These are attributes that they believe Daniel as his "right hand" and likely successor had made, they should ever chance to climb the corporate ladder and to replace his own boss, Bo.


It was almost inevitable that Kathy finally day tea found himself in space 1 foot Alice, Claire and Wendy huddled to find, once again, to the giggling conspiratorially coffee. It took a few seconds, Kathy requested the topic of conversation to determine, but instead left to themselves, management intervention was decided.

Kathy attacked boldly, "Girl, do you really think it is appropriate that you discuss a work colleague, which, incidentally, is probably old enough to be your father so?"

The three girls turned to look at Kathy. Alice just looked stunned, Wendy, reserved, shy one, turned a deep shade of purple, and Claire laughed as she sprayed the words, "Cor, now I can add my fantasy incest. Thanks to Mrs. Thomson."

Then the other two began to laugh, much to the confusion and anger Kathy.

Realizing that there was a generation gap between her and the girls, which they could never hope to fill, it will quickly and said: "No, seriously What you see in girls Daniel He is married.?.

I would have thought he was too old for you, and you would hardly call it beautiful. Would you? "

Unsurprisingly, it was Claire who spoke first. "Come woman Thomson, it is not so old. And believe me, after the" Wham bam attitude of young people, elderly man makes a nice change. I think it would make a great lover, eh girls? "

"He’s beautiful," Wendy atmosphere. "It can not be Mrs. Thomson to your taste, but it’s just, you know, sexy. I can not really put my finger on, but, oh … you know."

"Yes, well, Wendy. NOT said!" Replied Claire. "Just talk to him me feel good and it has a way to turn me to a guy I know to do it, it has been possible with words alone. It is not bad. At least he has a head full hair, smells good and do not contribute to a pot belly so many boys his age. "

"Anyway," continued Claire, mischievously to his colleagues, smiling, "just because a married man is, not that he can not taste the menu, it is?"

Kathy was about to make Claire lesson about his attitude when Alice suddenly interjected: "What do you do against Daniel anyway, Mrs. Thomson" What all Kathy sailing wind hit.

Can not think of an appropriate response, Kathy said, "What do you think he does in one would be interested of you?"

"That’s what we discussed. We we expect him to Christmas each to make a game and see where it takes," was the response from Claire.

"What? You can not be serious?"

"Come on, Christmas is for a bit of fun. Some release of tension. You should try it.

I’m sure Daniel also likes older women, "Claire said all three, laughing, allowed one to reflect incredulous alone in the tea room at the words of older women Kathy."

Shortly thereafter came Daniel in and handed a nonchalant: ".? Hi Kathy How are you" Now not Kathy response was received on his cup makes his coffee he leaned followed, "Kathy, are you okay?"

"Uh … yes … I need just to catch these girls have just said."

"What was that?"

As they make their coffee ready, Kathy replied, "Oh, it seems, they must entice the Christmas all sorts of plans."

Still a little shaken Kathy turned to quickly and found himself almost in Daniel encounter that. A firm hand on his left shoulder Staring deeply into his eyes Daniel replied: "Frankly, if I’m so tempted to I know exactly who I want to be deceived," he smiled, dropped his hand from his shoulder and run over the entire length. his arms, then pulled away to overtake him and move to his cup of tea.

Kathy was speechless and found to move, what an eternity seemed unable. She could not understand why his heart hammering in his chest, why the whole arm, where he had touched, tingling, or why she felt so flushed. She waited to see if he would say something more, but not another word was spoken by one of them.

Finally, Daniel finished his tea, briefly at Kathy still looked shocked, nodded, and left his status there.

appeared when she did her composure, she reproached herself as asking in his office a lot lately, and went to make: "What’s wrong with me"


Kathy had spent the night its deepening concerns analysis in relation to the comments allows Daniel to go with. Daniel had proved to be a good location, had become a real asset to the company, and it was really well-liked … especially they recognized by itself.

While Daniel was a member of his staff he wore an air of authority, believed born of his time in the service, and admired them that. Daniel always seemed very friendly and low his position. She admitted to herself that she was flattered by his comments that could be taken either way, but she was sure that it was a sexual connotation.

What was the feeling made her so … .so … scared?

When she was finished to bed that night, she stood in front of her full-length mirror and wondered if Daniel made his thoughts. Was it when the girls in the office so attractive? Unlike two simple comments, Daniel has never displayed open interest in her as a woman, as her manager. Then it hit her. "His eyes!" Daniel never looked him in the eye, he never appeared as indecent, there was only ever been … what?

Envy? Respect? Worship?

His eyes made him feel even desirable, sexy, wanted.

She remembered that she was happily married and turned to her husband looking on, who was his book reads as part of his nightly routine before bedtime busting.

"Mark, you still think I’m sexy?"

Mark raised an eyebrow and looked at the naked form of his beautiful wife asking, "Where the hell is it going" and hope that it can lead to some unexpected sex "He smiled and said,." While of course I do. You are a beautiful woman. Now get into bed, and I’ll show you how sexy you are. "

Internally relieved Kathy went to her husband and they embraced and kissed. Not passionate youth kisses, but kisses knowing sweet familiarity, security and above all, love. Mark, grateful for this unexpected passion, felt his manhood and said: "Will you be on top?"

"No," replied Kathy now a breathless. "I want you to be on top."

Mark rolled him on his back eager to fondle her breasts and sucked her nipples to wake them and restore their former seem young to the natural strength.

Graduation Present (1975); Kathy # 039

Kathy’s arms hugged his man, the feelings of his spread quickly enjoy excite the chest to the stomach and radiant, in her sex. She started the heat building in her pussy felt and juice begins to flow as her partner, her husband and the attention of lovers began to excite.

She spread her legs warm when she felt Mark how to position them and welcomed the feel of his now hard cock as he slid from her lips to greet his familiar scope. It has not yet been fully lubricated, but it forces its way enjoyed and deeply to settle pounding in her hole quickly in a regular rhythm feel the Mark Hahn. Its adjusted and lubricated quickly pussy, so that soon they enjoyed the feeling is filled, fucked.

Mark kept reluctant to Kathy’s breasts feasting and adjusted his position, his arms on either side of his beautiful wife to take his favorite missionary position. He loved his wife, when he hammered it off and wondered how she was under him, often with eyes closed, as she was tonight, what thoughts ran through my head. She was always in control, so organized that he really enjoyed it, as he from his "losing control" during sex.

He drank in the vision of his beautiful wife, his thick red hair spread out like a crown on the pillow and increased the pace of his pounding her pussy.

Kathy allowed the pleasant feeling of the cock of Mark to grow in his favorite private fantasy. A fantasy world in which her lover has to kiss permission never asked where her lover was a voracious animal or sometimes animals, and above all, it has never come to a decision. It was, as they appeared in his latest fantasy image Daniel’s eyes plunged into his head and in a mixture of horror and sexual fantasy she cried: "Oh my God!" Then, as if the signal Kathy felt the swelling Mark cock in her and knew that his joy was about to end prematurely.

Eyes still closed, as she begins the sperm cord to coat her lap she felt was itself driven by an increase in debt to the image in his mind, while Mark still grunted and his sperm on the floor pump it. She came, emitted a barely audible "Oh, yesss."

As her passion subsided quickly, Mark rolled onto his back, a satisfied smile on his face when Kathy was clean to. In the bathroom, she was critical air, "think relaxed calm orgasm, exactly what I needed. Of course, sex routine was, but be expected after 16 years and more?" About themselves

She tried the image of Daniel’s eyes put out of her head looked when she returned to the marital bed. "There is not even my type. Why him? Why does he not be surprised, Mrs.

Thomson like everyone else? "All these thoughts and swam in her head as she tries to go to sleep, but, oh the dreams that came to her that night. Lurid, erotic, adulterous dreams.


A tired but determined Kathy came the next morning in the office in his power suit ‘favorite, navy blue, single-breasted, one button jacket deep V suit with pencil skirt. She stalked, head to his office carefully check that its employees who were clearly the saw and realized that today was a day that Kathleen Thomson was easy.

Today was also the day when she was to take six months review Daniel.

Shortly after 10 o’clock, they called Daniel to his office. They decided to use a friendly approach instead of confrontation by his office method, sitting next to him, to his left, on the couch in his office. They deliberately and slowly crossed legs, just above the left than to know him, ride, more revealing of her slender legs were rotated the hem of her skirt. It checks the wanted to know whether he would still maintain eye contact.

He did.

I do not know whether to be happy that he has exceeded his expectations, she began, "Daniel, it was six months since you were hired, and we need your final evaluation carried out that will determine your level bonus." Then the shortest break, and the initiative was lost … ..forever.

"Forgive me, Kathy. You have a piece of paper at the bottom of the shoe."

Before she could utter an intelligible answer, Daniel leaned forward, put his left hand under the heel of the right foot, his thin ankle dash as he gently lifted her leg and pulled him to remove a piece of paper, had the sole of his right shoe attached. How cleverly he then led his leg to its original position, sat back on the couch and watched Kathy again, as if what had happened was completely normal.

"D..d..d..Daniel! You can not!" Stammered Kathy.

"What to do? Help a friend? Oh, and by the way, you look fabulous today. Big meeting?"

"I’m doing? No … No … No! Stop it!

I’m your guide. "Kathy stood up and backed away from the couch.

"I do not understand Kathy, is something wrong?" Replied Daniel, as he stood by the couch to Kathy went and put a tentative hand behind his left elbow. She did not draw near his touch, rather than him. With a puzzled look in his eyes Feeling a crucial moment, Daniel entered his personal space to be able to sit close enough to brush his left earlobe with his lips.

He whispered. "It’s okay Relax, it will be fine .."

"But I’m your manager," everything could say Kathy. She put both hands on his chest and looked miserably at his face. She was aware that her body betrayed him, his heart was trying to blow up in his chest, the roar of his own blood racing through his ears seemed all sounds except those shallow breaths to cover his escape hoarse dry lips. His stomach seemed to tie the knot, sending chills down and the sex. "Oh my God!" She thought that she, "I am always on?"

His presence, to re-current protection, encased. She felt an arm, then the other circling her slender waist, felt the train to his groin and felt his manhood always opposed. She found her head slightly inclined to the right, his lips slightly away while she looked in his eyes.

You could feel the warmth of his lips on her lips feel almost touched. Then she simply said, "No, not here please.."

Slowly Daniel Kathy said entangled him and took a step back and smiled. Quiet and blatant pragmatism, he said: "We need this meeting to result in a private location Let me take care of it..

Oh, and Kathy, you have great legs. You should really show all the time. "With that he turned and walked out of his office, closing the door behind him.

Kathy almost fainted.


Daniel had sailed for his term of office by the first three months on probation and now looked forward to the evaluation of six months, the company had to determine their bonus rate for the new year of the reference point would come agreed. He smiled inwardly at the prospect away with Kathy lunch from the office to have this meeting and at the same time at a restaurant of their choice. The day of the meeting, which was only two days after their heated embrace in his office, and to ensure that it does not move tried Daniel stayed away from the office to leave only a message that he would meet Kathy as expected.

So it was that Kathy Sutton Park Hotel restaurant was more than a little nervous and tried the restaurant, the festive decorations typical for the time of year, recalling. Daniel looked nowhere, and did not want to sit alone at a table, they had a glass of Pinot Grigio and waited at the bar. She found herself behind the bar shelves in the mirror a critical look at his reflection toss. Looking back later, she wondered why she, wrap around dress tied with a belt tied in his black silk, cashmere favorite was dressed in his left hip.

Although the dress ended just above her knees, was the way he wrapped on the front a daring slit, had the delicious view of her thighs as she crossed her shapely legs. They ended their set with a pair of black patent leather high heels 4 inches, and increased the involvement of her favorite emerald and diamond jewelry bear to really fill his eyes.

She began to worry that she might have done to her outfit, and wonder if it would have been wiser to sit at a table, instead of waiting on a bar stool for Daniel. Not wanting to be hidden behind the large decorated Christmas tree near the entrance, they had chosen the next bar stool from the entrance to the door to get a clear view of it soon to see arrival. It was only when he arrived that she realized how inappropriate should things appear.

As Daniel walked into the restaurant at the time, he was immediately drawn to the pair of long and thin, hanging the coated nylon legs from the bar stool in front of him. The dress was mounted above the mid-thigh, indicating that she wore tights and seemed to accentuate every curve of her perfect legs, trained her shapely thighs calf farms. Already excited to such a spectacle, it took less than a second to recognize the loose, long red hair, for him he was her boss to recognize Kathy.

When Kathy was spun on his stool surprised by the look of thinly veiled desire to Daniel’s face when he approached. It was not until she saw and realized that her dress was assembled and fully with the distributed slot before, down they now him full on view of her crotch give snapped his knees together and around the chair, his face now almost as red as her beautiful hair jumped. She reached for a warm handshake and said: ". Oh, Daniel … … .. Hello, I’m worried that you might be too late"

"I would never disappoint you dream, Kathy" came wolfish Reply Daniel. "Another drink? I know that I need."

"No … uh … I’m fine, but go ahead."

The lunch went well and Daniel was more than satisfied with the vote he received and the conditions of its bonus structure. Kathy was able to relax in the most familiar pragmatic tone of the conversation and encouraged by the manner in which the meeting took place was gone. it seemed quite natural, since they sipped their post meal coffee, to address to them the subject of her last meeting with her at the office.

Kathy Daniel listened patiently as she tried to rationalize what had happened, and he did not, for a second before he take his eyes from the red-haired beauty. Once they had finished, he saw how she was flushed, and simply report the bill he emptied his cup of coffee, without saying a word.

Kathy has settled the bill on the company credit card. Daniel then got up from the table and moved on Kathy, she reached out and simply said, ". Come"

Inexplicably, Kathy found herself to give her hand to Daniel, rises from the table and in the hand by hand to let the restaurant gently leads. As a couple in love, they walk through the hotel lobby, bent only stairs to the door of the room 110. None of them said a word.

Only when the door finally opened Daniel Kathy by pulling up the handle on Daniel responded they had while searching frantically and in the hallway of the hotel.

Daniel turned directly to Kathy to see his eyes and pulled her to him. She felt drawn between them in the half-step and put his right hand on his chest in a scarcely credible effort to keep the distance between them. She could feel her heart beating again, his breath short, but the worst part was, she felt her sex tingling and begin to moisturize where all this leads. She sounded a word lamenting his intention lost in the moment, "Please."

It seemed Daniel that he had been in this situation before a million times, but this time was special. Kathy was not only clearly the sexy female boss he had ever met, but they also lost in his own fight what they considered their own sexuality fading. He heard his unique way written and decided to ask him to stop, but to continue, which he did.

He kissed her neck, then separated his left earlobe before brushing against his lips. He heard her gasp, felt his right hand chest up and back and knew she was his.

Your passion for each other has grown rapidly and they stumbled over the threshold of the hotel room and only remembered to slam the door, and even kiss away the coin fell on the bed Kathy was the lustful attention from the hands of Daniel incredibly excited. It was so long that someone would have wanted that bad and she reveled in the glory of it.

Only when she felt Daniel’s hand vigorously material their tights wall made to his step her pause.

"Daniel, no, please. I’m married," she gasped as she lay on the bed, his clothes around her waist and legs spread as she watched Daniel make his pants undone and his thin throbbing manhood revealed. they, arms at his side only because, as they saw what they thought the biggest cock she had not seen in more than 16 years.

His visible heaving chest as Daniel, an image of pleasure, took his dick in his right hand and slowly pulled back seemingly swell the head of his cock and a drop of pre-cum can slowly emerge from the eye of the animal on its shaft , Kathy gasped: "Oh my God" as her pussy to feel the situation.

In truth the tail Daniel was pretty average, but it was definitely very excited and very difficult under the circumstances. He leaned forward and pulled her panties Kathy rather staid side to reveal a rather bushy cunt, but undeniably dampen whose lips were swollen significantly with voltage. look straight in the eye when he was labia at the head of his cock until the heat is raging, he said: "You’re a very bad girl, Kathy, but the Christmas you place and sent me to enter your early Christmas present. "

Kathy’s background, circumstances and his previously unquestioned loyalty to his marriage were too much to handle for them, because they gently felt the bite of Daniel, but firmly start to separate from her labia. The heat of his passion ignites his entire lower body and she felt her hips rise this foreign invader of her sex to meet, pushing his way, feeling as good as he began his route. Daniel was barely half came in his first race as Kathy to a crashing orgasm that the shaft of all his repressed fantasies had to ride to feel guilt for his infidelity and his need, that they are still desirable.

She pressed her hips in the air, even impaled as Daniel in descended and called to his Creator and have the best orgasm. A long time, which could recall

His passion seemed to last forever, and it was all Daniel could do to hold it in place as she rode its wave of joy, pushing and grunting with bestial passion. When her orgasm subsided Daniel watching incredulously only down could conquer red line, swaying on his chest looking his efforts and see the beads of sweat on his forehead and on his upper lip appear.

"Oh my God," gasped Kathy: "I’m sorry, I do not know what came over me."

"Do not worry, it shows how a woman you are," Daniel answered, he pulled his cock still hard for her dripping wet pussy. "I have not been with you anyway done," he said.

Daniel returned Kathy more on its front side and pulled the bed while it was face down on the mattress while his legs reached the ground. be, this angle admiringly, it is positioned between his spread legs and drove his cock deep, back to their needy pussy and walked slowly, deep, kiss, almost all fours while grunts choked to be to enjoy fun taken so rudely from behind. With each hand he grasped and a cheek of her ass kneaded to push the shredded pantyhose aside, eyeing her virginal, wrinkled bottoms ring. Just the thought that he would kiss her ass soon get and drove his pace him as could be run so deep, she, feeling the solid bump Kathy collar at the end of his tail when he met it.

His unbridled passion and orgasm coming soon had uttering insults him and Kathy called her "bitch" and "whore".

Shortly after her first orgasm, Kathy felt a wave of guilt about his swamp, but she finds her blind desire revived when Daniel unceremoniously his back and stretched her pussy with this gorgeous cock again. She felt angry, spoiled, wanting too dirty to be used in a way, but it felt so good that even when Daniel began her name to name them not that familiar tingling was back and soon they sunbathe from another orgasm in the glow. In its almost dreamlike state, she began her new lover to scream: "Oh yes, Daniel, fuck me.

Please do not stop. Oh God yes, fuck me. "

Both were now synchronized. Daniel vigorously beating his boss when she pushed back an employee in his star. This time there was unanimous in their actions. He felt the grip tighten her pussy on his shaft as she felt her sex in it, and then, unexpectedly, Kathy felt the unfamiliar pressure of something against his sphincter press.

She felt the slow, firm pressure from the saliva coated thumb Daniel his way into his virgin ass to force and she tried to scream and asked him to stop – but they did not.

The regular rhythm of Daniel pump shaft in her pussy was something she never wanted to end. His impending fouling her ass fed being taken his fancy, and be used only for pleasure. She could his voice called out to Daniel, hearing the pleading, "Do not stop, please do not stop," but she could not remember the words to say it.

Kathy dilemma

What little pain, she felt the invasion of his ass in a mounting wave of pleasure was lost that Daniel worked with his thumb and tap in a synchronized alternating invasion of its holes. Kathy felt spoiled, dirty and alive than ever they could not remember the feeling.

His grunts of joy was more guttural than she felt the pace of increase in hell with Daniel slammed her deep shaft and fast in her pussy. She reached a hand for reasons unknown to him back, citing Daniel for the hardest fuck and then they met in the orgasmic bliss with Kathy grab the pillow and almost tear firmly as Daniel, hips gripped Kathy pulled her deeper into his tree as his sperm began shooting and coat her lap, to paint his belly with his thick creamy sperm. Grunting loudly expressing her satisfaction, she broke at the end of the bed, gasping for breath.

Still panting, kneeling on the end of the bed, Daniel leaned forward and put an arm around Kathy and looking at his green eyes saturated, said, "Merry Christmas Kathy, I hope, vote in the next year will be as good."

She raised her eyebrows and said, ". Only if you’re a good boy"

"Well, at least I know what you’re getting for Christmas. Down. I hate tights," he said with malice.

Daniel then left, leaving Kathy to cope alone and to think where another pair of tights to buy before returning to the office.

Kathy stood up, looked in the mirror stunned and decided that, even though they had the best Christmas present she could just have ever existed, it was to do a mirror image.

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A woman stands in front of her sexuality and aging has one last fling

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