Kim Kardashian Is Having Her Daughter Take Her Nudie Pics! And…

Mature Amateur

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  1. Hi Perez! hope you feeling better. You know im not mad also about the photo of Kim taken by North, what bothers me is that Kim exposes her child like that. You know how judgemental is this world, and the kid already has to deal with a lot just being called NORTH and being the daughter of kimye, said that I think Kim should just think a little and be more cautious, there is a lot of hate out there.

  2. If this was a normal person, cps would be on their way. And honestly, this probably won’t be the first time it happens (at least that we know of). Creeps lurk on her Instagram and now her kid is involved

  3. Do you think Kim k is desperate (hence, nudy photos overload) due to her sisters stealing her spotlight, under her controlling husband’s thumb and she’s getting older? It might be tough to be Kim these days.

  4. RN here…Report: the flu shot was/is only 10% effective this year :-(. Always get your flu shots! However, the flu shot is always gamble as it’s effectiveness ranges from excellent to poor year to year.

  5. I'm confused, I thought Perez said that CBB-UK was one of the worst experiences he's had but now he's upset he wasn't invited to be in CBB-USA. Is the USA different from the UK in the way they handle the talent or how they format the show? Given how vocal Perez was about the awfulness that was CBB-UK for him, I'm surprised he'd want to do it again 😮

  6. Kim isn't right! She has a kids clothing line, and posts naked selfies when almost all of her followers are teenagers! I keep saying this, but she needs help! She isn't fit to be a mom or business woman, and it's very obvious!!

  7. Thank God you are not on celebrity big brother this year, what would you do, leave Mayte for up to 3 months? You couldn't do that and you couldn't bring her with you. Such important bonding happens the first year and you wouldn't risk losing that… Great vid as usual, so nice to see you! ☺️👏🙌👍😘

  8. Let's get real here. HER Mom made a whole Empire for her family from a sex tape. If you know better you do better. I honestly think these people can rationalize ALL kinds of evil. Khloe is the only one that it doesn't bode well with… but she still cashes the checks.

  9. Happy for Kylie she is beautiful and a great mom. Twenty with that kind of money and family is perfect for having kids!! She’s set. Kim is BRILLLLIANT. She knew it would be getting that kind of attention and that’s exaclty what she wants. She is one of THE most graceful and cunning and intelligent women, people, men, out there right now ON EARTH.

  10. Hi Perez. Hope you feel better soon!!! I have an idea for a video. Would you ever consider talking about your business, i.e. how you run your website, how many people you have working for you…things like that. I'm curious because in this video, you said that you were in bed all day with the flu, sleeping, yet you continued to post all day long. Similarly, you often spend the day doing fun things with your kids, but you continue to post. I just thought it would be interesting to hear how it all works..

  11. I never knew who Logan Paul was until he ate under fire and came up on the news, I think he's weird and a dumb frat type boy. Not sure why he has so many young followers, he's creepy and weird and not at all funny.

  12. Can Nicole Eggert actually file anything against Scott Baio? I thought there was only a 7 year statute of limitations where you can file charges against someone for sexual assault. Am I wrong?

  13. Your Welcome Hun! I've been telling all my friends & family to make sure they watch your videos!! I didn't even know you did these till I came across a video accidentally a month ago!! I Love your positivity, I can be feeling down, & then I watch your video on celeb news & jus your outlook brightens my mood & changes my outlook on my day! So THANK YOU! ❤

  14. I didn’t see or become aware of any video or comment where he talked about consuming Tide Pods. Can you link it somewhere? I knew of all the other things he did, including tazing dead rats and his video talking about his sick fish, but I never heard anything about him promoting Tide Pods.

  15. Nudity and self confidence are nothing to be shamed. I think it is a beautiful thing to teach your daughter, not to be ashamed of your body. Now if North had taken a picture of Kanye in the buff, it would be a totally different beast.

  16. This flu going around is awful. I got hit with it 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t eat for the first 3 days because anything I consumed came right back up. I had a fever of 102.9 for several days as well and was not able to get it down with meds. This is the first year that I didn’t get the flu shot, but I cannot blame getting sick on that because even with the flu shot, this year, you are only 35% covered from getting it. So many people around me have gotten this years flu too. I can’t even say the name of one friend or family member who didn’t get it. I hope they find the correct formula to knock this strain out because it is the same strain as in 2014 and they still haven’t managed to work out a flu shot to combat it.

  17. I also have zero issue with the Kim Kardashian pics. This is clearly normal in her household, and I’m not bothered by nudity.

    As for the Logan Paul thing, I’m not surprised that he’s already upsetting people again. I’ve never actually watched any of his videos, only videos of people commenting on his stupid actions. I am glad YouTube took swifter action this time, but I do wonder how his actions will impact other youtubers, particularly smaller channels.

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