Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Keeping Separate Homes! Quincy Jones Goes HAM! And…

Mature Amateur

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  1. The whole tape was stated it u look at the shots of her they try to elude ur sight from her size and stomach. 2 of her friends were never on her Instagram which brings that they were acting. Her close up of her face when she has a plate was kinda fake fat face when they are in the kitchen her stomach is hiding by the counter. Any person that works in film can see the flaws and the lies

  2. +Perez Hilton—. This is y ppl have called Beyoncé (today’s Michael Jackson) she has done the same thing with her music… She got that from Michael & Janet ….these were the two celebrities that she looked up 2 today… Mike was verbal on where he should stand when he was performing and how the light 💡 should gleam on his silhouette…. on his Thriller album they wanted Michael (Quincy Jones) to look sexy and have his shirt unbuttoned showing some of his chest and he refused and that was a big deal…he wanted the animal … Quincy was trying 2 hold back The King of Pop cuz he wanted the money but he wasn’t the artist who was singing-n-touring but failed 2 tell that

  3. +Perez Hilton— Kylie and Travis might have found what works best 4 them and they can spend the night at each other’s house… they r young and don’t want 2 smother each other….. Travis has 2 work and Kylie got her money….. My grandmother was a 100 yrs.old and had all her sense… Quincy is 84… he knows what he is saying…he is showing his real side which is called: Sheisty… Quince is mad cuz Mike stopped working with him and wanted 2 continue 2 take all of Michael’s money… Michael had 2 plea with Quincy on how 2 show him how 2 produce records and he admitted that Mike is very hands on and knows what he wants in his music down 2 the detail on how it should sound….

  4. LOVE tuning into these videos, it’s like a morning hangout with my boo Perez. I would love a morning coffee hang to spill all the juice then take all our kids out exploring! Manifest your dreams Perez and continue to SHINE✨✨✨✨

  5. Depression and anxiety come with lupus, It's horrible. I'm 33 currently having a flare up. So I'm down 30 pounds in Just 8 weeks and lost a ton of hair. All I hair from people is " omg you look great, oh the thing is not sp bad"😒 and all I want to say is "Fuck you Susan!!" I feel like ran into a wall going 80mph, no biggie

  6. People with anxiety and depression aren’t depressed because they don’t have stuff. They are depressed because their brains can’t ever get in a state where things aren’t chaotic or sad. People with millions of dollars and people with no money can be depressed. It isn’t a disorder that only targets people with “real” issues.

  7. My daughter is in the same boat with Kyle, My daughter is keeping her Baby Daddy at a close arm away until she see's where these guy's responsibilities lye. I think Kyle is a smart Young Lady. Much love Perez. ❤❤❤💋💋💋

  8. Well, aunque también pienso de forma quizás conservadora hay un tema , quizás se está cuidando de no pasar a un estatus más serio con Travis (dado su comportamiento 🤔 , creo que ambos tenían una relación casual e informal y de esto salió esta bebe (
    que ella decidió tener aún sin estar en serio con el, )qué pasa , ambos no tenían la intención de formalizar entonces: puede un bebé automáticamente llevarte a convivir con tu pareja 🤔 una pareja que apenas conoces,una pareja que quizás está ahí más por el compromiso de ser padres y más como se vive allá en ocasiones más liberales, mas aún en el ambiente tóxico que predomina en Hollywood, mejor que ni se mude con el , que críen su bebé con amor y armonía y si llegan a eso de
    Mudarse ok , pero como dicen en mi país : Ese no es el hombre de ella.

  9. it seems like Travis Scott is a total loser knocked up a young girl and I highly doubt this dude is faithful to her AT all and i also doubt this dude will even see the kid often.

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