Kylie Minogue’s “Dancing” – REACTING Live!

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  1. Your right SHE makes it special. I had the rare priverlage of crossing paths with her on the dance floor once. it was at mardi gras in Sydney in 1996. She had already performed on stage at midnight and such was the spirit of the event she came down to have a quick dance. But she was in a bit of a disguise had a long blonde wig on. At first i was not sure, she was dancing right there in front of me. I thought it was her but was sort thinking no way. Then i realized it was her and just started dancing up a storm. the second she realized i recognized her she was gone. Absolutely fleeting but an absolutely memorable moment. A complete star you just can't help but notice her. She is magnetic.

  2. It sounds very Dolly Partonish in a good way. Trixie Mattel has a song on his album that I sang kylie's song to almost perfectly. I predict it will take number one spot from "wind beneath my wings" at gay funerals.

  3. Kylie is a legend. In Europe she is especially huge. She is not that underrated here. I love her music and yes she always delivers in terms of quality in her music. She has not released a bad album yet, so i have high hopes for the new album from her. 🙂

  4. You and I have disagreed on some topics in the past…..(of course, I am not a celeb by any means….so my point is usually moot at the onset.) I AM, however, the hugest forever Kylie fan EVER! So we connect at this juncture. And what a nice place to convene! This song makes me dance, cry my heart out at the realization that our lives are more finite than just a night dancing under the disco ball……and above all…..I am so glad to have literally grown up with this woman since 1987……..I truly think she has made me a better man. I apologize for my past bitch-mode…….it came from a place of finding truth…..finding justice…….now, after a year of this new world….politically and otherwise, I'm just happy to find a place of friggin peace! Thank you /Kylie!

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