Laser Flip Triple Set BATTLE – Christian Flores

Mature Amateur

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  1. What an inspiring story of consistency and devotion! Every time I think Im wasting my time I come here to release a huge sigh of relief thinking "not like this guy tho"

  2. omg this is sad. People during those years opens shops, create new great startups, make lots of money, make familes, Learn few languges. And he wasted this time to learn how to jump on a skateboard. And only one trick! XD He have nothing from it only satisfaction.

  3. Dude, this is real shit man, only a true skater knows this feeling, congratz on having that laser, and whaaat you got for us new dude?? 2 years laterr

  4. Good job man ik im a little late cause im watching this shit in 2018 😂😂 but good job to you man, you had a dream and went after it to accomplish it, im only 15 and you have become an inspiration to me as a beginner skateboarder to persevere and never give up even the part where you broke your board i qould have gave up but you didnt so thank you for your perseverence and for giving me the confidence to perservere as a skateboarder

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