Learning, On A Lazy Sunday

My eyes on the clock 9:02 stared me back. I love to sleep in on a Saturday. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and put my arms above my head to lift and turned my back then relaxed. I reached the right, exhale, left, exhale; Then relaxed my arms down and stood up.

Such stress-free start to the day.

"What to do now … no projects to make no errands, no meetings, no nothing just a day I can not wait to relax by the pool and enjoy the sun Some dangerous," I thought when I saw the stairs in.. kitchen went down.

"Could my greatest choice today be to have what kind of tea:" I laughed. "Now let’s see what there is for lazy Saturdays … Earl Grey, Oolong, green, full Irish breakfasts. Ahh yes, Irish breakfast with a good bit of honey and a dash of milk … perfect. "

I prepared the kettle began and my cup, heated the boiler, as I focuses on the sun tea jar, I-would have tea all day. I fixed my tea, let it steep as I planned some toast Festivals and my lazy day.

‘Get the pool all day the sun, read, relax, enjoy. Do not think in the work. Why is it so much easier to plan relaxing day, "I smiled as I sipped my tea and ate my toast.

Finishing my breakfast, I went upstairs to take a shower and get ready for a day doing nothing. I took my following out a pair of bottoms tied at the side and a top, the entre tied and cut off behind my neck my breasts. Since I retired, I saw myself in the mirror, with a little over 5 feet, 125 pounds and HAVING hair to my lower back, I looked younger. "You know, for the late 30s are still pretty hot.

The breasts are a little slack, target the stomach as hard as ever and I’m still knock out "I giggled and made my way to the bathroom.

I Love My Bathroom icts with walk-in shower and jetted tub width and plenty of space. I wanted a quick shower. I stepped into the shower, shaved Where I needed if you are to wear a bikini and washed with my vanilla body wash. The smell of vanilla filled the room and relaxing all my muscles.

I rinsed, the water turned off and took my towel.

"Why I’m gone could have swimsuit drying," I smiled and laughed, but still dry.

With my one and follows the sun tea cooling in the refrigerator a bottle of water, I grabbed my umbrella and a book, as I made my way to the back patio. The warm sun hit me hard; my eyes closed, his head went back and I sighed. I love the warm days of summer.

I have my things and dove into the pool, the cool water sliding over my body and entering where it wanted a lover as the control over you.

I swam for a while awakening my body and mind. I heard a loud noise from next door, "Great there my quiet day goes." My neighbor is a young, overly active man in his 20s. We have a couple of times-chatting over the fence and I _him_ Leering caught me when I or sun bathe swim.

I find it exhilarating to know that he finds appealing my body.

"Shawn is all right?" I asked as I pulled out of the pool.

"Ugh, I’m ok yes Nina. Sorry if I disturbed you, I did not know that even you stayed out today," Heard he made breathless and nervous.

"Are you sure that was a riot. Sounded like you fell when you need some help I nothing for today have planned," I just asked to Neighborly, hopping that he would not say.

"I’m really okay I’ll try not to be so loud, so you can enjoy the day." He had such sincerity in his voice. He is a very polite young man.

I smiled, "Well, at least try not to hurt yourself, that would be a real crime."

Shawn and I flirted playfully whenever we talked. I like to tease the boy with poor words. I could not help but big on more than 6 feet, muscular younger man be Attracted.

I am a woman.

"I know that you offer would be my private nurse if I so I just might-have to get a few scrapes and bruises for you Nina only", he said he had finally looked over the top of the fence.

"Well, I’m glad you did not that sweet face of hurting you," I winked when I saw his brown hair and green eyes looking up. I can get lost in the eyes.

"Wow Nina That’s a sizzlin below, you tryin ‘to the pool to warm", he asked with a grin and wink.

"Ha ha very funny Mister. Speaking of pool, you would it this weekend make something clean it a bit dirty feeling," this time I grinned again.

"Sure to get, such as in a few hours, I will let you enjoy the morning, and I need that moved."

"Thanks Shawn You’re a sweet man really."

We both smiled when he went back à son project, and I went to do the reading. I rubbed my sunscreen on my legs, on my stomach, on the arms and down my chest. I had learned long ago that if you apply lotion need to be sure the areas to be sure just below the seam, not to burn there, so I let my fingers under my top. I was turned on with Shawn by flirting, so I played a little more than normal.

I felt my slot bets, as I thought about the young man next door, get all sweaty, I shoulds some sun tea offer _him_; No, that’s the future for me.

I read a while target was not so interested in the book; so I lay me back and closed his eyes. I’m not sure how long I slept, I drank from splashed awakened. I ouvert my eyes Shawn in a pair of shorts swimsuit to see my pool clean.

"Sorry, I did not want to wake up. I let myself in, hope you do not mind," he said looking at me and smiled.

"No, no, that’s fine. You know that you are using the pool at any time you like, after-all you are the one that keeps it clean for me," said I made something nervous.

"Thank you Nina, goal I’ll always ask first:" ". I’m almost done, and then you can have your pool-back one hour in about" Shawn blinked,

"Thank you had lunch? I think I could make a couple of sandwiches. I shoulds Somehow you pay for."

"Sure, that would be great, I’ll be done in a few," he smiled as I. To the patio doors Walked

"Come in when finished:" I blinked when I turned around and walked inside.

"Damn, he’s nice and I would love him Of Those shorts out," I thought with a devilish grin. I made sandwiches and Poured for us tea. I had just finished ’em on the table when he came in, he shone with sweat.

"Looks like a refreshing swim in the pool need. How long is sure to make it?"

"Not long, can we eat to wait 15 minutes, you know that you do not swim for 15 minutes after shoulds-eat," We laughed.

We ate, and flirted for about an hour before me we suggéré relax in the Jacuzzi Talked. He agreed. We took our glasses refilled outside and stood in the warm water in.

We Laughed This is the water felt just so calming such warm day.

Shawn put his head under water, some of the sweat and grim to get away, end I quickly found he had to go elsewhere for the reasons underwater. He cam right entre my legs with his hands on my thighs. He smiled as he me the right on the side and kissed me.

I was shocked; He had tried before never to touch me. It took a minute to realize that he kissed me and wanted me to kiss her again. I ouvert to _him_ my mouth and he groaned as his tongue touched mine. His mouth was so warm and inviting, it tasted sugar, sunlight and desire. Moved my hand and cheek à son on the back de son head on the way to collect his wet hair.

I held his face close to mine.

His fingertips moved my legs to the parties for my floors, I was this going to let go so far … yes, yes I was. Feel me pushing my hips closer he pulled the dangling bonds. I lifted my ass and he pulled ’em out and threw’ em on the porch. His fingers danced and played with my slot when I tried _him_ pushing inward.

Would he withdraw, as I Pushed contre _him_. "Stop teasing me, stop teasing me … ‘ran over and over again in my head.

When he teased me and-performance found his hand the lock for my top and let my breasts. He took one in his hand and pinched my nipples me in the mouth moaning makes. I heard and felt _him_ growl on my lips increase my desire.

He pushed me back hard against the side, as I grabbed his crotch and felt _him_ long and hard.

He growled again, as I Tightened my grip and pulled his trunks to free his cock. I could tell that he was very long and extremely prepared. I pulled on his hip in me feel _him_ want.

He held the ground makes me lament my displeasure.

He broke our lips lock and kissing my neck and chest as he me under his feet and sat down on the edge. His face was level with my pussy when he saw me. I nodded, my legs open further slide Top dissemination and my hip _him_ towards.

It was-so long since I had a good tongue lashing. He took the "invitation" and licked me from the bottom up. I lowered my hips and let me be in his mercy.

He sucked my clit and rolled over his tongue like a fine chocolate, enjoy the taste and feel to your palate. He was a master; licking my lips, my mouth with just the tip de son teasing tongue, my swollen clit sucking and biting everywhere. I tried to push against _him_ and move _him_ he wanted to lead still held me.

I was forced mad about the loss of control over me is and all I could do was grab handfuls of his hair and hold her close to me _him_.

I travel closer His thirst quenching as his tongue examined my heart. "Oh God, he’s good, let it never _him_ stop," went through my head. I moaned and danced, grinding my lips around his tongue, as he put his fingers inside. He was my pushing closer to the edge.

I held back like this last forever.

"Oh God Shawn please do not stop, God, please, please …" I asked breathlessly.

All I heard was in response _him_ moan Fast The feeling plunges me into the abyss. As he drew closer, my lips Closer à son my hips I was in heaven.

He held his masterful tongue and pushed away from me, as I wanted to come. I groaned, moaned and grimaced when he saw me.

"Why, oh God, why I was right there, please, God, please let me finish." I asked.

Shawn shook his head and straightened. I watched as his body emerge from the water, what a beautiful place; the water cascading His body and ran from every inch. It was almost enough of a web page to get ready.

I was with his tail now eye level.

"Your turn Nina, I love you so long wanted and now that I you I want take it. I want those soft lips to _him_ and hot mouth to fill," he saw a fire in his eyes me down I had never seen before, I wanted that fire.

". Shawn, I do not do oral’m sorry," I lowered my eyes and continued. "I’ve had bad experiences several and it’s just something I do I’m sorry."

He hooked his fingers under my chin and lifted to be my eyes, "Try me, I be gentle and you can stop at any time."

He had such a loving look in his eyes, had the fire died. I was sad to see the fire, go, happy that goal he looked with so much love for me. Some that I melted as I fell deeper in the eye.

I sighed as I my wish, thought to please _him_; He made me want to make _him_ happy. "What the hell’s wrong with me, I never wanted a man like that." I just wanted to that fire in his eyes.

Shawn grabbed my hips and threw me over his shoulder and beat my bare ass, I gasped in shock. He stepped out of the tub and went to the pool.

"What the hell are you doing to me, put:" That was the wrong thing to say, as he threw me in the pool. I landed hard on his back, gasping for air surfaced quickly.

Shawn dove in and Cam under me slides his skin along mine. He was stone still hard when he contre brushed me. "Damn, I want that deep inside me rap", I thought.

"Sorry, you frustrates me. Do you know how long I wanted to rip your clothes off and you fuck? You have teased me so much in the last few months. I see you change in your bedroom and naked walking around, I know your routine and map my day around it, you-have-to-know that I look and egg me just go on and on. I took the luck today you want to kick me again.

You’re a damn tease cock and I feel that you need be taught a lesson. I’ll fuck you "as he forced me Shawn said to the side, I was urging me to look surprised and stalking me. I was scared, but turned so fucking by _him_.

I wanted _him_, _him_ soothe goal that I needed.

"Shawn, I had no idea that they are watching me, I would never tease you so Why do not we sit and talk for a while." I saw a son’s eyes and saw that I just wanted _him_ angry, so heard I on.

"No, no more teasing, no more," the fire was back.

I have in _him_. I wrapped my legs around his waist and grabbed him by the neck. I kissed his neck, his ear and nibbled on his lobes.

He sighed.

"Take me Shawn, punish me tease, impale me with this hard cock, teasing punish this cock," I moaned and breathed a son lips.

Shawn smiled as he, as he closed the distance between our lips; He grabbed my hips and pulled me to him. I could rap _him_ contre feel my stomach when he to the flat end Ging. He knelt down and put me on my ass in the water when he let the water drip Stood and run down his naked body.

What _him_ a sight glitter in the sun to see.

"Now where were we before, ahh, that’s right. On your knees, so that I can punish you," he said as he looked with an evil smile on me down.

I have on my knees and Awaited His punishment. I did not expect _him_ the back of my head to grab and push my lips entre His cock. My eyes flew open as he filled my mouth and my throat moving, I was in shock Pushed, so I did not get a chance to clench my jaw.

He was pushed to the back of my throat before I knew it; I had heard and read enough to know if he bit further relax Pushed. He did it and I tried to relax, goal I was always nervous. I really did not give, orally and the shock wears off and to smash my War Began alarms in my head.

I pulled away and dropped my teeth as a warning.

"Oh no, you do not, this is my time, my way. You can fight me if you want to me just fuck you harder and longer."

I groaned thinking about _him_ Taking me so rough and tough. My pussy just flooded the thoughts of _him_ fucks me hard and long. I closed my eyes and groaned.

I asked my eyes trying to try my desire to show _him_.

Shawn still looked down into my mouth at me with his hand on the back of his head and his tail. I could see that he wanted to stay where he was, and I found myself like _him_. I relaxed my jaw and rolled _him_ to my mouth with my tongue.

I heard a small groan when I _him_ Pushed farther tickle in his head, the back of my throat. I groaned to let the vibrations as I _him_ _him_ pushed down throat caress. Shawn looked down, his eyes rolled back and his head fell back as he moaned.

I surprised myself that I so far in the neck admitted _him_ without complaint and that I enjoyed every feeling.

I began _him_ in the idea of ​​pleasure to get with my mouth. I licked, sucked and rolled around _him_ when I pressed his balls playfully cupped em. Shawn rail to be in another world, as I did, what I had seen in movies or read in stories.

He has control of my head with a handful of my hair and pulled me pushing me as he wanted. I have to fill the feeling that _him_ my throat and the throbbing contre my tongue and cheeks. "I need to learn more and try this more often."

When his pace accelerated I realized that he was close, he looked at me and I nodded my head. I do _him_ permission which only a human being had ever done, he would give me the throat cum down. I tensed, Target was ready for this young man to try that had dreamed of me for so long.

He pulled me to him and buried himself in the neck when I played my tongue over his hard shaft. I felt tense _him_, his hips flex and him throb as he released the first sprint. I tasted anything, since he was in my throat, goal he pulled my hair and my head back some for his second sprint and I tasted _him_. I tasted salt and it was like pudding, Swallowed I do what I could.

Some expire DID and travel across my chin, Shawn smiled and used his fingers to catch it and rub it on my lips.

When he pulled out of his mouth I was a little sad, I had not only enjoyed the feeling; the taste of _him_ goal. I definitely wanted that to try again. "Maybe Shawn come and later teach me more," I thought with a small smile when I looked into his eyes.

"Well, I did not expect a smile. What was that for, I thought you do not like oral, purpose, you are damn good, damn good at it," he said with a smile and shake of the head.

"You’ve converted me," I winked.

He lifted me, took me to my chair and sat down on his lap facing _him_. I wanted to be _him_ hard; I think I will-have to do some work to get back in shape _him_. That Brought a huge smile on my face, and he smiled back.

We sat, sipped tea and chat. I was Shawn The so mature for his age was impressed. He agreed with my permission watching me in my bedroom and continue to come and "teach me" a few things. I talked about the desire to have a personal trainer and a de son’s friends in the program at his school had to rent. Shawn was nice enough to me to get his number, that was a load off my head.

As we Talked we flirted more than normal and he was soon ready for the second round, later that just need to want to come.

Nina learns a new trick by the pool with her young neighbors.

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