Lenny Kravitz – The Chamber (Explicit)

Mature Amateur

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  1. I expect the lady in this video made more money than the entire enterprise put together.
    She is looker I must admit.

    Kravitz gets his own way by introducing anal sex. A party he has frequented more than once. One in the chamber indeed.

  2. Kakvi trbusnjaci… i taj glas i harizma… E zato mu sve dobro stoji:i mindjuse i prsten i sljokicava majica i zlatna senka za oci (u filmu "Igre gladi") i tetovaze… Sto kaze nas narod:"ne bih mu oprostila" 😍

  3. haha he just works out all of the time, and then after he gets sick of the gym he makes some catchy pop songs with like some barre chords and sings about what a stud he is. I have soul, I'm black, yeaaah, I am so laid back. Look at my afro, I'm bringin' the 70s back.

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