Listening to amateur radio satellite SO-50

Mature Amateur

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  1. Nice job Christian. It's always a great feeling to see something work nicely after making it, especially when it comes to things like satellites. To enjoy the satellites, remember that the doppler effect is at play here as it is of course a moving object. As it comes towards you, the downlink frequency will appear 5 kHz or so higher than the stated frequency (so 436.800), directly above it will appear on its stated frequency and as it moves away from you it will appear 5 kHz or so lower so 436.790/785. This takes a little getting used to but will become second nature! The doppler effect becomes even more pronounced the higher the elevation of the pass so the frequency will change quicker. Also note that the satellite is tumbling around in space and the antenna's polarisation will be constantly changing and this is one reason why you hear significant fading on the signal. Because you're working line of sight you need to match the polarisation so as the signal degrades you might find turning the antenna horizontal/vertical will help increase the signal strength form the tiny transmitter! Hearing and working satellites is great fun so keep at it.

    Hope to work you on a pass soon once you get something up for transmitting! MW0URC 🙂

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