Living It With Dylan – Chapter 1


"You guys fucking each other, then?" She asked before Scotty Dylan’d-even by taking the guy bags down in my room. I was in the kitchen stood a drink to make _him_ so I was surprised by the questions that I almost dropped the Scotch bottle.

"Yes, we do," I said, not my roommate old buddy over. "That okay with you?" Dylan HAD Beens only an out gay for a couple of years, and reviews some of his friends to fight with him still.

"I was hopping guys’d you fuck me," he said, and I turned to want _him_ me so sure I Was it I joked did not know what to do if he showed his face was clearly serious. I expected little lecture on his flight to make, probably, or Italy and shit like that, so this was not the kind of conversation for qui I was prepared. Dylan was the hall and Laughed ambling down, so I laughed too, because that’s obviously how we like gonna handle.

"Funny," Dyl _him_ clapped on the back, would not take Scott destination.

"I’m not kidding," he said, so Dylan Would it really be addressed.

"We do not do that," he said. "We keep it between us."

"Is that so?" Smiled Scott. "How mature of you."

"How was your flight?" She asked Dyl, and the conversation swung in familiar waters thereafter.

"I can not take up your bed," Scott said to me that night when I Showed to my room _him_. "That’s not cool." It was much better than sleep with Dyl in _him_, in my opinion, I aspire to shut up about it closed.

"I do not know anything about it," I assured _him_ because I love to share definitely a bed with Dylan. We would Beens live together as a buddy, if we love, and we were still fait que two bedroom apartment. Every We-have our own room, of course, we sleep together target almost every night anyway, so Scotty When shortly appeared, we only gave _him_ my room. I went quite early to Dylan’s bed that night, while Dyl and Scott sat down on drinking and on their under years of memories.

Dyl of in his second year of law school, and Scott have just returned from Rome campus of our school and nowhere Arranged to live while he wrote his master’s thesis. I know he wants us bunk, I do not want purpose _him_ here, and I do not think Dylan Does either. At least I hope not.

I woke up like that night I sometimes, with hands groping my hard cock, aim was a bit strange, this time. Dylan hands were rough on me, not his usual gentle stroking, and when he took me in his mouth, it is not that soft wet was I’d become accustomed to target tonguing dryish hard, and I finally woke up enough of to Realize it wasn ‘t that something was wrong, end, that was all.

"What the hell, Scott?" I muttered, Weil-although the shock this guy had jolted me awake in my bed, my many stocks still sleepy.

"Fuck me," my roommate gasped friend, and I could _him_ in pitch black not see from Dylan’s room, but I could feel _him_ try try to mount me try try to support my softening cock dry in the ass. "Come on, man," he slurred. "Help a brother out."

"Get the fuck off me," I Pushed in _him_ and rolled to the light switch. He was naked on the bed where I had _him_ lifted from me, Reaching depended His erection like his life depended. I could whiskey on his breath, smell even though his head was almost to my feet.

I pulled my boxers back up; Apparently he had ’em pulled down to massage me while I slept. "Where is Dylan?" I asked, looking around. "Seriously, where is Dylan?" Scott was still lying on my bed and was so His dick He had not heard clearly with jerking my question.

"Uh," Scott, we ejaculated Dyl bedding. "Oh … oh," he grunted, quickly pumped his cock and then relax as he slows.

"Are you ready?" I asked sheepishly, succinctly, and he had finally the good grace to look the least.

"Sorry man," he was looking around, probably for his clothes, qui were scattered here and there on the floor and the bed. "I’m sorry."

"Where is Dyl?" I repeated, feeling fed up with this guy.

"He passed out," he muttered and sat on target type wavering. He stood up to leave, as if drunk to roll on the door. I followed _him_ in my room, bringing the trash out of the bathroom in for When the guy puking began and then went to my friend to tend.

"Come on, hon," I whispered _him_, tugging his limp body to wake _him_ to try. He woke woozy to flash me, grinning.

"I love you," he smiled, creeps into my arms so I could get him off the couch.

"You have to piss?" I asked, and he nodded at me, waved his hand gently on my face and looked at me lovingly.

"I’m drunk as shit," he replied, that. As an answer to my question I kneeling at _him_ remove his jeans in the bathroom and before _him_ john Stood _him_ next, so that he would not properly urinate in ’em. "I love you so much," he repeated, grab the head and try my mouth trying to push his cock in.

"Not now," I said gently. "We to do later," I assured _him_, his garbage in the direction of the toilet bowl and Encouraging _him_ goal. "Piss, bro."

He did and I pulled _him_ the rest of the way, holding _him_ His arms like a little child on his undershirt removed and then plump resting on my shoulder, his feet while I pulled peeled off his jeans and his Sperry.

He Was I asleep before even pulled up the blanket.


The next day, Monday and bad Dylan was, had to leave early in the class. Because I sleep later could not be my first class to ten years was old and I did not have-Own Diner, I got with target _him_ above, however, to try to help him. I Brought _him_ coffee while he stood in the bathroom, vacuously yourself in the mirror gazing.

"Are you okay?" I asked _him_ because he looked pretty unhappy and-even worse when he saw smelled. "You throw up?"

"I did not," he sighed. "Goal I think I would have been better off if I had."

"Do you want to shower me with you?" I Bot on. "Hold upright?" And that made _him_ smile.

"You think you can take me for?" He asked, for he is certainly the larger of the two of us, I was reminded _him_ goal Then I had drunk being carried even to bed.

"I’ll be fine," he decided, after taking several attempts sips of coffee. "Thanks for looking after, man."

"That’s what I’m here for," I said, aim I went back to bed to-left he had.

"Rough day?" I asked as he walked in about six that evening. "Scotty is just getting up." The guy’d-for nearly an hour in the shower.

"You’re kidding," he laughed. "I envy this guy. Smells good." He was, I had prepared over dinner in conversation, qui Was Kung Pau chicken.

"Sure does," Scotty Granted Reviews entering the room wearing only a towel.

"On garments attract" ordered Dylan _him_ and Scotty Sah _him_ all innocent.

"I will," he rubbed his crotch, "I mean, unless you guys are in the mood."

"Shut up already" Dylan sighed and took his place at the table and closed his eyes against the strong pepper vapor from the food, which I placed in front _him_. "Eat dinner."

Scotty remained during the meal in the towel, I thought qui qui was strange and annoying found Dylan Obviously destination When the meal he had disappeared attract completed. "Just to avoid in time to help with the dishes," sniped Dylan. "Can you believe this guy?"

"He is your friend," I shrugged, because I was en ce que case not be caught forever. My sister and I were so – I had nothing good to say about their destination, if someone else they stand? Watch out.

"I think," Dylan admis. "It’s just a lot has changed since we were twenty and go all the time." I nodded, I drank a strange pain felt, also, because I was only twenty-one, and I did not want to be looking back like Dylan in two years and distant feeling. "I mean, since I came out, and then he went to Rome and everything," he added, as he knew what I was thinking, maybe, and he wrapped his arm around where I’m standing at the sink and kissed his neck.

"You’re so good to me," he whispered, "and I love you."

"I love you too," I nodded, and he turned to do with me, and I let _him_, in my heart the electrical load feeling that just happened to _him_. He felt randy, securely and pressed hard contre me all de son high-strength body against all of me.

"You love me," he murmured in my neck, hands in my shirt, to move on the back as he pressed his erection contre Mine. "Show me how you love me."

"Scotty is here," I reminded _him_, made The goal _him_ chuckle.

"Scotty can not put in less than 45 minutes," he grinned. "Enough time We-have."

"Seriously?" I asked, because it is not so, Scotty was some sharp draw. He looked exactly every fraternity boy I had ever known, honestly.

"He has OCD with some things," says Dyl, picking me and put me on the counter. He moved his head entre my legs down, then passes over my zipper His face, breathe on me through the fabric of my jeans. "The goal we want to go in my room, anyway," he added, lifting me, then. I wrapped around my legs and he _him_ by me as to his room, where he plopped down on his bed and immediately began to undress me time.

When I was naked, he was still dressed, and he stared at me for a moment when he would be in revenue.

"You’re perfect," he said, and that made me laugh. My body was not too bad, honestly. I was quite tall and slim, and I knew I looked in clothes good, Dylan’s muscular physique target me by comparing like a dork feel thin and its graceful athleticism Sometimes I felt clumsy and awkward.

Was my dick size, though; At least I had going for me.

"My cock is perfect, you mean?" I teased, Dylan goal looked very gravement.

"I mean all of you," he looked almost severe. "Do you understand?"

"Okay," I shrugged, because feeling this conversation to me kind of strange, and Dylan felt that it appears and makes it easier.

"The faucet is good, though," he smiled, and I stood up to undress _him_.

"Better than good," I insisted, and when I freed his erection we moved contre today and I atteint from Dyl balls stroking my fingers.

"Much better than good," he admis. He was naked, too, and he knelt down my better to take, as a good meat in his mouth and I groaned: "Oh, that’s much better than good" because he was amazing, honestly. He smiled at me as hell looking sexy, and pushed me on the bed gently back to eating my ass, qui I loved indescribable. "Oh yes," I _him_ Encouraged, and he pressed his finger in my ass and floated them to feel my rectum in there while he moved his mouth on my dick, qui me come about three bucketsful and I was able to turn on his hand As this orgasm involved my cock, my balls and my ass in a way that is not possible except to really explain, to say that there screaming beyond belief and made me "ah … ah … ah. .. ah! ", to the amazing was stopped pounding and my cock was (temporarily) emptied.

Instead of me tiring ejaculation excite me and I Threw _him_ on the bed, then return the favor and then some. I circled for a long time _him_ while he groaned and gasped, and by the time he cam I had two fingers all the way up inside _him_ jammed while I massaged his balls with l’autre hand and sucked it with quite heavy _him_ my wet mouth. "I’ll be baby," he yelled, and true was his whole body from anywhere because its Like Mine was an all-over kind of thing, and his muscular asshole pounded my fingers, em pressed while cum shot cock my throat down and he had ready my head there, pushed his cock so deep I could not breathe and I do not even care about. "Swallow it," he said again and again, and I held _him_ deep in my throat until I was a little panicked and he allowed me to catch a breath of air. When I kissed _him_, then our tongues wrapped around each other happy reviews.

"You’re on my hand throbbed," I said _him_, my lips still. At its mouth

"Fuck me," he insisted, his hungry ass facelift Some have my fingers ground deeper into _him_, stretching _him_, _him_ readying, and when I finally entered _him_ my hard cock, was ecstatic find ict to be so happy in icts favorite place ever. His muscles pulsed at me and closely That Hole So I was Could-have right then come gravement, goal I knew what he wanted and what I wanted.

When were the first time together, we were both tops. We are still, kind of goal that I do, does definitely more of the damned as Dyl, and he has definitely choughs Hahn in his rectum much more frequently than I, and tonight Represented our usual procedure, safe , It meets the hell out of me, frankly, and I did not hear any complaining from _him_ If I put that hard-on in the ass. "Yes," he sighed, as a relief for _him_ War to-even-have me there and then I waited until the time of His internal sphincter has relaxed and let me slide in all the way.

Behind the gates he was not in much pain and his erection return once started, so I fucked _him_ seriously, then deep immersion, while he fired into the body of my beloved me. "Oh, yes, deep!" He would moan, or "Fuck me hard!" And I would follow his instructions while I took my pleasure to enjoy every second of it, loving every thrust I got to take in this beautiful man.

"I want to come," he added annonce, and I turned _him_ over so me he opposite, qui was how I like it best, anyway, because it’s so damn great and its O-face is so sexy me sometimes burnouts, too. "Oh yes," he sighed as I was back in _him_, and I put my hand on his softly as he shrugged on his tail. I moved my hand down balls à son, then, and I let my fingers gently over ’em while I banged in the ass and let my cock deep into _him_ so, press contre his prostate. His balls under contract under my fingertips and I said: "Oh yeah, mate," together _him_ to help, and then I felt that amazing feeling on my cock; His ass excited me and I had to move again had to push had come because I will, too.

"Oh fuck," he groaned, and he ejaculates on his stomach in front of me and the physical heartbeat and sprints visual Brought me to this edge and over it, so I came directly, pushed my big dick deep in _him_ to spray my seed in panting, staggering, throbs. "Oh my God!" I kept saying, because it was amazing, the joy, and my warm cum gushed _him_ to inside When I Moved qui me howl, howl literally, with joy and pleasure.

We were thrilled to be in a laugh arms of the other reviews, wet with semen and sweat and sex, high from our physical stimulation and our emotional connection, and so when we heard Scott in the next room wanking it made us both giggle.

"Oh God, guys!" Scott called Expired, breathless, and I could hear my bed throbbing under _him_.

"He spit on my leaf," I complained, I aim smiling was when I said it, because, frankly, I could not stop grinning.

"No dry for us tonight," Dylan added, because we often l’autre adjourned after-bed we had fucked in because so much of the mattress usually was a wet patch by the time we finished, were.

"I’m going to sleep in your cum puddle," I offert, snuggled beside _him_, ou ordinary arm around me.

"This is for you my new nickname," he smiled. "You are my cum puddle right, darlin ‘?" I laughed then, and nodded in his armpit.

"I’ll be your what you want," I sighed, and we were both suddenly exhausted. "We have not done the dishes," I muttered, target already asleep Dyl, took a deep breath.

"Oh yes now fuck me deep!" Scott cried out of my room. "Yes … oh … come in to me, mate," and I closed my eyes, peaceful feeling, because I rather than anyone else would be in the world myself.


Scott slept again all day, exhausted probably from masturbating half the night, aim We took him to dinner, anyway, and That Evening Dylan and I are in our normal routines, including our pick-up basketball game that we attended no matter what happens. Scott slept through it, qui was too bad because Dyl said he was very baller we do not want him to miss a little, as we gathered with our usual crew from our college ROTC program. We should play for a Beens together over the years and we would Become pretty tight with reviews some of the guys.

We knew that their girlfriends and wives, for example, and had already visited two of their weddings. It was a fluid group, since reviews some ’em in the reserve or active duty military were still were, and we’d recently changed the game from Thursday Reviews accommodate some of the original guys, and only items from tours in Iraq return to Afghanistan; They had some therapy session that could not be changed, so we’d all moved our schedules to play on Tuesdays, INSTEAD.

I loved being with these guys Balling and I’d always loved Dylan to observe them in action, because he mercy on the basketball court in person, and he was aggressive, also qui me always horny for _him_, on the days when he himself was for the opposing team picked. We jogged to and from the court, regardless of the weather, and stayed on the way home, so Dyl pullups May and push-ups in the park. Dylan has this kind every day, which, he claimed, qui His physical Adonis-like, and I did not want to know _him_ Watch _him_ grunt and turn like never ceased to wake me.

"Let’s fuck before dinner" suggéré I I had to keep running almost jogging with his, shook Dyl target the head.

"I have just time to take a shower," he said, reaching over to pat my butt as we end our block for a walk Slowed. "Our reservation is at six. Sure, you will not join us?"

I could not do it. I had a big paper due to stay up in the morning and dinner with Dyl and Scottywould half my night to edit it. "Do not be getting drunk," I atteint over and back to grab his butt, too, so aim he turned my hand his step INSTEAD pressed. I that he carry jour une restera Welcoming half like my acting. "And wake me when you get home."

"Oh, I will, mate," he laughed, wiping sweat from his face. "I want to play feel a bit stupid you say Ball Watch tend to get me hot."

"He wants us film" Dylan That Night said late, and I was embarrassed that Grew suddenly harder my cock, as he said, aim he said, it was while licking it, to be fair, so it will happen anyway , Apparently he and Scotty’d said this, while they were eating out together.

"He wants us damn movie?" I asked, and Dylan nodded my dick down, licking his fingers and move it on my ass while ang His wet hand slowly up and down my shaft.

"Let’s put it briefly cut tonight," Dylan suggéré, apprehensively looked at me, worried about what I would say.

"I was going to suggest the Sami Thing," I agreed. "I love doin ‘you want I do not like that your pervert boyfriend listening through the walls all the time" I’ve said out loud, say for Scotts benefits, and I heard _him_. "Fuck me" only as loud , from my room.

Dylan moved his hands so skillfully, was I will not last long if we agreed it or not, and he moved his body on the bed so I could stroke his cock, too. I tongued his balls as I moved my wet hands on _him_, and soon his cock twitched in my grip and I felt his balls contract. "Yes," I whispered, just before it. In Hands Cam and all over my lips His cum tasted sweet to me, and I felt privileged to drink it directly from this great man, while lonely his friend next door was alone, envies us. "I’ll come," I muttered, point it had already happened, and I shot Jet after jet hot cream over my beloved neck, my whole core spasming with pleasure.

"We are so happy," Dylan swallows and talk at the time Sami. "We are so blessed."

"I know," I grumbled, most still my muscles tense from the intense ejaculation.

"Tell the wealth!" Scott called Expired next door, and Dylan relaxing on me, rubbing my tight abs and massaged still my softening cock gently.

"I have to get rid of this guy," sighed Dylan, and I could not-have with _him_ more Agreed.

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