Longmire – Season 5 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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  1. Please,please keep this show going. It is really a good show with good acting. This is from a family in Corning N.y. Who never misses a show.Please think of us. The Wilson family

  2. I don't agree with so many of these streaming sites that make so much by forcing you to open 5 ads before the play button actually works, but when a great show like longmire isn't available to stream in the uk, well i say thank the lord for those annoying stream sites. I know channel 5 had the odd episode but it was in poor quality and only up for a few days if you were lucky to catch it by random. Such a shame it has been cancelled again as it's actually really fucking good, but in a world inspired marvel, pew die pie, reality tv and gaming i'm surprised it lasted this long. Maybe Walt should swap his colt for a ray gun that shoots lights and hunt aliens instead of criminals, kinda like a modern cowboy vs aliens thing. Anyways, there is no doubt this last season will be great. Longmire Lives!

  3. What I missed in this season was more separate , unrelated to main storyline mysteries that are solved in each episode . Besides, Walt and Vic characters are still not together and that seems to be dragged on by show creators for no good reason. Too much reliance on American Indian characters also weakens this series. Let's hope 6th and final season will wrap things the way it should be.

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