Lover Come Back

Thirty years ago, as a junior in high school, I fell in love with a twin. I had Frances and her twin sister, Ilona, ​​seniors, playing badminton at school Noticed&# 39; s intra-squad. I asked the manager if I could play and I was told I could play Boys Singles. At the time, Frances Supposed mixed doubles play, goal one day she and her partner someone against the practice required, so they asked me if I would go with her sister a team, Ilona, ​​and play contre her and her Partner. To make a long story short, Ilona and I beat Frances and her partner like a drum.

He was angry, and he wasn Said&# 39; t go to mixed doubles play. That left Frances without a partner, and Ilona was already set to play twin girls. The coach asked me if I would play mixed doubles with Frances INSTEAD of singles, and I agreed.

After a few weeks of daily practice, we played in the county intramural tournament, and to our surprise, we won the mixed doubles trophy. I had developing strong feelings for Frances began, and a few months later to go with me to prom questions. The night of the prom, I asked her if she would marry me and said yes.

What can I say. I was young and stupid, and did not&# 39; t stop thinking that they would be expected, the local college start, while I would sit here finishing school. We staked so far they got Involved goal with a sorority, and soon it est devenu obvious that goods not things le même. I would go call her, and you would "employed" or their sorority had plans. One day she called me Expired to say that she still cared for me, purpose wanted to be free, to discover themselves.

Would she call me.

The next fall, after I graduated from high school, I started college at the Sami school she was going. I would see them on campus. When I saw her in the library, I would sit where they looked at me, like a typical moonstruck calf acts. I would see how she discovered the guy Sami going out, and that he team was on the track.

I went out for the track team. These evaluations was in the days when track was really an amateur sport, and there was no such thing as scholarships for a track team. One day while dressing out I heard one of the guys Frances Giving&# 39; Young friend a hard time about the fact that he apparently unable to get sex from her.

That made me feel good. finished the school year and it had Beens a year and a half since I had actually spoken to Frances. That September, shortly after school started, Frances Expired called me.

"Tommy, it&# 39; s Frances, I can talk to you? I know I haven&# 39; called t you Expired, as I said I would, goal I need help with my Spanish lessons. Consider home to me Can you come and help me?"

Because I had lived in Venezuela, I spoke fluent Spanish. Because I hadn&# 39; t the call expected, I was speechless and could not&# 39; t all words out. She did not take my silence to mean and hung up the phone. After the shock of the call he restore, I jumped in my old clunker and ran over to her relatives&# 39; House. De ces days we all still lived at home.

her doorbell rings, and when I waited she opened the door, I told her "Frances, Expired called When I was so surprised that I couldn&# 39; t say anything. I&# 39; am going to say to you three things. One, of course, I&# 39; ll help you with your Spanish. Two, the price of my help is that you-have a couple of times to go out with me.

Three, I love you still, always, always. Do you still want my help?"

"Tommy, I&# 39; ll gladly accept your help, and I&# 39; ll like to go with you, if you really want me to."

Over the next couple of weeks, I would go to Frances&# 39; s house and help her with her studies. After a few hours, we&# 39; d go for some food. One night, after eating, I went to one of the places where we used to go parking, and I would drive me crazy, kissing her wish she’d let them touch.

When we got there, I turned off the car and saw Frances.

"Frances, you don&# 39; t really need my help with your Spanish. Why did you ask me to help you?"

"Tommy, I was afraid, just call and ask if you wanted to go out. I didn&# 39; t know if you had a girlfriend or not. I have to see you on campus with a couple of different girls. I didn&# 39; t know if you wanted me to say to himself again."

"Frances, you have no idea how much I missed you. When I the other day to your house reviews came and even said that I loved you, meant that I which every word. Come here." Frances slid across the seat and into my arms. (In those days, only sports cars HAD bucket seats and I have definitely a sports car does not have). The melted and a half years without them. I began to kiss her and hug her, and her breathing got heavier, I have bravely and let my hand glide over her chest.

For the first time, she didn&# 39; t remove my hand. I slowly slid my hand into her shirt and took her breast through her bra. Finally, I order atteint and unsnapped her bra, and for the first time I was feeling ble to her tender flesh, and her nipple, qui was pretty hard at this time.

I lifted her shirt and exposed her beautiful breasts and slowly lowered her mouth and began to suck each breast. After a while I let my hand on her lap and tried to rub her pussy through her shorts.

She began to moan, target Said "Tommy, please, stop it, I&# 39; m not ready. I&# 39; m still a virgin, and I want to keep it that way."

I stopped, though-even It was one of the hardest things I had ever had to do on this point in my life. Over the next few months, they let me play with her tits, and would let rub through her clothes me her pussy, goal I would be always, if I tried to slip my hand into her pants.

One night when I rubbed her pussy, I took her hand and put it on my cock, qui was trying trying to tear a hole through the front of my jeans. "Frances, you feel what your body with me? Have the prom remember at night, when you said that you marry me? I still want to marry you.

I want to live with you forever. I want us to have a family, I want to make love to you, every opportunity I get. Not only fuck you, love you target.

Can you understand that? Will you marry me?"

"Yes, Tommy, I want."

Over the next year we have so far end, they let me play with her pussy without clothes in the way. I learned what it turned on most of what you get would make the hardest. One day during this time, I told her, "Frances, unzip my pants.

When I play with your pussy, it’s&# 39; s only fair that you play with my dick. I can&# 39; t keep going home with blue balls."

When she pulled my cock out of my pants, I lifted my ass so I could slide down a bit em my legs. Was my cock slick with pre-cum, and I showed her how to pump my cock. The first time I took about ten strokes and blasted then a stream of hot, sticky cum into the air and the whole Frances&# 39; Hand and my belly.

As we cleaned us, I told her that it would be less messy if she would let me come in her mouth.

"Tommy, I&# 39; m not sure if I like that. Some of my Sorority sisters talk give her friends blowjobs, deep throating their tails, and all that, I aim&# 39; m not sure if I can or wants. Can you understand that?"

"Frances, I wouldn&# 39; t you strength to do something you don&# 39; t want. But please think about it."

A few weeks later, I moved out of my parents&# 39; s house in a small apartment near the campus to tell without Frances. The next time we went out, I Brought in my apartment after-our date.

"Tommy, what is this?"

"This is my place. I want it to be our place."

I led her by the hand into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I slipped my hand under her skirt and in her panties. After a few minutes, I pulled off her panties from her and began to make her skirt reversed. Soon she was completely naked call on my bed, and I played with her and gently fingered her pussy, I sucked on the nipples of her beautiful tits. As we kissed, she moaned into my mouth, and slowly contre my hand pumping her pussy, driving my fingers deeper into her.

I let my lips slide her body and kissed her breasts, her stomach and soon got her pussy. It for the first time, I was nibbling ble and sucking on her clit. I was sure that I had never tasted anything so sweet as the nectar qui became of her and down the cheeks of her ass entre flows.

As I sucked and licked her, my tongue entre beautiful lips of her pussy slides, she started her body getting heavier contre to pump my mouth.

"Tommy, oh my God, what you do to me. they&# 39; ve made me never feel that way. It feels like my pussy&# 39; s on fire!

Tommy, I&# 39; going to come, I&# 39; going to come, OH MY GOD", She screamed and her thighs clamped on my head. When she came, I felt a stream of pussy juice shoot out of her and down my throat, surprised us catch both. I swallowed every drop of her pussy juice and stopped her clitoris pussy licking from her ass.

In a few minutes she started her pussy contre my mouth harder and harder to pump. I tried my tongue so deep to drive in her pussy as I could, and nibbled her clitoris. She broke a second time and splashed so hard and so much sperm that I couldn&# 39; t swallow everything.

As we juxtaposed our breath catch, I felt her hand gently grab my cock and begin to stroke it. When she did, she asked me, "Tommy, what I taste like if I Cam?"

I atteint to her pussy down and slowly slid two fingers deep inside her, she took off and Brought em to her lips. When I was rubbing her lips on em, I told her, "Lick my finger. they&# 39; ll see how sweet you taste, and why you eat every opportunity you want to give me."

Frances rolled on her side and so slid his mouth was level with my cock. She reached tentatively out her tongue and licked the tip of my cock, reviews some of the pre-cum qui lick quickly the head of my cock was the coating. After a couple ouvert she licks her lips and pushed the tip of my cock into it.

I didn&# 39; t want to move or say anything, for fear that they could do to stop what she was. Slowly slid his mouth back and forth over his head, then took off his mouth and looked at me.

"this isn&# 39; t bad. I don&# 39; t why reviews some of my sorority sisters Gift&# 39; t like it."

"Frances, you already know what happens when I cum. I love what you&# 39; re doing, and I don&# 39; t you want to stop. if you do not aim&# 39; t stop, at some point I&# 39; will cum, and the way I feel now, it is&# 39; ll be sooner rather than later. I&# 39; ll warn you when I was ready to shoot my load, aim won&# 39; t-have much warning. they&# 39; decide if you want me. cum in her mouth or not to ll

If you want to take me in the mouth, can you-to decide whether you want to swallow my sperm, or spit. I hate so clinical, objective sounding a girl I dated when we me that was told apart they didn&# 39; t be caught as by a surprise shot of semen in the neck. She swallowed, didn target&# 39; t like the surprise. This is your mood has killed, as I understand, I hope you like&# 39; ll try again soon."

"Is that soon enough," She asked her mouth as she slid over the end of my cock back?

When she bobbing his head Began up and down on my cock, she took more and more of it in his mouth. Since I got turned on more and more, my body started pumping and trying to get more and more of my cock down her throat. After about a minute, I knew I wasn&# 39; t take time. "Frances, I&# 39; m Cumming, Oh God, I&# 39; m cumming!"

Frances pulled her head back target stopped to open his mouth and only an inch or so of my cock. She stroked my cock a few more times and has Tremendous rope of hot cum shot out of the end of my cock in her mouth. Frances closed her mouth, and the next three or four streams of hot cum hit her on the cheeks and chin. I watched her as she whirled to taste it my cum around her mouth, and then swallowed!

Then she took her fingers and wiped my sperm from her face, and when she saw in my eyes she said "Tommy, I love you," Putting her finger in her mouth and licked it clean.

I looked at her, a little shocked because I hadn&# 39; t had expected, what just happened.

"Don&# 39; t look so shocked, Tommy. They warned me, I wasn target&# 39; t sure what I wanted to do, so I just decided to try and see if I liked it. In the future, I think we&# 39; ll try to do to avoid a mess of leaves. It wasn&# 39; t so bad!"

Did I mention Frances that had a sense of humor?

I atteint and began her breasts with one hand stroking and slid my other hand on her pussy. I slipped my fingers entre les swollen folds of her pussy, deep into the heated depths of their inner beings. As I gently finger, my fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, she began hill against the palm of my hand on her wonderful qui Rested to push upwards.

The basis of my middle finger rested on her clitoris, and she has my hand contre pumped, I contre ground her clitoris down and my fingers curled contre her G-spot upward. After only a few strokes, she clamped her legs together, trapping my hand in her pussy. Moaning, she pumped harder and harder, until I suddenly the tide of her cum contre felt my hand.

Was again my cock hard as a rock, and I was frustrated moan as I contre dry humped her hips.

"Frances, please let me make love to you. I need you."

"Tommy, I can&# 39; t. When I make love to you now, I might be pregnant, and I&# 39; m not ready to be a mother yet! I promised that I&# 39; ll not let love for me soon, but."

I loved her so much, that I, I took the situation purpose repeatedly tried ,. you wouldn&# 39; t come to my house to-every day, yet they would let me play with her every time she did it end, do more and more often.

I Survived thesis try even try because Frances really est devenu an excellent cock-sucker. If we would get into bed and play with each other, they would let me play with her, eat, finger finally explode in her pussy and a cum splashed orgasm. All this would lead me naturally there with blue balls in lying, pre-juice licks me. After all, they would have mercy on me, and move in for the kill.

Would she smile at me and while looking deep into my eyes with her deep blue eyes, her mouth would slowly slide down over my cock. She had quickly learned to take my cock deep into her throat, and somehow, as she would her mouth glide up and down my cock when I was as deep as it could get me, she would swallow, and swallowing motion their throat would press my cock, as if I were in her pussy. The feeling that was created incredible. Frances learned how to make me cum without ever caress my cock with her hand.

Once they mastered this technology, it devenu sex session has literally est her fucking throat with me. As I was ready to cum, I would tell her, "I&# 39; m Cumming" and they would stop on the swab, with my cock deep down her throat, and swallowing start to milk my cock until I started shooting in the neck, giving her something to swallow my hot streams of sperm.

On my 21st birthday, we went to dinner and we were going to a movie, when Frances told me my apartment to go. Once we got in the door, she turned around and kissed me. When she kissed me atteint and began my cock through my pants to stroke. As I began to grow, they decompressed my pants, atteint in and pulled out my cock, grabbed it and led me into the bedroom. When we got on the bed, she pushed me down on them, and I began to undress.

As I lay there, I looked at them and said, "Frances, what the hell are you doing? they&# 39; ve never previously done with me."

"Tommy, it&# 39; s your birthday, and I&# 39; m your presence." She slowly opened her dress and shoved them their arms down, to let them fall to the ground. Next she unbuttoned her skirt, and did a little twirl they persecuted her dress on the floor. As she leaned over me to give me a kiss, I grabbed her by the arms and pulled me to her, then atteint behind her and unsnapped her bra, baring her beautiful tits.

When I took off her bra, I threw it away, and took one of her nipples into his mouth, and she sucked gently. I played with her ang tit and nipple as I sucked, then moved.

"I don&# 39; t want to feel left it," I’ve told her. "God I love you. You feel fantastic." I atteint down to her panties her nice tight ass push, and she pulled away from me.

"No, not Mr." She grabbed my jockeys by the federal government and pulled ’em off my butt and my feet. "Well, look much better. Have I ever told you how much I love you, and how much I love your patience with me?" She swung her leg over my body and move her panties clothed pussy on my cock, she began gently to rub back and forth along my shaft, qui was quickly hardening "stiff" to "diamond cutter" Hardness. After a few minutes of this, I was Adjacent to lose control.

I managed to gasp, "Frances, I&# 39; m about to cum! God, what are you doing with me?" When I said that, she stopped and knees went to my chin. I could see their delicious odor.

I tried to reach her pussy with my tongue, she’d aim stopped an inch too far away. I grabbed her ass to pull my mouth, they prepared the goal against the headboard, and I couldn&# 39; t pull them close enough. I realized that she was still athletic and very strong.

Talk about frustrating!

"Tommy, stop! Do what I tell you. Slide my panties." As she said that she was standing on all fours, so that I could take ’em off.

When I pushed ’em down, I looked between us on her pussy, and couldn&# 39; t believe what I saw!

"Frances, you shaved your pussy! It looks …" I was at a loss for words. I atteint between us and slowly, gently, pushed a finger entre les lips of her pussy. The smoothness and incredible wetness was so I couldn&# 39; t get enough.

I curled my fingers deep into her and pushed Frances&# 39; s pussy, as far as I could reach. When I did that, Frances sat on my chest.

"You want to taste?" She asked with a grin, knowing what would be my answer.

"Hell yes!" I answered. She moved and her pussy Placed contre my lips. As I licked, sucked her clit into my mouth I aussi. Once I had a good grip on her clit, I began to gently nibble on them, qui had we discovered they would drive into a frenzy.

The feel of her smooth, bald pussy, drove me wild. I licked and slurped and tried my tongue so deep to drive in it as I could. I had learned how to tell when she was close to Cumming. It would would try the feeling to turn her pussy from inside yourself.

When that happened, you look! The geyser was next!

After she was flooded my mouth, and we had to get back our breath, she rolled away from me, lay down beside me and pulled me past her. I could my cock, located on the hill, feeling between us.

"Tommy, this is the rest of your presence. Tonight, I&# 39; m with you." When she said this, Frances spread her legs under me, and Brought it up and over my hips, Pussy, the wonderful opening for me.

"Frances, are you sure?"

"I have never in my life more acidic by anything. I have to take the pill while ago, so we wouldn&# 39; t-worry. I want the nice, hard cock in me tonight, tomorrow and forever."

I atteint Placed down and my cock into her hot, wet hole and began gently my way to slide into her. The heat and humidity was wrapped like a warm, wet glove around my cock. We both began to moan as I pushed my way slowly. It was an instantaneous resistance when I finally my Frances Took&# 39; Virginity. "they&# 39; re mine, forever," I’ve told her.

Slowly, slowly, I began my cock in and out, feel, to pump the walls of her pussy grip, try try to keep my cock as it is pulled out, then relax, as I pushed back in. How to stroke faster and faster Began pushed Frances her pussy contre me up and tried as much of me into her, as if she had, contre she moved with her hands my ass down. As we both began to moan with passion, I wrapped my arms around her and held her and kissed her on the lips.

I couldn&# 39; t get enough of her.

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"Hold me, Tommy, hold me, oh God you feel so good!" Suddenly I felt Frances&# 39; Pussy gushing as her legs around me excited. I couldn&# 39; t hold and felt a surge Enormous in my balls and my cock and my cum shot deep into her hot pussy. As our heartbeats to come in again a normal range Began began Frances giggling.

"I love you so much, you want&# 39; re crush me. If you want to really forever, roll better off."

When I think back to that first time, I realize how lucky I am, and Fortunate that I think Frances in my arms, my cock is buried deep in her wonderful pussy, and when I kiss, I whisper, "Happy anniversary my love."

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