"Wow, was now that sexist. Do not you think so?" One of the pharmacy staff said, after I came out.

I was in the elevator and Marjorie, I said, thinking about what I had said.

"No I do not think so," she said as she smiled. I really liked that. Then the same man spoke again.

"Do not you think so Margie? Margie, Margie eh?" She exclaimed. "Have you heard?"

Margie said again, "No, I like the idea," But she said aloud: ". Yes, it was quite sexist It was just typical for a man to say no," she said with the other young employees to agree.

Then she said: "But I would not mind if he and I had come together and played around. I know. I know I am married and everything, but what the heck, why not just do this one time for fun?"

Then she turned to the other and Schreiber, wearing a serious face, she added: ". Yes, I know what you mean, it was a kind of act like a loser, it was not?"

She thought of me and of the whole day, she told me later. I care not to hear me. She said she had also thought, and how it would feel if my hands were all over her fat, fleshy belly.

She said she even smiled at the idea. She said she thought a lot.

"Mmmmm, in a bathtub," she said. "We were there was, and to relax and talk about everything that we had, it was was when I played any order."

I liked the idea. When she thought she told me later that she had asked her hand on her belly at work during the work, and she rubbed her belly fat.

Monica Santhiago – Phatt Ass To 2

I’m Dan. I am ten years older than him, but it did not matter. You and I hit it off easily.

You and I with another really good for that matter. See, I would be with her naked in the bathtub, and despite her marriage, I would go with her in the bath and stroking her pregnant belly and fat.

So later this week, I had to come back for another prescription. She said she was so happy, that I would return, as we talked about nothing in particular. We laughed. I looked into his eyes and all sop often than they will ring me at the end, I look at what I, pregnant belly looks at his fat down.

I’m so excited that I find sexy? I think I am.

No, Margie is not a goddess by any stretch of the imagination. It’s his personality, I think that gets me. She’s not ugly, but it is an incredibly great beauty either. Margie is sweet. She later suggested that they would not make a "leap into the pool" with me, and she said that would be all right.

It would not matter.

So I thought, "Let’s do this. Play around him. Oh yes, we go to a bathroom to play with her in order."

So that day, when I came back, she got up and decided it was time to take a break. Hmmm, she wanted to take a break at the start eh? It was a bit too early, but she took it anyway.

"I’ll be right back, okay?" She said to the other, while they went on the clock.

They looked at her, and she went and clocks. They had to do their job. I left.

For 15 minutes, they had all the time she needed. She looked at me from walking.

"Dan? Dan Oh?" ​​I tell someone that I went to the elevator, heard. I heard my name and returned.

There she gave a smile, and when I saw him, I smiled back.

I said, "Hello."

"To be honest with you," Margie said "I could something not say there, but I would pass for something like this love. You know what I mean. You know cuddle. And with my stomach it umm would be so cool, "she added." playing and all may come to mind. "

Once she said, smiled and winked at me.

"Whoa!" I thought.

Did she just say what I think she did? My body overheats immediately. I think I swallowed.

Yes, okay, I swallow hard. I felt hot. I felt really, really hot, really.

God, I felt it in my step, if you want to know the truth, but he was certainly good. For sure. I think I gave him a look that says wow, how you serious?

This is soooo cool Margie. I also think. I nodded.

I could not believe that they actually said what she did. I looked down. I saw large and round and sexy pregnant belly.

I smiled and she stood and watched me stare.

"Are, uhhh, you serious?" I say finally.

"If you are," she replied.

"I am, if you," I said.

My eyes wide. My mouth wide open.

"Since when?" I asked. "How would I do now if we could," I went to say. "I also think. How and where would we be, uhhh, do such a thing? "

"I do not know, but it sounds pretty, uh, interesting. Did not you agree?" She said.

I nodded, but I was not smiling at the moment. However, I was not a face to do either. I just looked at what I sexy a very round regarded and very pregnant belly. Finally, I began shaking his head.

I was hot in the stomach. I was too excited? Hell yes, I was too excited, but it had to be, I think, or it would have the idea not thrown. I almost, we were in the open, stretched and felt his stomach.

I was a bit hot to touch him at this time.

"Tell you what, okay? Leave me your email or mobile phone number and we can understand this. How’s that sound?" I finally said, then smiled into his eyes.

It was nice to sweet smile.

"I’ll be honest with you."

I was excited, and she smiled, and I said something else, as she writes in her email. "I would kiss and lick. I mean, if you want, that is."

"Ooooooohh" she said softly. "Yes, I would." She was always smiling and nodding. "Please send me an email. I am leaving next Tuesday, is not it?"

I was excited and masturbate later when I came home. Well, yes, I’m a pervert. Yes, I can simply great.

I’ll be hard if I am in a bath with her. I know that. I think almost all women ravishingly sexy, if that makes sense. It’s about the personality. There are also numbers.

It is on the wishes and needs. I know that I have everything already. I hope they do.

So it was agreed after several emails between us, I was coming home on Tuesday after a "gaffe" about them in his bathtub. Now you think that I’m a little excited? Yes, I was more than a little excited. I was nervous. I was as excited hell.

She was on course. None of us could not believe we did that. And seeing that I was alone, fortunately, because my wife died a year ago, I could not wait.

I masturbated almost the fact, but I did not.

I stopped to pick up some flowers. I played with my money and the store to change, falling twice my portfolio. The girl handling the transaction naturally asked me a strange question.

"You have a date?" She said.

"Yes, I actually do as a matter of fact," I said as I dropped the wallet for the second time. "Any suggestions?" I looked at him. She was 21 I thought that she looked it. "I do not have a woman in God knows how many years dated."

"Are you sure?" She returned. I do not know if they teased me, but she added. "You are a handsome man before"

That made me feel better. I looked at her and thought, I will come back and ask you on a date. But I did not do it, and I went with flowers in hand.

I came. There was in the driveway of a truck. Is Margie what?

I did not know, and I drove around the block a few times. Then I got it. If a man is there, hope it answers the door, then I will for my wife Karen was asking.

Chaos are decent head

No kind of answered the door.

When she opened the door, I "exploded" with lust and desire, and even if she was pregnant. She wore the smile, the "crush" was a man’s heart. At least it has for me.

Moreover Margie had this sexually intoxicating holding which has caught my heart, soul, and every last bit of pleasure in my body.

"Whoa!" I said, at the door. "Wow, you look absolutely there fantastic." I could not believe I was even able to get the words out of my mouth. "It’s for you." I gave her the flowers.

I went in. We kissed each other. I held her body to be too long, but it was a nice hug, a hug is also very good.

You felt good and I hope that I do well. In the week prior to this event supposedly I spent some time to give. I had to.

They were so rude that I knew I had to do something, and I had the whole week and the week was drenched heals end this rough hard skin on my and disappeared in other areas. God thanks.

Now I want to stress that none of our business hurt she did was wear a spectacular piece of clothing. And since she was a pregnant woman, I could not believe at all my eyes.

Margie had this beautiful and sexy babydoll toned light. I am seduced by and how he seemed to fit perfectly. And her hair pulled back as it was, and the smile on his face as well, and I soooo made by their appearance that I wanted to dive in and … well, you know what I mean.

"Wow, Margie damn" I started to say. You see, I do not know, but it looks really wonderful to you. You look so damn beautiful.

No, sexy is a better word, "and said that it surprised me.

It automatically out of nowhere, leaned toward me and Margie kissed me on my lips.

And they did so with the language. Whoa! I stayed there, I returned the favor on his return. Oh my God, it made me terribly feel special when they that tongue pushed deep into my mouth and if it did, I was his.

I was his all, his tongue slipped from this end to that end and everywhere.

His arms and hands were everywhere.

I felt drawn to his body as we kissed and cuddled up emotionally, but I felt something else. My cock was tingling like crazy. I mean crazy.

I wanted it to me. I wanted us naked and roll around. I wanted to kiss her and kiss more.

I wanted to manage her breasts, as if they had never been treated before in his life. I wanted to love to kiss her belly and make. I wanted and more.

"Ohhhhhh Danny," she exclaimed. "Let’s go and get in the bath."

And we did. They took me and my hardening cock and I him and his sexy, fat ass pregnant body tracking bathroom. My shirt was on my own, before turning around. She had an immediate smile on her face when she saw my chest "male". I have this because I matured in quotes over the years.

It does not matter. So she had. She opened my jeans and naked as I was, with the exception of my boxers, we kissed.

I’m excited again, and I wanted so her belly several times the feeling and slowly added.

She looked at me as she undressed. I watched them unfold large naked body. My eyes wide. I grew cornea. I need then I kissed him another hug.

I put my arms around this big wide body of her, but before I knew I kissed her neck.

And she do not care.

Before we knew it, we kissed each other on the lips of the other.

"Ohhhhhhh Holy Mother of God!" I thought. "I try to actually do this? Kiss a married woman? I came here not for it.

I came some "sexual" excitement or better yet get a little sexual entertainment. romancing Not for a married woman," I said to myself.

But here I am, kissing, and she listened. Then we stopped kissing. After 10 minutes of this, it seemed that 10 minutes we came away, and we smiled, as if they different from us, that just did agreed with A-one.

We smiled to another.

She was naked, and when she entered her bathroom, I looked at her. God damn, can you believe it? She was still hot air.

She was still beautiful, but watching big round ass and big hips.

"Do not … do not look back," I said.

She asked: "Why?"

"I like to see … your hips and your ass too," I said.

This laughed Margie, but she turned around and let me see what they thought of the game "ugly" to her.

It kind of smile, but seemed a little uncomfortable with it. I smiled back and before she sat in the bathtub, but after I came, I put my hands on her belly. I have a very smooth and easy, and gently I stroked her waist. I stopped for a second.

I looked at her. She seemed at peace with what I slightly rubbed.

She closed her eyes and as she did down in the water half hot. "Mmmm, come here," she said softly. "It’s good."

She smiled and opened his eyes. We looked at each other. We smiled comfortably on the other, and I did it again.

I stroked her belly.

"I like to do that," she added. "I really do. To be honest with you, I turned way by doing it on."

I, because my cock was actually tingling and induration, right now. I loved how I felt. I was excited that I felt excited with a pregnant woman sit that I liked.

And I loved it, from all the people invited me to play for me with her belly to his house. I have no other plans than that. I was an amateur? No, I was not just sexed, wel, l the age.

It was the truth and it was near I.


Here I am, after about 15 minutes to rub the belly of fat woman, and enjoy it, and minute to get hotter by minute and can not be realized, she wanted more. That is, she saw my cock hard as it was, and she reached out and grabbed it easily.

"Can I drive for you?" She said.

I swallowed. "Hell yes you can," I said, and I nodded.

She did. It was hard. I came. I smiled.

I was pregnant in love with a married woman. Ok, so I’m not in love with him. I certainly infatuated with her.

I knew for sure.

"Would you do something for me?" She said in a soft tone of voice I had not heard before on the mouth. "Will you touch me here?" And she makes her pussy.

I watched them. It was razed to the ground. "Bean Cool!"s I thought.

I looked up and smiled and nodded.

"Can I lick?" I asked.

"You … you want to lick me, really?" She said.

"Yes, I mean, if you want me," I replied.

She did it, and I tried to position myself in the bathtub, which did not work so well, and we all thought almost immediately and we decided otherwise was needed anything. We have from the tub. We wrapped towels around us, and when I type a "plucked" in his soft fat and round ass, she took me into the room.

She fell smiling at her. "Here is better?" She said.

I just smiled and said: "Yes," and came with him.

I licked and sucked and I licked more and I "cleaned" to speak everything that way. When I did that, I was screaming and moaning and squealing as she pulled on me or on me. I was even hard again as I have done for them.

She told me later that this was the first time in a very long time, she had sex had been good.

I was very happy. I was also very proud that I was able to make her that she had done, happy, what she had done. I told him it would probably be the only time that we would do, but she knew already.

I told him, I think I even knew it. We lay side by side, as I caressed her big round sexy belly fat, and I told him that even though we are not married, I no doubt loved him still.

She turned around and gave me a hug. Then she kissed me on the cheek. She told me she loved me, anyway, but I told him that I understood. About an hour later, I finally got up and got dressed.

She went to the door to me.

"We are always on this day who you know. And I loved it every second. I know what we have was really weird, but turned to me me a lot. I liked that I" orgasmed so and came to ,"

"Me too," I said as I pulled and hugged and kissed her lips. "Me too, and I’ll go home and at one point I masturbate, I dream about it."

She laughs at my comments and we hugged and kissed again.

And when I arrived, she called me. "Be not be a stranger. I know I love my husband, but I know that I have loved you, what we have done today."

but I left I see from time to time at the pharmacy when I arrived, and we would talk and smile as we have, and of course we would also like wink to another to know exactly why we had a nod, that special day reminds: "we spent d together in his house.

Six months have passed, and although we talked a few times I heard at the pharmacy, one day, out of nowhere, me in my email.

"To take care again, as we did, it is a month’s time?" It was added to a smiling face and even a language at the end.

I thought that his e-mail, on the "Proposal" smiling and what that might mean. I sent him back and added a smiley face and the language as well, and I said, "Yes, I would be a joy."

I asked when and at what time, and even if it wants to come to my house.

It would not matter to me. to be with her, sounded with Margie be terribly amusing, and so it was here two days later with me.

Bad, was initially incredibly beautiful, and as usual, we were both so horny get as cornea. I loved it when I arrived. I loved it when she did.

God, I loved you again to be with her. Uhhh they oooooohh tasted soooo damn good, I thought, as they passed later in the day for their car. I wore a permanent smile as I thought about it more this afternoon.

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