Mature Beauty~ In the kitchen with Sarah~What’s for Dinner? OOFD

Mature Amateur

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  1. Hi Sarah! I loved watching this and that salad sure looks delicious and healthy! I'm sure Lou was waiting to dig in to that right after you finished filming. Thank you for sharing! Hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Much love, Colleen xox 🙂

  2. Dear Sarah, just beautiful, you look gorgeous, love the salad, wish I was there!! I love salads, so good for you, can't wait for the dessert very sad here in the U.K. when will it end? God bless xx

  3. Thank you so much Sarah! Very good and healthy plate to serve ! I enjoy salade too and with a glass of wine, it s perfect! ☀️😘, Anna

  4. That navy dress with your silver jewelry looks so flattering on you. I love the presentation that that dish gave the salad. What was the dressing ratio? I'd like to make it.

  5. Oh Bravo….Can I join you please ! It looks SO good. I will try your salad dressing…I love Balsamic but I have never added garlic to it before. . Beetroot (as we call red beet) is almost my favourite vegetable …I like it cooked fresh & eaten hot with a cheese sauce (Cheddar cheese & a big pinch of mustard powder) and creamed potatoes with a mixed salad or broccoli in French dressing. You look so elegant in the blue outfit, it suits you well.

  6. I heard him…. he is doing the dishes. I love ❤️ pasta too. Fabulous salad 🥗. Love your ingredients for your dressing. Now I'm so hungry 😋. Stay fabulous. Hugs 🤗

  7. Oh my goodness!!! First I love your dish for your salad, and I fresh beets!!! LOL I heard hubby say he would do the dishes, so hope he did them for you. 🙂 Alright I would love a dish please lol Feta cheese , wine , roasted chicken oh my goodness everything just sound amazing.. Btw love your necklace , I enjoyed you look stunning!! Have a great day, love and blessings xoxoxx <3

  8. I honestly don't think I've ever even tried a beet. Lol! But everything looked delicious, fresh and kind of meal! Especially the added glass of wine. 😉 And you look beautiful as always! ❤️️

  9. Wait, what's that? I think I hear The Food Network calling. I love your rectangular salad bowl/dish. I like how you can lay out all the ingredients on top of the base of greens so people can pick and choose as they serve themselves. What a beautiful kitchen and cook. I'll bet you and Lou are the perfect hosts for dinner guests. Your table was lovely. Pass the crusty bread please! Laurie

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