Me And Her Mother, Just The Beginning.

This story is true, only the names have been changed, all was in this story at least 16 years old when I receive feedback I will this series continue because this relationship has lasted for almost six years, it is to tell a lot more fun , This is just the way everything it began, this is just one example of what you will see in other stories.

This all started when I was younger I in high school was when I started on this day Ashley. Ashley was a year older than me and a varsity cheerleader, she was about 5&# 39; 4" blonde hair, blue eyes, a nice round butt and cups C. Our relationship went well, about three months into the relationship that we started to have sex, which was great, it was a drug addict.

We had three or more sex once a week, mainly because I did not want to be home with her. His mother and his father David Stacy were both to be cool with us alone or going out, they trusted us.

Things have our first wedding anniversary changed when his mother went to have sex with us. Stacy turned and just said she wanted to talk with us, as we did, which was about 30 seconds after she left the room. We both dressed and sat his mother on the couch, sat down across from her in shame.

They began to tell us how we needed to be sure if we had sex and told us that we think about the decisions we needed done. Finally, after an hour, because they Ashley sent to the stairs and told me she would take me home.

On the way appeared back Stacy to take the long way, and for a while he was silent until she looked at me and began to ask personal questions about Ashley and my sex life, such as was -es where and what positions had we did it.

It was embarrassing, but I answered.

Then Stacy told me his number and told me if I ever needed anything in his text, or if I needed him David and her son to help go to the basement, so I and Ashley Sex could have, it would be more than ready to help. venerates Several times her younger sex life and how they knew how we felt. After what seemed an eternity, she moved into my drive and I got out.

In the coming weeks, me and Ashley almost never had sex, and when we did it was because we skipped class and went to my empty house.

But after a few weeks she was comfortable doing it at his home, this time even with any top. I think it has become almost trapped. Shortly after someone told him I’m cheating on her and she broke up with me, I hated fucking her friends lie. But I’m friends with her brother so I’d come a few times a week to relax, I n&# 39; t care if they found inconvenient.

passed a few weeks ago and I decided to Stacy in text and see if I could get back with Ashley, and how to do it if I could. I also asked if she could help me get a job at the law firm, she worked, so I was able to make some money. She said she would help me with Ashley and making me work. later about a week, I begin to work and me and Ashley began to speak. we started around a bit deceiving, because I knew she wanted sex because they didn&# 39; t the date person after we separated.

During school I Stacy Text to thank her for her work and for helping with Ashley, she said: "no problem, but I would not know whether to have their sex, have begun",

I said, "No, but I want it doesn&# 39; t …"

"This is too bad, seem to be cause u a particular donor."

"I’m trying to thank you for your help to cheer me up, you will see at work."


About two hours later, I’m at work and Stacy looked at me and waved, it seemed as normal happier.

In the coming weeks and Stacy me first texted only at school and at school and work, finally we were until all hours of the morning talking about all of the same sex texting and fantasies.

And he was not&# 39; t cumbersome. In the coming months, if Stacy would know that I seemed to dress a little sexier, and even at work showing more appropriate then. One night I texted him that all his banter was for me and how I wish I could show her.

"Please send me a picture I would like to know what I’m doing for you."

" as struggle to meet you personally."

"i don think I can."

"oh come on, you know you want to … just think of it (in the appendix is ​​an image from my hard cock)"

In&# 39; t get an answer until the next day and said, "i couldn&# 39; t sleep, we have to react."

I said, "OK, so David and your son will be gone on Thursday after the sick come to your school because of Ashley House is the practice of joy for a few hours."

"OK, just be right after school BIG BOY."

I do not cold Thursday, just a few days … then came Thursday. after school I went to Stacy&# 39; home and went there, it was dark skinny jeans in a pair of her beautiful ass white button down shirt shows exposing her DD breasts in her black lace bra .. I looked at his hair and blue eyes look red. I mean, for 43 years, she was smoking hot!

Me and her mother, just the beginning.

BBW MILF gives blowjob (behind the scenes)

You asked me to come to the table, and we talked, and she asked, "If we do that, we take our cases is not it?"


We both raised and we kissed for everything until I looked in her eyes and our lips met, at this time, we become fools, our record on any other body, I began to unbutton as I made it his shirt mine went over my head and pushed me back on a couch. She let his shirt on the floor and we kissed and made for a good 20 minutes.

Undressing her bra and plays with her breasts and biting too soft suck. She felt my cock and told me they would take care of it.

Stacy got on my knees and undid my pants pulled my raging hard on and took in her mouth, deep throat after about 10 minutes of joy rang his phone, it was David, he said he was back on the way. Stacy said she would quit, but I for some to play more later.

She sucked me for a few minutes until I got a big load in her mouth. After removing swallowed and sometimes stroked my cock a current on her face and on her bare breasts to send. Stacy took the sperm of her face and chest and rubbed it all over to make it glow make the light.

Stacy looked up and raised the blinds were open and freaky.

I could say was, "If anyone has seen that they got one hell of a free show!"

She giggled and told me I had to go. I dressed as she did, and I went, she said, "Remember, do not know."

"I know, but maybe one day&# 39; ll catch and join me and Ashley?"

She looked at me with a big smile and said: "Lets do this more often."

I left.

Later that night, text that I and all said it was "Maybe;)" At that moment I knew that I made with my mother ex-girlfriends in a lot more fun!

A few days after me and Ashley got together again.

Now I wanted to take my girlfriend&# 39; s mother and his girlfriend at the same time!

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As my mother girlfriends and I started our sexcapades!

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