Mature Amateur

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  1. Tyson showed a weakness to a fighter who haves heart , that constantly sticks the jab in his face , dances laterally , and knows how to tie him up in close, without allowing Tyson to set up power punches ( Ali would of been Tyson's Achilles heel ) . If a fighter takes Tyson into the later rounds and manage to frustrate him , Tyson will get unfocused and starts becoming a one punch fighter. I guess this is what Holyfield realized after seeing Buster Douglas proved it so.

    Notice that some of these amateur boxers fought Tyson better than his pro fight opponents because they weren't fighting the hype when they fought him , also the MOB didn't dictate who Tyson's amature opponents were to be because had they had influence over his amature fights then Tillman wouldn't have won both of those fights . Notice how Tyson suddenly started racking up the knockouts when he turned pro and not so many when he was an amateur . They were hand picked opponents that were tailored made to Tyson's style of fighting. Tyson had NYC MOB money invested in him being a champion. Why do you think they had him skip the Olympics and go pro , because there were a possibility of a foreign boxer demolishing him and the MOB had no control over the Olympics to keep that from happening. The MOB had too much money riding on Tyson being the champ to take the risk.
    Anyway… Tyson was basically a no name fighter , therefore , there were no reputation to fear because the other amature boxers were trying to get a name like Tyson was. Media hype of a boxer can help defeat his/her opponent before even getting into the ring.

  2. 80s Tyson was on some elite level not just skill wise but his love and hunger for boxing was immense , when cus died he was literally hurting guys for cus's legacy. A true great, one of the best fighters ever period and my favourite ever.

  3. I can't stand these idiot commentators who state that some guy's height is really this or that. Tyson is 5-11./ Case closed. Idiot cunt. Also, he is about 25 lbs bigger than Marcin o —a heavyweight back then, and about 15 pounds bigger than Frazier, a heavyweight on generation removed.

  4. iron mike tyson was a special figure fighters like mike come every 50 yrs. so who EVER!!! & I repeat EVER!!! says tyson is.over rated like rodger mayweather said.you don't know S.H.I.T.!!!!!! about boxing !!! mike tyson very special in the history books!!!

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