Million Dollar Traders (Full Series 1 of 3)

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  1. I quote "If you gonna sell them at 7 later an hour, sell them at 7.26 now, think about what you say, it's unbelievable"
    He's probably waiting for the breakout to hold and go higher, but if the stock couldn't hold and hit his stop he's gonna get out. Why Anton thinks it's unbelievable? This bugged me for a while man. The only possible anwser is the stock already hit his stop loss

  2. This was recorded in summer 2008 and these people are trading like in the stone age – placing the trades via telephone. And they get their trade ideas from the bloody manipulating market news telly channel. Seems to me, no one uses candlesticks or market scanners to find fast moving stocks although all have really small positions. Catastrophe – someone lost 200 pounds! The world ends! Someone invests in a gas utility …oh my god…does anything move more slowly than utilities? But perhaps he was interested in the dividend – LOL. In my opinion, I am a lousy trader, but these guys are even worse. And the hedge fund supervisor, Mr. Anton Kreil, plays the role of the greedy SOB with the icecold eyes (I know this is only a performance for TV – Mr. Kreil behaves completeley different in other videos).

  3. Trading blindly is not the right ingredient for a professional trader let alone for a hookie.Trading blindly is complete madness.It's the definition of insanity.Obviously,these people are inexperienced in trading and they chose the wrong time to do so.The recession of 2008 drove the markets worldwide on unstable ground.They were pretty shaky and volatile.They should've given them some tips or some training at least to get them started in the right path.I'd be surprised if they had made any profitable trade at all back then.

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