My First Orgasm

My name is Elli and I recently turned nineteen. I grew up in a fairly large house with my two older brothers Nathan and Steven and mother Maureen. My parents separated when I was 13 years old and my father took. Years later I learned it was because he had a very low sex drive, while my mother a shameless bitch, which was required as much sex as possible. My mother has always been very open with us about sex and none of us were embarrassed to the house to be naked.

Mom would often swim friends and socialize at the pool and they end up usually naked.

One afternoon, shortly after my sixteenth birthday, I came home from school home to my mother and her friend, Vivian, to find sunbathing naked by the pool. I went to say hello and let mother know I was home.

Vivian smiled and said hello then told me how Mom had told him I wanted to earn some extra cash. I replied that I was when I was now sixteen and needed to start saving for a car. She said she needed a babysitter for Friday night I thought a bit odd as it was at the beginning of the fifties, so that all children, she had weren&# 39; go t Babysitter need. She then explained that she had promised her daughter she would look after her two year old son in the night, but then discovered that her husband had tickets to a fundraising dinner. I agree, and they told me there to be six, and would be too late, so I could spend the night.

If on Friday night my mother took me Vivian&# 39; home, and I was greeted at the door by her husband, David, who said Vivian above was always ready. David was a tall, distinguished gentleman looked the same age as his wife. Vivian came downstairs and my boggled eyes down.

She wore a long dress, black cocktail which showed most of its big mature tits and high heels. She said her son was sleeping and breakfast just to check on him from time to time or if he was crying. She then told me to help me at all and should go home at midnight or so.

After David and Vivian had left, I got a drink and sat seen on the couch watching TV. After a few hours I got bored with what was and went to the cupboard where they kept their DVD. I began to see the movies, but they all seem to have been what I considered "Older Movies", That changed when I got to the last two rays. The first was full of X films that somehow shocked a bit, because I knew that Vivian did not hesitate to nudity, which I always thought of her as a kind of upper class, as she spoke in an English accent chic and in the usually wore expensive clothes brand.

I looked in the bottom shelf and found that all disks were marked hand usually only with names and dates. Although they were only labeled with name, it seemed to be too many that I have been a coincidence, recognized. Most seemed to my mother to be name&friends; # 39. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to take a look at one of the disks.

I read written by hand the title and noticed one was labeled "Maureen" I decided not to see, afraid of what I can see.

I finally decided on a plate marked "Sandy and Alan" I thought was one of my mother&Friends of labor, a woman in her mid-thirties thick black curls; # 39. I turned on the player then took a seat on the couch. When the image came on she showed Vivian wears a long, white satin dress. She smiled and waved.

The image panned Sandy to show in a short, black see through nightie, naked underneath. She sat on the lap of her husband, Alan, who was naked and had to play his hands in her nightgown with his battered medium sized breasts.

I started to get into my vagina a strange feeling in my stomach and a warm, tingling sensation. I pulled my blouse and bra and started my firm tits to massage me on Alan sits imagine&Knee; #. 39

My first orgasm

I stood up and pulled my shorts and panties and then lying on the sofa to enjoy the movie.

Vivian undid the belt of her dress and slipped out of her beautiful tits and shaved pussy to show smooth. She knelt before Sandy and lifted her nightie a hairy pussies I’ve ever seen unveiled.

Vivian buried her face in Sandy&# 39; Pussy while Alan sat her beautiful breasts to fondle.

Meanwhile I had moved a hand on my vagina, which had become slippery and wet. I put a finger and moved slowly, while I massaged my breasts and pinched my nipples with the other. I started my clitoris and couldn rubbing&# 39; t help moan as I had the best feeling I experienced in my life had.

The zoom camera Vivian Sandy Lick&# 39; Pussy give me a close-up of his tongue touching her swollen clit.

The zoom camera and Alan took his wife to his knees and stood up. He put his hand on her head and pulled her to her beautiful big cock. Sandy took it eagerly into her mouth and began to suck like it was some sort of sweet exotic.

"Oh yes, suck baby. It feels so good," Alan moaned.

I put my clit rubbing wondered what it would be to have a big cock in my mouth. I was excited and a little disgusted at the same time. The same was true for a woman to lick my pussy but watch Sandy moan and squirm with pleasure made me sure it was something I wanted to try.

Alan pulled his dick from his wife&# 39; Mouth and got on his knees behind Vivian.

He slapped her buttocks in turn and then grabbed her hips and pushed his cock in her, fuck her like she was a dog in heat. Sandy began to moan loudly she was Cumming and pushed Vivian&hard against her pussy head; #. 39

"I&# 39; m Cumming. Oh, make me cum.

Lick my hairy pussy while my husband fuck your hot wet pussy. Oh yeah baby, suck my clit!"

Sandy let out a scream as her orgasm her hips keep circling like a woman possessed.

My first orgasm

She then got up and out of sight. Alan sat fucking from behind Vivian, his trembling ass every time. They moved off the couch to Vivian was on his hands and knees in front of the camera.

She had a glazed look on her face as she was hypnotic trance in a way. Alan sat her pussy pounding from behind so hard and fast as he could. Her big tits gorgeous back before swinging. Alan cried he would enjoy.

"Yes lovers, give it to me," Vivian moaned in his refined British accent. "Shoot your hot cum beautiful in my love hole."

"Here it comes baby," Alan grunted as he shot his load deep in Vivian&# 39; s cunt loans.

"Oh, mmm," Vivian purred when she peaked. "It was so good."

42 years and enjoy my first black cock

The whole time I kept rubbing and fingering my pussy when suddenly my whole body seemed to tremble and my pussy seemed to explode in waves of ecstasy that I ever experienced my first orgasm.

I have to go a bit, because the next thing I was reminding the headlights of a car, pulled into the driveway. I quickly pulled my shorts and blouse, my underwear hidden under one of the cushions. I pretended to sleep then.

"I&# 39; I stayed up all night to die," I heard David. "Knowing that you are naked under that dress.

My first orgasm

Imagine I could only lift and fuck you in front of a whole room of people."

I turned, where the voices came and hidden from view. David Vivian put her hands clutching her ample ass.

They began to kiss passionately. She rubbed the bulge in his pants as he put his hands moving on her buttocks while telling her how sexy she was. They moved apart and David took off his pants while Vivian leaning on the dining table.

He relieved his cock in her and then slowly began to move again. He gently stroked her ass to say how nice it was and what he was to have such a sexy woman for one lucky guy. He leaned forward and opened her dress her nice big breasts Releasing, she caresses when he fucked slowly.

I moved my hand on my pussy and slowly began to never take my eyes off the stage take to rub against me. David pulled his cock his wife and I felt a tingling as he shone with his juice.

She stood up and pulled his robe as he pulled off his shirt. She leaned back on the table. It was so hot bent only black stockings and high heels.

David entered her pussy and then she began to pump his nice big cock. He went out and Vivian moved on her back with her legs in the air. David re-entered and moved slowly in and out, her big breasts move in time his strokes.

He put his hands on her breasts and massage for as stoking speeds. He moved like wildly as they both moaned with pleasure. Both Cumming called it about the same time were, and I felt my own orgasm wash over me. I quickly rushed off my shorts and I on the sofa before they catch me.

I woke up the next day showered and breakfasted with Vivian and David before they drove me home. I did not know that this would result in a whole lot more.

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