My New Found Lovers

My name is Alex Williams, I retired to live in an apartment block, you&# 39; d think life would be rather uneventful, but not so!

We have a good community spirit in Country Side, so I don&# 39; t get a recluse I to the various functions for held like to go to be, and by the more than sixty local committee – of qui I now Beens officiellement chairman .and made I look forward to the weekly events such as bingo and has monthly fish and chip Quiz night and the like.

We also have our own amateur dramatic society, and it is always great fun. Nothing taken to gravement and always we forget our lines, qui makes it all the more fun and there is always laughter from a wide variety of visitors from local organizations for the elderly, and we get some younger people come to see us.

.That’s how I est devenu Acquainted with Helen. She has the invitation and said that I always made them laugh the most.

You, like me, is about sixty-five, and I was not expecting anything in our age more than just a friendly company when she invited me to look into her home to her family photos.

She lost her husband about five years ago and said he was greatly missed, that I. Of _him_ Remembered

After one or two out – and they visit me in my apartment aussi, played the games we est like chess and the like devenu standard goal of the evening, after-a while me so warm Smiled – I could tell she had something on her head, just as she had beens in deep thought, I was getting to know Helen very well – and quite frankly, it was asked if I’d like to &# 39; take it to something else?&# 39;

Not knowing quite what she had in mind, I asked her – and her smile was so sweet and discouraging the little brush her cheek contre Mine was so warm and feel her little hand on my thigh; Art gave me the feeling that they had something else in mind and much more intimate.

Who would want to target Helen Thought that. Align these eyes told me she DID; "It has really-was so long ago, David and I … well, you know, and as I said; You have so much remind me of _him_. Alex"

Sitting there and feel her warmth as she closed me, the gentle touch of her brush kisses all over my cheeks and my lips Then I made her over completely different feel.

Only a while ago she was just a friend, okay you she was interested in a girlfriend goal come I never thought in a month on Sundays in something more than just business.

For an older woman her kisses were as fiery as I remember the last woman I was with Expired Cynthia. Who was my junior ten years, who had decided me to leave another their age for the ratings, and that was fair enough, they had to live their lives, and we I took both cams to a mutual agreement, and by this time to you my sex life over and it was decided to settle for the sweet and sexy sometimes memories of how sweet it was with Cynthia.

Then end it was as if a miracle had struck my being, and I felt Helen&# 39; begin s hands to explore I wanted to do the same, she was cute and charming, spoke with a highly durable voice qui were present, whispering as I only realized how much they enjoyed my presence.

"`Should I get a piece of cake and tea" Suddenly she annonce all and it really felt like they really tempting, they must have known I was fired my kisses always qui were a little on the &# 39; French&# 39; Side and enjoyed em as much as I – And there was something else to surprise me qui began to grow in my corduroy pants – she had noticed? That’s why she said she would get refreshment that they really didn&# 39; t want something more than just the convenience of an innocent hug or two?

I was thinking trust me to mess it up, it would not-have-been the first time that I had misjudged the needs of a woman more, most times, when only one type of sexual, that a woman who a bit of romance thrown like. Purpose, think about; she had initiated it, and I think the romance was there enough angry to play all the times we had spent together board and card games and the sweet talk

Goal I needn&# 39; t-have-been concerned because Almost returns with refreshment, it that David always insisted before her, continued refreshment!

So I contented myself just to relax in anticipation, as it would be after Freshener, looking at Helen in a completely Call different from and realize how stupid I had Beens before noticing in not only how attractive she for someone her age was, her slim curvy face and legs like a 30 years old and a car to die, everything happened then and I crossed my legs a budding peripheral qui tried to control, come out, as it had been inactive-for so long ,

Goal whole time I thought; Alex are gentle, you don&# 39; t really know this woman that a lot, they can bold and dislike to the point, many women first the gentle wooing wanted.

New Throat Queen is now legally!

And I thought I knew women! Helen showed me that I didn&# 39; t; But when she bit on her woe-betide it if you left left ’em down. And there was me thinking it was just me who was awakened.

After our good refreshment of home made rolls and coffee enjoyed, she said she&# 39; Wash d later and cleared the table, and as she was snuggled up close to me, ask tease her fingers around the contours of my mouth and she whispers to ask if I want to go further.

It was so nice to have a woman to do what after-which one had occurred a century ago, I&# 39; d lost my voice in the absolute thrill of all, I -but her positive nod – under the steadfastness Then relax and let them only see her my bump, they made the buttons of my shirt slowly reversed and teasingly, opening Then it’s on and felt her fingertips over my chest running in small circles, as they we went into town with French really kisses Those&# 39; d started before the refreshment break.

I was so in my element, feel so right and good, again enjoy a wonderful woman fertile.

She continued t me to explore, tease her fingers under my trouser belt, ask releasing the buckle and ask her very provocative if I want for them next?

you didn&# 39; t have to quit. We both knew what she meant, and when it happened, to feel a woman you like only able to touch a woman to do the utter passion in her sweet body and those moans of pure joy to feel as they, along with their fingers up and down ran my now well-grown erection itself was heaven. I did not want to be selfish, the feeling that I shoulds do likewise something. Purpose she whispered still had plenty of time and just lay back and enjoy that I was so wonderfully warm and beautiful in every way, and then I felt the warmth of her breath as she instinctively took everything into his mouth and gave me the most wonderful deep and slow spoilage I ever had Encountered.

It seemed to continue for an age, they touch me under, and squeezing cupping me easily and really to enjoy the fullest as my length take the head to move in different ways, on and turn, so much to enjoy and hardly a break for breath, and then, when she did; Saw me just whisper to them how good I tasted and how much she was pleased me quite call prospect – If the fine with me!

You can easily&# 39; t imagine what this has done for me, it made me feel so good that I could still provide what it takes to please a woman and I knew I would-have no problems with their loyalty, especially after-what she did and me just a strong urge feel to fuck her

Spying my mom and her lover at home

Goal then and her, so she said in the way of -fact-matter, if I wanted it now could enjoy before we fucked – yes she said the word, and the fact that she said it made me want it all do with her, I soon had rolled her skirt back on her waist, and in the magnificent appearance Took the those gorgeous black laced panties she wore, she was’ em to wear just for me, or have them wear it all the time? It does not matter; I indulged in a little smothering it to start with, then they – pressing any trouble at all, to open for me wide, then just relax and go for something that I always enjoyed in foreplay, just entre my face those gorgeous white thighs and choked her with kisses and lots of very slow and tasty sucks, first through her panties and then shift em aside that to find such a wonderful sculpture of pure womanhood touching, teasing, to taste and enjoy it until we were both at the same time sucking , lick and taste today. We have to do an hour all the things only we had fantasies of after-telling each other these fantasies, she said that they are ready for my fuck, squeezed my scope in a way that I knew she was hungry, to see how they ouvert that the wonderfully warm and sexy smile on her face as she as wide as for me it was her all for my pleasure advert was absolutely electric.

I felt so much, nothing was pounding I am now able to stop from reviews instantly enters time, slipping inside and give her to see hard to rough a really good.

Wow! It was so good, the release of energy intensity in my being, a feeling that they squeeze me into her as she as much as I the hell post. It is always good to find some rhythm, That inspires you, the grunting and the cams from our lungs moaning like there’s no tomorrow, that we both burst and explode, and I would fuck her-have forever.

How nice for both of us it was ouvert a new beginning and made life so much more meaningful, the meetings and intensive est devenu If we continue until we were happy.

In fact, Helen was my new found lover fully.

Helen again my lost libido

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