NCIX Bankruptcy Auction – Day 2 FINALE

Mature Amateur

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  1. Was i the only one that was like "No way, don't lie. you 100% dont have over a million subs"

    then paused the video to search him and was like oh sh*t xD

    didnt expect that one!

  2. Stupid buyers over bid like this all the time. Then they get fucked for another +30% for auction fee and taxes. At the pre-view, the decent stuff had opening bids of 80-90% of the items value (not including taxes yet) so its already over valued. The crowd is full of shillers, stupid bidders or money launderers. Its a shady business where you used to find deals.

  3. The first video was kind of sad, I imagine that was super bittersweet. This one however was hilarious, seeing how much people were bidding. LOL. 300 freaking dollars for a keyboard. And the guy was indifferent about it. lol. Someone is going to be disappointed at those GPU shrouds. LOL. Probably just looked at the picture without thinking.

  4. Gotta appreciate the gesture Linus made to the MindChop guys. If any good could’ve come from that auction, it was that. Just for that, I’ll sub to the cat channel, along with the MindChop channel.

  5. Linus, you're too nice. I would never have given away that plaque. Something you earned like that belongs to you. It's a nice gesture, good guy Linus and all that. But I certainly wouldn't have given it to somebody who runs a top 10 channel who hasn't updated it in 3 months.

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