NEW Canon M Series Cameras? (Mature Line-Up Projection)

Mature Amateur

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  1. I think Canon is going to be like this. Mirroring their aps-c line;
    M? – 7d type, pro body, dual card slots, high frame rate, rugged body
    M5 – 80d equivalent. They are priced similarly and similarly speced. Expecting successors with better specs than M50
    M50 – 77d equivalent. Not sure why this level exists to be honest. But i guess Canon seems it necessary.
    M6 – t7i equivalent. Similar price and specs. Again, likely both are to be upgraded soon. Might be amalgamated into the M50 line.
    M100 – t6 equivalent. Similar price and specs. Meant as a casual or beginner budget option.

    I think the line up will have a "pro" aps-c mirror less like the 7d at the top maybe M1 mk1 or something. Then have the tiers beneath be like M#(currently M5), M##(currently M50), M###(currently M100). For the sake of having an organized lineup I hope the m6 and M50 are amalgamated in the next gen. The M6 and the 77d are at weird spots in the lineup. Ithink having the M6 and M5 was an experiment to see if consumers wanted an evf or not. And due to the M50 having an evf I think that sales showed consumers preferred a built in evf. If that isn't the case and they both remain their separate line, then the table on top shows how I think the lineup should be.

  2. What I do know is that Canon and Nikon are in trouble. They HAVE to release something to compete with Sony and time is running fast for them. I am pretty sure Sony is constantly working hard and we will soon see the sucessor of the A6500 and it will surely be a killer camera with all new technology Sony has packed in their recent cameras, wonderful autofocus system, incredibly fast FPS. I honestly don't know if Canon has time to reverse this situation.

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