NEW HOST? – WAN Show May.11 2018

Mature Amateur

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  1. before nintendo starts charging for the online how about they idk add in some features? like voice chat and make adding friends easy. not some fucking method of using a smartphone with a shitty as fuck headset.

  2. For WAN Show, it would be amazing to have 3+ people hosting. Just like this one. All 4 of you hosting together or split up would be great with others coming in for specific topics like Jon does for law stuff. This was a really fun episode to watch.

  3. ticket sales should require a name be entered when purchased and is printed on the ticket, provide ID with matching name of entry or GTFO. resales should be done so via official channels

  4. usually love your show, but i can't watch while he is wearing those sunglasses, all i could see was the reflection in them, trying to see what is in the little reflected windows of those super ugly sunglasses.

  5. I could see this in military applications.. self-flying drone goes into a building to map it out, sends that map data to robots that then go in and clean house.

  6. i genuinely prefer James/Luke WAN shows. I know linus/luke is the traditional pairing, but when Jame and Luke host it, they cover more news, go into more detail, spend less time rambling on random stories, and just have a better… flow. with Linus, they can spend like 25 minutes on one thing.

  7. It's only on PC, but you can totally stream your game to just your friend with Nvidia share. You can even let your friend control your game remotely that way. My friend and I do it all the time and it's free. You can even play local coop games online with it if your friend has 2 input devices plugged into their PC. And that's totally not some "hack". Nvidia advertises that using it for that, it's awesome! How do you not know about this already, Luke?!

  8. Steam does support streaming to a group of friends, and nividia does so with a shared controller over Nvidia share.
    Probably what Nintendo will implement as well.

  9. 25:23 In Denmark scalping was solved by making it illegal to sell tickets for more than the normal price of the ticket. If you are caught selling tickets over the normal asking price you will be fined a months income and if you are a repeat offender, you will be jailed for 30days.

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