New York Whitetail Deer Hunt Buck Down!!! Self-filmed!

Mature Amateur

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  1. Awesome footage, and awesome hunt.  Congrats on both.  Awesome shot as well.
    I love real videos like this, being able to hear them walk in the leaves gets my blood boiling! 
    Again congrats!    I love that rush !!!

  2. Well done! Can't wait to start filming hunts myself this year. Videos like yours gets the heart a pumping. Sept. 1st starts black bear season, and Sept. 15th starts whitetail season here in NH. Good luck this year and thanks for the video.

  3. Great Job on the shot and handling the Camera! Looks like your using a Cannon Xa10? i bought one last year and started filming my hunts. I did not do as well you did. I only got a few doe kills on camera. Congrats on a very successful Hunt!

  4. Wow, that was absolutely amazing. From covering all the angles, to having the thought process to grab the camera right away to track the deer on film and catch him falling on film is awesome. This takes a lot of skill. Congratulations.

  5. Beautiful shot, video, hunt, etc.  I love the excitement when you start naming all your gear and then state, "I have a lot going on".  I envy you , whereas I am yet to get a deer.  I have been hunting for years and haven't gotten one.  However, it's ONLY my fault.  I need to do the homework and spend time in the woods prior to the start of the season.


  6. Great job. The harvest of the deer speaks for itself . Great job on the filming. What kind of fold up arm do you use. where your other 2 cameras Go Pros with remotes I thought I filmed my first buck kill with a bow this year. Had the deer in frame followed him perfectly he was in the center of the frame when I dropped him in his tracks at 27 yards. Then I realized I forgot to hit the record button. Bitter sweet I was so happy to have dropped my first buck with a bow and so disappointed that it was not on film because I thought I got it all. REALLY ENJOYED YOUR VIDEO.

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