Nikki Bella Is Doing Good After “Mature” Breakup With John Cena | E! Live from the Red Carpet

Mature Amateur

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  1. You are my #Fearless Nikki ALWAYS but I know we're all human. There's nothing wrong in admitting when you're hurting. I mean 6 years with someone is a long time in this day and age. This was smart about not ever wanting to live in regret or a marriage where both people aren't both all in for it, the same when it comes to kids. Neither should happen when someone in the relationship truly isn't ready. I had a breakdown from a relationship and we weren't together as long as you and John were nor were we engaged. Emotions can be tough and really mess with us. Brue bring there reminded me of my sister being there for me. None of us are superhuman even when we want to be Wonder Woman or Superman. I can see the growth and the maturity. Nikki this has definitely made you stronger, but I'm hoping you and John work it out find your rainbow and happy ending. #HopelessRomantic

  2. “Mature” breakup? Really? Don’t think so. They put everything on their show and on social media then asks for privacy. She was the very opposite of mature on the show. She was a self absorbed, self entitled brat. She brought nothing to the table but verbal manipulation. John deserves her if he was fooled by her tactics.

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