No Doubt – Don’t Speak

Mature Amateur

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  1. This song hurt me because this is how I felt about my husband not emailing me even though I was sending emails and he was not and is still not answering (but now I know why – but then I did not) Plus I also knew that Gwen Stefani had a relationship with the guitar player and she must have been singing her hurt out about him, so that was interesting. Like Boy George did – who I love. But I felt I knew what my husband really was saying to me "take the hint that I do not love you and stop contacting me" – but I loved him, so I just kept doing it. But I did ask him to at least email me and tell me that he didn't love me – he never did. Monique Archey

  2. I loved a girl. And I’m not naive. But god damn. She ended up getting a government job up north. And promised she would wait for me. We dated for a year and she was the last woman I put effort into. I recently found out she found someone else. Fuck. I’ll move on. But love sucks. Makes me want to not try anymore.

  3. makes no FUCKING difference to me! WHETHER YOU SPEAK OR NOT! ITS GOD BREATHE! i wont grieve, my spirit wont grieve! YOU'LL LIFE! MY LIFE! THIS GOD BREATHE AND BODY! WE ALL ARE DUST! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. La escuché cuando tenía 6 años y recuerdo muy clarito ese día, sonaba en una estación de radio de Coro, que colocaban música anglo. Era el éxito del momento, hoy con nostalgia a mis 27, la escucho como la primera vez. ¡Que temazo!

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