nVidia’s FIRST SLI Gaming Setup! – RECONSTRUCTED

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  1. I remember the days of running my x2 9800 card. It was SLI that was on a single card. Still had all the pains of getting SLI to run on whatever game you wanted, but man when it worked, IT WORKED. Many LAN parties were saved by the utilization of that cards power. Thanks for a nostalgia trip back to my younger years!

  2. I like how on screen definitions for the acronyms at the beginning were included. You should do that for all acronyms used in the videos. SO many different acronyms are used ESPECIALLY in IT (I work in software development, it seems like a new acronym is used and/or created everyday at work…), and it can be frustrating when you don't remember just one of them, since you bassically become lost on what is being discussed when you don't know one. Just an idea. 🙂

  3. I have 2 x GTX690s, which had different BIOSes. They ran terribly unstable in pretty much all games. I had to read the 3 BIOSes on one of the cards and then flash those 3 BIOSes to the other card. That seems to have worked, since all games work perfectly fine now. Quad-SLI is sexy :-p

  4. EEEEhhh! I had almost what you showed here! DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR modded just like that with the same cooler on the chipset! Which was actually a graphics card cooler, the Evercool VC-RE I think it was (just searched). Opteron 146 (and then the dual core 165…and before an A64 3000+ Venice) but with the famous Freezer 64 Pro, and a XFX 6800gs that looked just like those ones. And once I had the opportunity of testing SLI for a brief mnoment when I purchased another 6800gs for a friend. AND runned F.E.A.R. too!! And yes, it was just as you said! But then when I upgraded to a 8800GTS 640MB I didn't missed that SLI setup haha! Oh yeah…good times…

  5. LED strips were not invented when this build came out and therefore this build is rendered useless… Please install green cold cathodes to allow the SLI to work at optimised setting.

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