Over 50 skin routine | Rocking Fashion & Life in my 50’s

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  1. Tu es vraiment chanceuse d'avoir cette génétique! Tu as une très files peau. Je suis loi aussi une fan d'huile de coco. Merci de partager avec nous ta routine, je like #225 à bientot xxx

  2. Elisa, I'm the new subscriber binge watching your videos out of order…

    I really love your hair in this one. The color, your cut, etc. I almost commented in another video about my chicken skin neck I just started noticing this year!! I'm glad you brought it up… I will try your advice with some of the products you suggested. You are beautiful ❤

  3. wow you look stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am wanting to do the same with hair but i am scared but after watching all the videos until now hey i think i am going for it!!!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your routine! I have not colored my hair since Sept 2017 (7 months now) and I am really liking the texture of my own hair. I had the frizzies (live in Vancouver where it is humid) and I now think it was the dye damaging my hair and that was causing frizzies. The gray hair is not frizzing. So happy! I hope my transition will be similar to yours. Your hair looks amazing! Thanks for the skin tips!

  5. Best body scrub is caster sugar which is fine ground (not the icing one )and your favourite oil. Just mix in hands and rub all over whilst standing in the shower. Then rinse and pat dry. Most bought scrubs are expensive and too scratchy.

  6. Thank God!! I appreciate you so much…everyone else on you tube spends thousands of dollars on skin care and Shiesado cotton pads and chanel eye cream etc etc …im so glad your real about things…I use toilet paper to wipe off greasy oil rather than ruin cotton wash clothes…i use it to blot lipstick i use it to blow my nose and whatever else i need to grab something quickly for…Thanks for being an everyday woman!

  7. Love that you didn’t feel like you had to fluff up what you actually do to impress anyone. ❤️And of course you are always beautiful!!! I exfoliate every day bc and I think it helps with radiance. Happy Easter!!! ❤️🙏🏻😘

  8. Hi ya girlie! Your hair is growing to fast! It's getting more S&P then white now..it look so fab! I know this vid is about your gorgeous skin but you shine so bright it's hard to look at just one beauty point! Always always so happy to see a new Elisa vid! Have a wonderful Easter luv! OXOXO

  9. Love this edgy way you styled your hair. Rock on!
    Please consider giving your thoughts on what colors you suggest using for makeup. Since I transitioned to grey, I feel a bit washed out and unsure what colors might best flatter. Be Well!

  10. Elisa you are so cool ♡ ♡ ♡ I say the same 😀 no smok no Alkohol I love to walk in the feld 😍 but not so much sun 👍 my products are seba med I have sensitiv skin and dry .and I love the cocosol too and other öl Olive .. have a beautyful Easter Weekend 😙 hugs Ellen

  11. Woow my Beautiful Elisa…you mean no retina A, no AHA, vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid, peptides, argan oil, etc….3 step 5 step 7 step skincare routines….and your skin looks wonderful like this?…yes your mom gave you excellent genes….and your eating habit support it further…I am so with you on that not eating from box food….a grocery stores should be a simple concept of produce, meat and milk products……we do not need anything more….I am so rubing that olive oil on me….you look fabulous…..big hugs…Jana

  12. I have a secret for the age spots on the hands! Use a hand cream with sun protection like the one I use from Eucerin or just use sunblock. Believe me, I don't have age spots on my hands! Thank you Elisa! I will start removing my makeup with coconut oil to see how it goes. I love coconut oil, it's amazing for everything! Love your videos as always gorgeous sister!

  13. Ehhhh Elisa Bella Mia, what can I say ur just a natural beauty. You're right u have great genes , your mum is beautiful and smart. No sun and no cigarettes. I hope u don't mind but I do not have any sisters, so I have adopted u as my virtual sister. I can so relate to you, you're so down to earth even your skin care is easy shows you don't have to spend lots of money on skincare. You're so real girl, that's why I adore you. ((( hugs)))

  14. I look horrible pale due to dark circles and blue veins but I started using self tanners; lesser of two evils. I am noticing my face cream not working as much so I am using the rose hip oil and almond oil. I smoked in my 20's and stress of my parents' illnesses aged me but I do have good genes. At the end of my Mom's life, I saw her whole body daily and she had the smoothest skin at 83. She never sat in sun but also smoked for 20 years. The smoking ultimately gave her cancer later on.

  15. I love olive oil, and coconut oil. Beauty cream I can buy by the pound rather than the _ounce_! More effective for me than expensive brands. Thank you for the great video!

  16. I use olive oil and coconut oil to remove my make up and as a moisturizer. I always have it in the house. God created them for us to use on our skin. Why would I use the dangerous chemicals that are used in the beauty industry, when we have a natural solution?

  17. You have such beautiful skin! I am beyond envious. 😣 Living in Australia, the skin cancer capital of the world, where tanning is a national past time, my skin is certainly bearing witness to the ravages of time. I didn't start using sunscreen until very recently but of course it is far too late to stop the damage. I recently started using a derma roller and have noticed an improvement in my skin tone and wrinkles. I spent a kings ransom on serums and potions and I'm not convinced they are making much difference. The only one I feel has made any improvement is the Retinoid 2% which has noticeably lightened my dark sunspots.
    I love your simple, inexpensive routine, I will definitely be using some of them in the future. 🕉

  18. My momma had peaches blessed skin. As for me I didn't follow her example I spent My Teenage life too much in the Sun baking..and now I have those beauty spots on my face! I do much the same as you….cold wash in the morning and Sunscreen…I see you use
    st.john cream..me too ( love it).. olive oil yes thumbs up… Vaseline forever and always gotta have in ones skin care routine for sure…And number one being happy with what you have and keep health! Great video..
    Pss.. happy dance that your skin care routine IS NOT a high-end products. So relieved and it all reasonable!

  19. Hi Elisa! You look excellent! Every time you say your age, I’m surprised! I love how you use olive oil and coconut oil! My diet sucks and if it wasn’t for my genes my skin would have sucked too! As usual great video!! One day I will grow up to be just like you 🙂 I like how you get so much info in a short video.

  20. I tried to suntan when I was younger but I would get too hot and bored to do it for too long. I have been using plain yogurt as a skin exfoliator lately. I just apply it on my face and neck or sometimes I do my whole body and just lay in the tub. I let stay on for about 10 minutes or until I can't stand it any more. Then I rinse it off. It leaves my skin soft. After rinsing it I exfoliate with a wash cloth or a soft body exfoliating mitt that I have. The yogurt has linoleic acid in it was brightens the skin. I am not sure if it lightens the skin over long term so I'd watch for that with darker skin. For washing my face and body I use coconut soap and water.

    I totally agree on the good food part. The better I eat the better my skin looks and I am, also, blessed with some good genetics skin wise. The more greens I eat the better my skin is. My lips actually plump out if I am diligent about my greens.

  21. You're skin is really beautiful and the hair!!!!  Gawwwwd!!!! I love that you use natural products.  I use oils – Grape seed oil,  rose hip oil, etch.  I  get organic little bottles for only $12 or so and they last for a couple months.  I will try the olive oil and see how my skin does. ~hugs~

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