Pa Goes The Extra Mile

My name is Andrew and I’m thirty-three. I live and work in Sydney. My boss was Amy, the mid-fifties, very attractive and in shape! We have to have a lot of business lunches, etc., where it would be trapped in wines and animated.

Pa Goes The Extra Mile

She was married with two small children. She would often tell stories about his sex life, when she was younger. You and I always flirted a bit, when drunk, but never did anything I thought it was just fun innocent.

Amy gave me recently received a promotion and told me in my new role, I need a PA I have to do a lot of presentations would be to travel and would not have time to scratch me.

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I seek not the first idea what attributes would be me. My first thoughts were for an elderly person, very mature and trustworthy, someone who was well known in the role, so I have to train on any way.

It was while working drinks on a Friday night that Amy asked me how my search for a PA was. I told him my intention to appoint someone who was a little older and very experienced.

She looked at me strangely.

"After all my progress, I was convinced that you were not interested in older women?"

I almost fell my glass. What did she say?

What progress?

I admit that I am as hell still excited when we were together, they would always brush my arm, put his hand on my leg, laughing, etc. but I never take interest. I often think of him when I have sex with my girlfriend and had a handjob. It was definitely a MILF.

"You do not want someone older than your PA, they will try and boss you around.

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You want younger, very attractive that you can teach the ropes someone, and we hope that they decide that the only way to get the bonus, you are weekly blows! "

I was shocked and embarrassed. I did not hear the Amy; Finally, she was my boss! She gave me a kiss on the cheek and winking me.

"I think of you today to kiss my husband evening than I did."

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She turned then and celebrated a taxi.

The following Monday I went early into the office that I knew I had a massive presentation complete. When I logged in on my computer, I noticed that Amy had booked in an AP interview ten to noon.

What had she done?

That she had done?

I have the calendar of Amy and she did not want to be lunch time, so I could not ask him. I was nervous.

At ten o’clock my phone rang in the office and it was the front office.

Our receptionist told me that was my first day here. I asked them to be sent. Five minutes later, opened my office door and a young girl was walking, she could not be at the age of twenty-one.

She was attractive, in a professional manner, had a black Sketch with a white blouse.

pulled hair back and sunglasses.

"Hi Andrew, I’m Mia and I’m here for the job interview."

I did not know what to ask him. I started a general discussion about the company and what my new role involved.

She seemed to look right through me. She seemed really shy and reserved, but not interested. She let me talk for a few minutes before stopping.

"What can I do to get the job?

Amy said that you were in older women, so I have not had much luck. "

I looked puzzled.

"This is the work of a PA, it does not matter what kind of woman I am."

Mia stood up and walked to my side of the desk.

"Look, I have to work really and lucky for you, I think you are very beautiful and I love guys to give a blow job."

I think my face must have given my intentions at this point, she fell to her knees almost immediately and ran to my zipper.

Slide down and unbuckle my pants at the same time quickly my semi-hard cock put protruding through the hole in my boxers.

"It seems that I have a good first impression."

When she took my cock in her mouth, she slowly let his lips my tree swallow. Take my head in his mouth and surrounds his tongue on my board. His hands cupped my balls dropped his saliva from my now very bright tail. I got chills in the back, my cock throbbing and I will be totally consumed at the moment.

The spontaneity of his tics suck me my dick and I certainly do not want to finish it. I could feel my cock swelling in preparation for the explosion.

I stroked the top of her head as she took me in her neck, with each saliva gurgling, not even let me go. I reached down and have encouraged them to stand up. She did, my eyes and kissed me in the most passive aggressive way.

Our tongues rested in and out of the mouth of the other and our hands were busy fitting clothing that was not already in disarray.

I saw Mia and her sitting on my desk and spread her legs. Its summit has been canceled.

I knelt before her and opened her skirt. I slipped out of her underwear and she raised willingly his feet on the desk, eating suspended its great cat myself.

I love my face in a sweet smell pussy bury and cover my lips in her fragrant juices. I threw in my tongue and quickly explored her lips slowly, to pull my hands on his ass me closer.

She started swinging his hips, fucking my face with her pussy. It was amazing. She had a little moan and slowed to rub against me very slowly, but with force.

That did not last more than thirty seconds before anything on them, and they went crazy. Grabbing the back of the head and not let it go.

I choked and she hugged me even tighter. I slid a finger into her pussy now pulsates to explore outside, then pinched his little pebble between my fingers. She moaned and cried.

"Fuck me Andrew!"

I stood up, and she took her white blouse very color of his skin prudish BH opened and exposed to the white perkiest breasts I had ever seen.

My cock seemed to oral work they gave me five minutes earlier.

Mia reached and began stroking my cock and then wrapped her legs around me. My pants were still around my ankles.

then began to unbutton my shirt. I intervened and took off my head and put my arms around her, kissed her neck, nibbling his ear, rubbing my hands in her hair.

I could her soft white breasts rubbed against my chest feel.

I lowered my hands, grabbed her ass and lifted slightly with his legs still wrapped around me, so that my cock to feel the warmth of beautiful wet pussy I used the tasting minutes had the pleasure.

Mia soft hands still out my shaft stroking my cock to her opening.

She moved and allowed me to enter it. Slowly at first, I slid my cock in and out of her tight tunnel wet love.

It felt so good, his fingers rubbed my hair and grabbed my shoulders as she arched her back; I could see my cock slide in and out.

Mia arched his back. She put her hands on my desk and bit her lip.

You never moaned so softly and stroked his hands on her breasts, each nipple pressed again to sit forward.

"I have to enjoy it," called Mia.

So she went bezerk again, push forward, where her ass was fully in my hands I held their weight when they like a woman possessed kissed.

Hopped up and down, his tongue in her mouth, I was near the explosion, I could feel her body tense, and when she let out a loud scream.

I could feel explode his cum on her.

I could no longer hold back and held my cock deeper and deeper into the journey, a sperm flow in her young innocent pussy releases.

I stale it on my desk, and she lay exhausted. I always started when I heard my open office door. I turned around quickly.

It was Amy!

"Have you found someone for the job?"

To be continued ……

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