“Substitute” Husband

– It happened in the second year after the wedding. We live in the same city with her husband’s parents, though separately. Celebrated 55 years in-law, everything was as usual. Then my husband went to the night shift, and home to me and my one year old child drove svёkor. Baby asleep on the road, […]

Three Friends

THREE FRIENDS Whoopee with Alexander on the occasion of his fortieth birthday was already in full swing when there was Semenovih family. More precisely, first came to his sister Eva, and later her husband. Eva loved brother and prepared for this day in advance. Acquired worthy gift, and even sewed a great summer dress. The […]

My Best Sex Stories

I write on the accession of Mile high club, "Kiss participation Party "or the joy that does not come with worry about pubic hair, I often turns my sex life is. Sometimes I even This exemption unsolicited advice based on personal experience

The Backyard View

It was a Sunday afternoon overcast, and I’m in my room, smoking a joint session of fat from my window. From where I sat, I had a clear vision of all my backyard and neighbors. I never admitted, but I had a great thing for the girl who lived next door. His name was Kim […]

American Bitch ‘The Beginning.

I was a lesbian stage go early in high school, of course, I’m mostly in the closet during the school year, my honest flirt with a friend often went unnoticed and was made as a joke either. I had to push the curious sex began to be virgin myself, my girlfriend at the time, Jill, […]

How It Happened

Here is how it happened. I was in primary school, and in the absence of my classes. Therefore, I and some of my friends were few semesters back. Every day at noon, we high tailed it would. Across the playground and in the adjacent park There were many bushes around the building and gave us […]

Marital Debt, Or Ebota-Toils. Part One

Gosha last year’s birthday, and knocked him 14 years old. Attention; the reader strained brains. This year has already knocked identity. How old Gaucher? Some of the readers of twist at the temple, someone thought – "Yes, Th for the garbage?", And someone takes a leaf of paper and equation with two unknowns. For a […]

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