What Is Your Price

I mean I had a sob story, but like most people, I am more dramatic than my own life. I grew up in a good home until my parents divorced when I was in 6th grade. While my parents were both of support and love, I lived with my mother and missed with my father […]

Number 4. «Discovery”

Slightly gloomy autumn evening, when the foliage has been shock freezing nights, faded and began to fall to the ground en masse, sheltering a thick carpet of sidewalks and the roadway. When the sky is threatening rain running down, but that’s beyond the threats he has not yet reach. When it gets dark it is […]

The Rooms In The Corridor [2]

"Okay, we 5. Only keep the house clean around his back, and no other guests than those already mentioned came to me," said Sandra X and Dani and nodded. They sat on the couch in the living room to play a TV show; Sandra and Vanity were about to go out for shopping, Danielle Candice […]