Teschin Lasky

We stayed in the private sector. The main thing that was not far from the sea. After dinner, his wife and father in law slept. Our rooms were in different corners of the house. I sat outside in the covered gazebo and smoked. Mother-in-law, with whom he had a very good relationship, strode past me […]

Aunt Ellen

I was a young teenager when I discovered sex. Of course, I had known that it exists and what it meant, but I had always thought it was just a bit strange. At some point, but I began to react differently when, for example, I saw a topless woman on television.

This Teacher

Vladimir A. Voronov was always a good and honorable man. No touchy, with a good sense of humor, kommunikabelnyy- is not a complete list of its advantages, which helped him in his work with the youth. Although the years of his approaching retirement, he did not think to leave his teaching career as a teaching […]

Surprise Afternoon

Copyright: Lesley Tara 2010 It was a typical British summer – which is cold, dreary, windy and rain, rain, rain. It was early April, had a brief period of good weather, but since the sun was barely his face and every weekend showed was miserably wet and dull.