Bad Teacher. Confession

Now just call me Natalie. I know three foreign languages, and his own, Russian, fluent, I akyu about like Sharon Stone, analytical mind, quick reading method in the bosom, but long legs, 220 cm by adding the length, breast size 4 and wavy blond hair to the priests. I am now one of the most […]

Papas Fucktoy (Oneshot)

Dad teaches daughter a lesson Mary was, for most people, a kind 19-year-old girl. She would go in the week at school and on weekends, they hang out with his friends. When she was younger, her parents enrolled in the Catholic school St. Augustine for girls, so that they can for their age had little […]

Xxx Dan’S Dream Of 4

XXX in part four of dream Dan sends them to a specialist Monday made other changes to the life of Rachel; their class load was like all first year students, hard and long. His first class was nine, his last three in the afternoon began, five days a week. They attacked each class, as if […]

Biology In Practice

The first time I learned Emma was 2 years ago. When I saw him at first, I thought it was special because it was large (about 5&# 39; 9") Had to go so long legs. She had brown hair, which was perfect for her face and a figure rocking, not too much, not too little. […]