What A Week

This is my first post, but it is not&# 39; Does my first story. amateur writer =) I wanted to use my real name for my first story, but it might or might not be Alexandria, it’s Alex, but. Even if I said boy, I had to put something.

Nara. My Tender Perverts. Part 4

I woke up from a headache in the middle of the two sleeping men. In my head I flashed night scene, from which, in the beginning I was not myself, but looking at her pussy and fuck their fallen members who have visited in all my holes, it’s easy arousal. Pussy like ass ached. I […]


One evening after work, I was returning home in his car, on dushebylo lonely since the day before yesterday had a row with Tatiana, a girl with whom yavstrechalsya. But in principle, I am not much upset with separation because yabyl nice guy who was always able to get acquainted with any girl, as in […]

A New Career For Olga

The acrid smoke swirled and twisted as it flowed from his nose. Olga, she absentmindedly cheap, bitter puffs of a cigarette, his lips streaked wrinkles from decades of smoking. She did not even enjoy the taste, but cigarettes were part of the daily landscape Olga, and she attended her. With the same combination of toughness […]

Part 38: Dream Theater

Episode IV The Adventures of John and Holly Part 38: Dream Theater Holly and I come only when I was back in the "swing" of things an e-mail from our old friend in the porn industry Jerry Spencer. I do not know if you’ve heard of him, but it was a fear of AIDS in […]