Young Guys To Carol Ch.3

Nevertheless Scott passed the scene with amazement looking ahead. John lay on the bed and the mother was in her embrace. After getting fucked, rested Carol unconscious in the arms of the great stud who loved rocked mature Milf in his massive arms. Their small size perfectly inserted in his great body, as a child […]

In The Beginning – Part One

I want to thank all those who read, voted for and enjoy my first story with the kind of comments about how to improve my writing. I was nervous about my story to the public, because I do not think I would have the courage to do so. If it has not been had a […]

Violent Lives

prologue The outcry was almost deafening at fifteen, nearly 16 years boy and his hand to grab and caress the swollen chest twisted as bitten by a scorpion when his face was a mask of confusion when an a glance broken heart dismay sent to his mother, not understanding the reason for such a cry. […]

The First Time I Came

Due to adverse negative reactions, I decided that this would be my last story. In this case, I’m about to start my journey to sexual satisfaction should be mentioned. I was in my teens then. All this happened a few months before losing my virginity with my first boyfriend. Mom had me teach the necessary […]

Aunt Ljuba And Redhead Bestia

In the morning today I felt unwell. Maybe somewhere in the atmosphere, something skakanulo or from the sun bounced off some prominence in the wrong direction, but the mood was not to put it mildly cheerful. To warm up like that, I did a few simple physical exercises and then went into the bedroom and […]

An Unexpected Situation

Young Adaline always been mature for her age. They always seemed more than she actually was. She was the only child, the apple of her father&# 39; s eyes and could not hurt. Incredibly intelligent and confident in his young teens, she was fully aware of it everywhere she turns heads were. She grew accustomed […]

Nicodemus. Part Four

Caution! Many dialogs! Landing. Homeland met slight frost and fluffy white flakes of snow that melted almost touching the ground. At the airport we were greeted Earrings parents, who kindly drove home. Along the way we had a fun conversation, exchanged impressions, I showed Aunt Galya our pictures by the sea, after which they insistently […]

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