A Slut Confession

At a stroke episode shameless story … Now, there are men who steal to be admired by another man at the slightest threat to his wife out of the handle. Then there are those who remain silent and anger of the bottle, but you take it later in private, usually accompanied by violence.


Since I knew I was gay when I was 13, I have&# 39; have always had a thing for my father. Whenever there was a shower, I would always try to go to him with the excuse that I needed the bathroom and didn&# 39; not realize he was there. I would even go as […]

Business Trip

I 53. Fate brought me on a business trip to the city where my sister lives. She was older than me for 4 years, that is, her 57 and she lived alone already 15 years nevidel we had 1, 5 years. It so happened that I did not take with him even spare underwear. Just […]

Rockmount Brat Camp Part 2

Rockmount Brat Camp: Part 2 It is strange, the impact of 3 hours of sleep, confused with your mind worse than Hannibal Lecter and the old pervert the end of the matrix. Here I am on my stumbling lesson scruffily dressed in the mandatory school uniforms and blue blazer, white shirt, blue tie and pants […]

Room Service

The bizarre current events have always dogged my life, since I live in London, after my mother was born&# 39; s water broke out in Wales. I have not looked back. After great bus lines, bike, boat and plane being in the custody of Russian soldiers, trapped in an elevator in Japan with the Indian […]

Just Me, The Truth (Part One)

Well now a member I spent time looking at what others have written, a little confused as to what I really want accession with the exception of new Internet users friends to do and say what I short during my life I stand still, so I give my first attempt in the forum received 10 […]


The history of this is my first sexual experience. It began in the village of Fedorovka, where I was sent to work after medical school. I arrived there in the month of May. I became acquainted there with Natasha, my assistant, and together sney poshel avoids the villagers in search of shelter. Bypassing half of […]

Young Guys To Carol Ch.3

Nevertheless Scott passed the scene with amazement looking ahead. John lay on the bed and the mother was in her embrace. After getting fucked, rested Carol unconscious in the arms of the great stud who loved rocked mature Milf in his massive arms. Their small size perfectly inserted in his great body, as a child […]

In The Beginning – Part One

I want to thank all those who read, voted for and enjoy my first story with the kind of comments about how to improve my writing. I was nervous about my story to the public, because I do not think I would have the courage to do so. If it has not been had a […]

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